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Kathryn @ 2004 CBS & UPN Winter Press Tour Party

cbs_upn_01I don’t know how long the ‘2004 CBS & UPN Winter Press Tour Party’ event went on for on the 17th of January that year, but if the length of the title is anything to go by it was a lengthy affair.

Let’s break that title down:

2004: pretty self explanatory.

CBS: US TV network responsible for broadcasting many popular shows, including Cold Case.

UPN: A now closed television network that in 2004 was owned by Viacom. Shortly afterward it was taken on by CBS and then closed in 2006.

Winter:  It was January!

Press:  It was connected to a promotional event to which members of the press were invited to interview the cast and crew of various TV shows.

Tour:  Presumably the press events  took place in various cities, but it is not clear.  This ‘party’ was only in one place!

Party:  Do I need to explain?  It was a post-event bash.

At the time this party took place Cold Case had aired only the first 11 episodes, having premièred the previous September.  All the new shows that started that 2003-2004 season would have been on major promotional pushes to boost the audience as they headed towards the spring.  If the figures dipped too low they’d be for the chop come the decisions in May for the following season.  Cold Case had one of the biggest ever audiences (15.55 million) for a new show’s first episode on the network.  A figure it beat several times over the course of the season and on it’s return for 2004-2005.

Six new photos of Kathryn at this event are making their début in the KM UK Gallery today.

As you can see Kathryn was sporting shorter hair at the time, as we saw in many other events (People’s Choice Awards 2004, a SAG Awards promo event, the Primetime Emmys).  Which makes her very long ponytail at the actual SAG Awards in the February of that year more than a touch suspicious…  Not exactly Cold Case material, still very much a hot one 😉

cbs_upn_02 cbs_upn_04 cbs_upn_06

It’s Kathryn, But Not As You Know Her

peoples_choice_25It’s nice that someone thinks of Kathryn when they are creating a fantasy cast for a work of fan fiction.

Personally I’d “go another way” if I were to write such a thing involving Kathryn though.  There’d be less plot, perhaps just involving a plumber or pizza delivery boy, oddly coloured clothes, and more… bow chicka bow wow 😉  And a car chase!  A short instead of a feature too :-(

Fan faction author Cleo Calliope has Kathryn down as Jemma Pierson in her latest story, Pack, based on Sherlock Holmes.  It seems to be closer to the modern British TV version of Sherlock than many, albeit with an even younger Sherlock.  The “real” thing stars, as the Guardian newspaper Twitter feed called him whilst posting the 2015 Oscar nominations, ‘benedict XCuebrvatch’.  We thought the days of the ‘Grauniad’ were well and truly behind it thanks to modern technologies like the automatic spell-check in word processors.  Clearly not.

We first meet Jemma in chapter three of Pack.  She is, to say the least, already dead.  Very dead.  As Lilly Rush Kathryn’s used to people spilling their guts (as in confessing), not a person spilling hers.  Jemma was also a drug-taking prostitute who went by the name Felicity.  To quote from Pack:

Her mug shots showed a woman who had been rather pretty once but at 28 was starting to show the ravages of the life she led. Her hair had been badly bleached from her natural brown to a very unnatural blonde and she wore far too much makeup to cover the shadows under her eyes and the lines that had already begun to dig themselves into her face.

That’s Kathryn down to a tee  😕

Other fantasy cast members include Anna Maxwell Martin (Becoming Jane), Tom Wilkinson (The Grand Budapest Hotel), and Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges).

To continue our People’s Choice Awards theme this week, if one post on Tuesday counts a theme, the photo Cleo chose to use to illustrate Jemma in Flickr album (which is how I found it) was from Kathryn’s appearance on the red of the event in January 2004.  In fact she used the picture you see above.

You can see that photo, 35 others, and three videos in the KM UK Gallery.

Cleo Calliope’s story Pack is on and photos of her proposed supporting cast can be seen on Flickr here.

Kathryn @ CBS Stars Party – July 2004

dodger_stadium_001The last public appearance post I did was an update from 2004.  The most recent (though it shouldn’t have been) entry in the KM UK Summer Of HD 2014 series was the Cold Case episode Colors, which was about a baseball player in the 1940s.  In the post I made joking reference to the CC squad playing baseball.

This update neatly ties those two key elements together, apart from the bit about the squad playing baseball.  I’m not going to claim it was planned that way, but it worked out well.

On the 18th of July of 2004 much of the key cast Cold Case cast were promoting the upcoming second season.  They stopped off in the Dodger Stadium (that’s baseball right?) for the CBS Stars Party.  It was hardly an arduous trek as the venue is in central Los Angeles, close to Hollywood.

