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Kathryn In Extended Resurrecting The Champ Interview

dvd_cover_001It’s 10 years ago this month that the film Resurrecting The Champ was first released in cinemas in selected parts of the world.  Most of the rest of the world didn’t get to see it for months, or even years, later.

Ten years!  That’s crazy!

RTC is about a struggling newspaper sports reporter (Josh Hartnett as Erik Kernan) looking for a story that will make his name.  He then stumbles upon a homeless man (Samuel L Jackson only referred to as ‘Champ’) as who claims to be a long-thought dead boxing legend.  Kathryn (you know, from Cold Case) plays Joyce Kernan, wife of Erik.  She’s a successful journalist working at the same newspaper and mother to his child.  Joyce is a few years older than Erik, which appears to be the cause of some issues for him.

Kathryn’s role in the film is relatively small but, as is often the case, it is crucial to the development of lead character as the story progresses

2007 puts us before Josh found his Penny, Dreadful or otherwise and Samuel L was yet to become the Marvel character Nick Fury in a 1001 projects.  Or star in an unrelated film called Fury (aka The Samaritan).  Dakota Goyo, the actor who played the Kernan’s son and the lucky so-and-so that got a red carpet hug from Kathryn at the première :-x, was 8 at the time.  Since then he’s starred as the son of Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly in the robot fighting movie Real Steel, and sort of crossed paths with SLJ again as he was the young Thor in the first of that branch of the Marvel universe.

Video!But enough of the ‘where are they now’.  Today I’ve added an extended video interview Kathryn did for promotional material to the KM UK Gallery.  A shorter section had been posted before.  It is her answers to a series of questions describing Joyce and her role in the plot.  Broadcasters often use segments of these videos when reviewing films.

As we’ve come to expect from Kathryn she gives detailed explanations in simple terms and has clearly worked hard to understand her character.  Working previously with director Rod Lurie (Deterrence and The Contender), who once suggested Kathryn was his muse, most have helped with that getting that deeper knowledge.

What Would You Say?

kathryn_champ_screen_004Inspired by last week’s posting of about an interview and chat with Kathryn, I was wondering what would you say?

As a quick reminder:  reporting for the Pass The Remote website back in 2007, LillyKat attended a special screening of Resurrecting The Champ.  After showing the film there was a Q&A session with several key people, including Kathryn, from the project.  LillyKat was able to ask Kathryn some questions about the film, the character she played and her return to the big screen.

After the after LillyKat was got a chance to talk one-on-one with Kathryn and ask her some more questions.  You can read the two-part article LillyKat wrote about the experience starting HERE.

If you were in the same two situations what would you ask Kathryn?  Is there a question you have about Resurrecting The Champ or Kathryn’s character Joyce?  Can you think of a way that you would explore those points further in a later one-on-one?  Perhaps this would give you a chance to talk more about Kathryn’s wider body of work.  Remember that this is 2007 so season 5 of Cold Case is just about to start airing, and Cougars, Inc. or Moneyball do not exist yet.

Please leave your ideas in the comments below, mentioning whether each question would fit in to the Q&A or the 1-on-1.  Let’s keep the understandable fan-boy/girl gushing to a minimum and treat it like you are a proper reporter preparing an article for a newspaper or website.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to put some of your questions to Kathryn herself.

Resurrecting The Champ Screening With Kathryn

During my time on the Look Again Cold Case fan board I met a lot of fellow fans of Kathryn.  A lot of them were kind enough to visit me here at KM UK and help get it off to a good start.  Many of the ‘old band’ still drop by on a regular basis.  Hello there, it would be great to hear from you again.

I made some good friends there too.  One I count myself very lucky to have is the person everyone knows, including me, only as LillyKat.

LillyKat was Senior Staff Writer at the now sadly defunct TV review blog Pass The Remote (PTR).  For five years LillyKat, along with the site owner TVFan, wrote wonderful reviews of their favourite shows.  Shows like Damages, Fringe, Ice Road Truckers, Psych, Saving Grace, and of course Cold Case.

For much of this year here on KM UK we’ve been looking back at events that Kathryn attended in 2007.  We’ve had new photos from fund raisers, premières, promotional events, award shows and festivals.  After an absence of a few months today we go back to 2007 with a little help from LillyKat.

Mid-August 2007, just over a week before the official première of the movie Resurrecting The Champ, a special screening was held in Los Angeles.  Amongst the attendees was a certain Kathryn Morris and the film’s director Rod Lurie.  And LillyKat.

