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CBS Press Tour Stars Party 2008

cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_20It’s SHOWTIME!

Well, actually it’s CBS but it says Showtime on the backdrop too!

To help us get over what I gather the yoof of today are calling ‘hump day’.  Apparently it is to do with it being the middle, or hump, of the week and not a crude reference to an act surely more suited to a carefree the weekend.

The memories of last weekend are fading and the next still seems so far away.  What could be better to help with those mid-week blues than some new and improved photos of our favourite lady.

Back in 2008 the TV networks CBS, CW and Showtime threw a little soirée for the press to help promote their upcoming autumn season of shows with the aid of the stars of said shows.  But what to call such a magic night of mingling of Hollywood’s best and assorted members of the journalistic fraternity?  So many possibilities but can any of them capture the true spirit of the event?  Maybe.  However they went with ‘CBS, CW and Showtime Press Tour Party’.  Truly awe inspiring  😉

What is awe-plenty (‘some’ just doesn’t cover it) is that Kathryn attended this 18th of July 2008 happening.  She looked gorgeous, and bestowed upon us some amazing, hi-res photos.

Now we’ve added to the collection and super-sized a existing one.  Find them all in the Gallery.  Enjoy.

cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_07 cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_020 cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_021

Kathryn @ Mother’s Day Salute To TV Moms – May 2008

038Sunday sees our American cousins (and many other parts of the world) celebrate Mother’s Day.  Here in England we got the whole palava over with are so keen to honour our mothers that we mark the occasion in March.

The run-up to the American day in 2008 (also Sunday, May 11th as it is this year) saw Kathryn attend an event at the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences saluting mothers seen on TV.

As you can see in the photo on the left Kathryn was there with the actress who played Lilly Rush’s on-screen mother, Meredith Baxter.  Although alluded to quite often Ellen Rush only appeared in 5 episodes from late in season 3 (Beautiful Little Fool) to the end of season 4 (Stalker) before her death, which only added to Lilly’s woes.

Thankfully, the wonderful Meredith is still with us and continues to work mainly on TV, such as guest starring in TV shows like Glee as she did last year.  Speaking of on-screen mothers, as we most definitely are, Meredith famously starred as Michael J Fox’s mother in the series Family Ties and then repeated the feat with a guest role in the comedy Spin City, in which her character dated the Mayor of New York as played by Barry Bostwick (Cold Case episode Creatures Of The Night).

A little like Ellen Rush, Meredith has had her relationship troubles having been married a total of four times and had 5 children.  In 2009 Meredith came out as a lesbian.  A decade early she underwent treatment for breast cancer.

Anyway, back to our always-yummy-but-only-recently-a-mummy favourite ‘yummy mummy’ we have 12 additional photos of Kathryn at the Mother’s Day Salute To TV Moms event from May 2008 now in the KM UK Gallery.

Kathryn and mothers everywhere, we salute you.

027 031 037

Kathryn @ Alliance For Children’s Rights Awards – March 2008

childrens_rights_awards_46On this day in history in the year of [insert preferred deity reference or leave blank] 2008…

The date was the 10th of March.  It was a Monday that year as well.

The Alliance For Children’s Rights held their annual dinner and awards event.

Kathryn was there.

She over did the lipstick.  I’m aware that there is supposed to be some symbolism involved in the wearing of lipstick (which we won’t go into any further here) but if there is any truth to it in this case a doctor should be sought.  Apply some cream to the effected area or something.  They match the shoes though and otherwise Kathryn does look great in her black & white dress and Wonder Woman bracelet.  But, with only one of them she’ll only be stopping traffic, not bullets.

The Alliance For Children’s Rights is a charity that aims to help children in need, especially those in foster care.  You can find out more about the organisation on their website here.  This year’s event is due to happen in a month’s time on April 7th.

8 variously-sized new photos of Kathryn at the Awards are now in the KM UK Gallery.

childrens_rights_awards_39 childrens_rights_awards_43 childrens_rights_awards_45

Kathryn @ Bondi Beach – Feb 2008

bondi_beach_06Yes, I know, it doesn’t quite live up to billing :-(

Let’s get the list out the way right now.  Left to right we have:  Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck), Kathryn, and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural).  Only one of those shows is still going today.

Nostalgia time.  The beginning of 2008 was the time of the writers strike in Hollywood.  TV and movie production was widely shut down.  With the “talent” not able to work a bunch of them were shipped off to Australia by Warner Bros. to promote their shows in the Australasia markets, not for the other reason.

On the 12th of Feb 2008 the stars took a break from interviews at the Icebergs Dining Room & Bar on the south-west tip of Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia.  Apparently it is one of the best “nosheries” in Sydney.

Kathryn spent several days in Sydney doing promotional work for Cold Case.  Some great photos from two more events were covered here on KM UK back in September 2010 in an image upgrade.

Photos of Kathryn arriving at Icebergs and the group shot above can now be found in the KM UK the Gallery.  Yes Bruce, she is a right bonza Sheila 😉

Thanks to the Summer Glau Wiki for allowing KM UK to have the group photo.

bondi_beach_01 bondi_beach_03 bondi_beach_04

Kate Spade Dinner – June 2008

kathryn_spade_dinner_6_08_11Let’s get 2011 off to the best start possible with some lovely HQ images of the amazing Kathryn Morris at her most beautiful best.

This is another post that falls into the category of “been in the gallery for ages but never posted about.”  I’m using the excuse (not that any excuse is needed :-) ) of a recently discovered new photo (albeit very similar to the others) and HQ updates to many of the existing ones.

We’re going back to June 2008 for the dinner hosted by fashion accessory designer Kate Spade to mark the launch of a new range of bags.  Kathryn attended the event with many other celebs, including Roselyn Sanchez (above) and ‘Til Death star Joely Fisher.

These are some of my favourite photos of Kathryn.  She looks so bright and fresh, helped no doubt by the crisp blue and white outfit.  Gorgeous.

You’ll find the 1 new and 10 updated images in the Gallery.

kathryn_spade_dinner_6_08_03 kathryn_spade_dinner_6_08_14 kathryn_spade_dinner_6_08_20

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