The photos, such as the one above, of Kathryn, Danny Pino, Thom Barry and Jeremy Ratchford make for the simplest game of Where’s Wenda? ever.  I know that sounds wrong but look it up and you’ll find I’m right :-)

It’s a small but perfectly formed update of 6 little photos added to The Gallery.

dodger_stadium_003 dodger_stadium_004 dodger_stadium_006

Emmy Awards 2004 Arrivals Photo Update

arrivals_06The nominations for the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards were announced yesterday.

Several things were notable by their absence.  Cold Case, Kathryn and KM UK.  Of course, only two of those things were ever actually eligible for an Emmy, and just one of them was ever nominated.  Cold Case was up for an “Art Direction” trophy for Factory Girls (S02E02) back in 2005.

But we’re not bitter.  Oh, no 😕

The 2014 nominations for the awards ceremony to be held in late August include a lot of British actors and shows,  Downton Abbey being probably the best known around the world.  Comedian Ricky Gervais’ is listed for his work in the often very moving comedy drama Derek.  Michelle Dockery, Jim Carter, Maggie Smith and Joanne Froggatt (all of Downton Abbey);  Chiwetel Ejiofor (Dancing On The Edge), Diana Rigg (Game Of Thrones), Martin Freeman (Fargo and Sherlock), Helena Bonham Carter (Burton And Taylor), Idris Elba (Luther), Daniel Craig (One Life), Alfred Molina (The Normal Heart), Cat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance), Jeremy Irons (Game Of Lions), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), and Minnie Driver (Return To Zero) all gets nods.  As do the shows Luther, The White Queen, Sherlock Holmes and Downton Abbey.

As we often struggle to win things directly here in the UK (see the results in the recent World Cup and Wimbledon) we like to try and latch onto any success we can by association.  There are lots of connections with the United Kingdom throughout the Emmy nominations list this year.  As covered in some depth here on KM UK recently Veep has a lot of British input. Game Of Thrones is largely filmed with the Northern Ireland.  Episodes is a UK/USA co-production mostly filmed in England.  House Of Cards is based on a British drama series and we’ve half adopted its star Kevin Spacey as he’s been here a few years running the Old Vic theatre in London.  Dancing With The Stars, Antiques Roadshow and Who Do You Think You Are? we’ll claim too as they are exported BBC properties.

Looking down the full list of nominations I’m surprised to see multiple awards shows (Golden Globes and Tonys) up for awards.  Isn’t there a danger that awards shows giving other awards shows award will cause some rift in the space-time continuum and cause a blackhole or something  😮  It just sounds like a bad idea.

No doubt you have your own thoughts on the 2014 Primatime Emmy Awards nominations.  Good, bad, indifferent?

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  Back in September of 2004 Kathryn attended the Primetime Emmy Awards.  We’ve covered it before here on KM UK, and we will do again, but for now but yesterday’s announcements seemed like very good excuse (not that we need one really) to revisit this event and bring you 30, yes thirty, extra photos of Kathryn arriving at the event.  She looks amazing in her long red dress.

I’d like draw your attention in particular to the image in the top right of this post.  It was kindly donate to KM UK by our friend Alexia over at Emilia Fox Online.  Many thanks to her.  It’s a nice large image, which is nice, and large.

The Gallery is where you will find them all.

arrivals_13 arrivals_17 arrivals_34

Kathryn Actually @ The SAG Awards 2004



Ah, hello.  You’ve finally dragged your eyes away from the image on the left then…?  You’ve gone again haven’t you?  Damn it!  I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned it.  It is rather captivating though isn’t it?

As promised earlier this week here is an update for the SAG Awards itself in 2004.  It was, as previously discussed, held in late February of that year.

This was Kathryn’s first appearance at the the SAG Awards, which was first held in 1995.

The photo above gives one of the clearest views of Kathryn’s tattoo we’ve seen.  As you no doubt know, although the figure looks like a superhero he is a representation of Kathryn’s late friend, mentor and manager Elliot.  It is not, as the co-host from the Latin American chat show Ya es 1/2 dia en China suggested, “buzz light”.

Along with 22 more red carpet photos we also have some small shots of Kathryn presenting the award for best actor in a comedy.  Her co-presenter is Mark Harmon, star of CBS (which also broadcast Cold Case) drama NCIS and co-star with Kathryn in the movie Never Let Her Go.  And, we have 3 short red carpet videos, including a brief interview.  All that good stuff can now be found in the KM UK the Gallery.

I must make special mention of Alexia of Emilia Fox Online for providing me with the wonderful image above.

sag_arrivals_016 sag_onstage_001 sag_arrivals_video_003

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