There was a post-screening Q&A session in which the intrepid reporter asked a few questions and she even managed a quick one-on-one with Kathryn afterwards.  The event formed the basis of two articles on PTR: the first a write-up of the whole evening, the second a review of the film.

LillyKat has very kindly allowed KM UK to reproduce in full the two pieces and host her accompanying photos in our Gallery.  Frankly, she owes me a few favours so there wasn’t much arm twisting involved :-)

You can start reading LillyKat’s articles HERE.

98th? That’s Just Not Cricket!

57539_kmorris2Over at the Bleacher Report website ‘Featured Columnist’ Thomas Delatte has put a little list together. You know the sort of thing: a top 10 or 100 of the best/worst/favourite/most hated things in a particular category.

Such lists are, of course, very subjective and prone to some odd entries based purely on the preferences of the writer.  This particular list stretches the whole idea to near breaking point though.

Thomas’s list is titled The 100 Hottest Sports Babes from Movies and TV.  Skipping past the rather un-PC “babes” we find a list of 100 actress that have starred in… you’ll never guess… movies and TV with sports-related themes.

I can’t really quibble with the ladies chosen or the order they’ve been placed in as it is down to the writer’s own tastes, though obviously I do have something of an issue with Kathryn’s lowly 98th place 😕

Kathryn earns her spot on the list based on having a role in Resurrecting The Champ, a film with some boxing in it.  Her female co-stars Teri Hatcher and Rachel Nichols also make the list, though somewhat higher up.  Teri at 72 (26 higher, really?) and Rachel makes the top 5.

My beef with the list relates to its title and the incredibly loose interpretation of movies and TV shows in the sports genre going far beyond the odd rogue entry.  The title “Sports Babes…” implies that the women are playing sports stars themselves, which in most cases they are not.  Few would argue that Invictus and Days Of Thunder are sports movies but The Love Guru?  OK, there’s a hockey player but it strikes me as just an excuse to shoe-horn Jessica Alba in.  Thomas must feel that he is on shaky ground with Fight Club as he has to stress that it is a sports movie.  It’s not.  And I’d put Jerry Maguire (which doesn’t star Kathryn, despite what some biogs say) on a similar level to Resurrecting The Champ (which does) in regard to the sporting content.  Yes, sports are the background to them but they are not really sports films.  If Kathryn’s scenes had made into Moneyball then things could have been different.  Her beach volleyball scenes in Pensacola: Wings Of Gold might have been more appropriate.  Quite why I’m arguing for Kathryn to be struck from the list I’m not sure 😕

Anyway, the whole thing is very tenuous.  Much like this post :-)

And there are no cricket themed movies in the list either.

Resurrecting The Champ UK DVD

dvd_cover_001Not sure how this one passed me by.

As luck would have it it ties with the many-themed 2007 posts we’ve been running.

Back in February, the 13th to be precise, the movie Resurrecting The Champ was released on DVD here in Great Britain.  If IMDb is to be believed (and I’ve no reason not to) then this is the first official release of RTC in the UK.  Quite why it has taken 5 years is unknown.  And why did Momentum Pictures choose now to release it?

Anyway, what we have is the most basic of DVDs.  It’s just the film.  No extras.  At least they haven’t claimed “interactive menus” (what else could a menu be?) as a feature!  There is no accompanying Blu-ray version either.  Reflecting the limited nature of the package is the low cost, it’s a cheap £6.49 (~US$10).

For those that don’t know RTC tells the tale of Erik (Josh Hartnet) a struggling newspaper sports reporter who comes across a now homeless ex-champion boxer (Samuel L Jackson).  Erik seizes the opportunity to pen a potentially career-making article.  Hilarity ensues.  OK, it’s not so much with the hilarity.

dvd_cover_001Kathryn plays Joyce, Erik’s estranged wife and mother of their son (Dakota Goyo).  She is a little older than Erik, works for the same newspaper and, significantly, is a much more successful writer.  You know how fragile the male ego can be.  Kathryn’s role is not particularly big (somewhere between Minority Report and Cougars, Inc.) but her character is key.  She sets the yardstick by which Erik measures his own success, is the prize Erik is really after (he wants to prove himself and become a proper father/husband) and is the moral centre of the movie.

This is another Rod Lurie directed film, one of several that has Kathryn had roles in.  Alan Alda (M*A*S*H), Terri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) and Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) also star.

You can buy Resurrecting The Champ on UK DVD from and find newly added copies of the DVD cover and a poster in the Gallery.

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