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KM UK Xmas Message 2015

night_before_oscars_2015_001 kathryn_on_set_018

These two images  sum up the year in KM/KM UK in many ways.

On the one hand (left in this case) we have the one and only public appearance.  For some reason it involved a dog with a target for an eye patch and a man with an upside down face.

On the other hand (right) we have an image from a very special video that made our year.

It was a bit famine and feast.  As in “feast your eyes on her” and doesn’t she make you very, very hungry! 😉

Join us as we look back at 2015 in the world of KM UK.

The year started early.  In January to be precise :-)  It was only in September of 2014 that news broke of Kathryn joining the cast of Bone Tomahawk.  Filming got under way around that time and was completed before the end of October.  In January the likes of Ain’t It Cool News were featuring the horror western amongst their ‘ones to watch in 2015’ lists.  In what became a running theme for the year short film The Coin was announced for a showing at a film festival in April.  A US release date for The Perfect Guy also made the news this month.  It was quite a late addition with dates for many other countries already being known.

The end of the third week in February saw the first and only public event appearance of the year by Kathryn.  She attended the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s annual The Night Before The Oscars Party on February the 21st.  Some bloke was with her.  See the image above.  A bit of intrigue regarding The Coin‘s first festival outing of 2015, as reported in January.  We later found that the festival was moved to April.

roommate_wanted_dvd_3d_001March finally saw news about the movie previously known as 2 Br/1 Ba and now renamed as Roommate Wanted.  Almost a year after the last report we got a double hit of dispatches.  First the name change and a DVD release date in May.  Some time previously a trailer was published, but only picked up by me a week after the release date news.  Sadly Kathryn didn’t feature in the video clip.  Speaking of not appearing: The Protocol, a short film/TV show pilot/show concept video/not sure what, was removed from IMDb in March, six months after being added.  Even quite recently one of the stars, Xen Sia, talked about the project as though it is going to become a TV series.  We’ll see.  The Coin was shown at two festivals Speechless in Minnesota and at an event accompanying the skiing world championships in Sweden.  Doesn’t get much more diverse than that!

Bone Tomahawk began being showcased at trade events like the Cannes Film Festival in April.  The producers were shopping the movie to distributors for the various territories around the world.  Alongside a teaser for the latest Bond film and a new George Clooney starrer The CinemaCon event in Las Vegas The Perfect Guy was previewed.  Not sure it got the response it wanted.  The Coin finally made its appearance at the delayed festival in Ohio and was also shown at an event in Lilly Rush’s home town of Philadelphia.

poster_001_1014x1500May was a big month for KM UK.  We celebrated our 6th birthday in amazing style with an EXCLUSIVE (and I really mean that folks) Roommate Wanted on set video message to us fans from the amazing lady herself: Ms Kathryn Morris.  Does it get any better than that?  Thank you again to Kathryn and everyone that made that possible.  It will come as a surprise to those that have read this far that May did not see The Coin appear at a film festival.  There was an announcement of one coming in June though and it became available to Canadians for less than a dollar via a streaming service.  Another thing we did get was a first poster for Bone Tomahawk.  It won many plaudits from fans and professionals for its classic look and increased the anticipation for the horror western.

Our roll of Kathryn-on-video good things continued into June with a trailer for The Perfect Guy.  It included a glimpse of Kathryn.  Sometimes a glimpse is all it takes  😛  A set of posters for The Perfect Guy were added to the publicity campaign.  Initially they kept things reasonably under wraps, unlike the trailer.  The month concluded much more laid bare on the poster front 😉  I managed to piece together a comprehensive review of Roommate Wanted and, I believe, gave it a fair judgement after going in to it with limited expectations.  The Coin was at a festival.

We’re half way through.

still_003The big news for Bone Tomahawk in July was the announcement that it would be receiving its world première at the Fantastic Fest genre-crossing film festival in Austin, Texas in October.  The big news for us here at KM UK was the release of some movie stills and an on set photo!  Actual pictures of actual Kathryn in an actual movie.  Four of them actually.  Count them!  The Perfect Guy was made official with ratings from the US and UK classification boards (PG-13 and 15 respectively).  The Coin wasn’t at any festivals, but two future showings were announced.

The KM UK headlines continued to be dominated by Bone Tomahawk throughout August.  Theatrical (and VOD) and home (DVD) release dates were revealed.  They weren’t official announcements, more like minor leaks by retailers.  They turned out to be dead on the money.  Prior to that Bone Tomahawk would be at some more festivals.  A second poster for the western was let out into the world.  Kathryn’s return to a television was the unexpected news.  She was reported to have been cast in the USA Network’s new sci-fi drama series Colony.  It is not a leading role and little has been heard of the character’s involvement since.  Broadcasting begins in mid-January.  The Coin attended two festivals and took away silverware at one of them.

interview_soundbites_044The very much pending release of The Perfect Guy in US cinemas saw a set of interviews and featurette videos being made public.  Two featured Kathryn.  One was a brief interview about her character of Karen, a friend of the main character.  The second was a back to the brief glimpse, albeit different, of the trailer.  The Perfect Guy ended the month with some very impressive box office figures.  The relatively small budget made the numbers even better.  There was more Bone Tomahawk upcoming festival news, including the première here in the UK, but amazingly we managed to get through the whole of September without, yes without, any news of The Coin!  I know!  Freaky!

Bone Tomahawk at a festival soon.  Bone Tomahawk at a festival tomorrow.  That was most of October except for the release of a trailer for the horror film in Kathryn made the briefest of appearances.  Until the 23rd that is, when the film was made available to the wider public in a limited US cinema run and on video-on-demand services like iTunes.  A classic bit of KM UK screencappery followed.  Little in the way of box office figures have been released as the majority of views were via VOD but the film had a tiny, tiny budget so that stands it in good stead to make some money.  Another upcoming festival appearance for The Coin was announced this month.  That’s 9 out 10.

The movie gods give with one hand whilst taking with the other.  The Perfect Guy was finally released in the UK but Bone Tomahawk was noted as being delayed until next year for the Brits.  Back in generous mood film festivals across the UK showed Bone Tomahawk in November.  The Coin was at a festival!  Who’d a thunk it!

Which brings us to December.  Proven to be the best month to end the year.  It comes to an end with both Bone Tomahawk and The Perfect Guy‘s DVD releases in the US of A.  The Coin was at a film festival in England just yesterday.  For a short film made three and a half years ago it has had a remarkable run, and there is no telling how much longer it could continue.  Something to watch out for in 2016.

Kathryn made no movies, only one public event appearance, and may have done a bit of filming for a TV show due next year.  Not on the face of it a promising summary of the year.  But, as the details above show it was a long way from that.

Happy Xmas to all our readers.  Oh, what the hell:  Happy Xmas to everyone.  Let’s not exclude the minority that don’t drop by once in a while.

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