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The Coin & Unbelief Double Date In Philly

speechless_film_festival_logo_180x180The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival has published its schedule of screenings for the 5 day event.

“What do you mean ‘5 day event’?”  I here you say.  “The 17th to the 25th (inclusive) is 9 days.”  And you sir would be correct.  The schedule, however, says otherwise.

The PIFF calendar of screenings starts on the Friday (17th) with a series of opening night screenings.  Included is a world première of Moon Hoax Now, which seeks to debunk all those ridiculous conspiracy theories that the conspiracy theories the moon landings were faked.  Director Jet Wintzer will be there.  Sounds like a hoot.

After that the event takes the weekend off and returns on Monday (20th) with another set of screenings and another world premiere.  This time it is Sean Roberts’ drama Traffickers about a family of Philly drug dealers and their battle against a rival.  Short film The Grey by Anthony Berenator Jr. also gets a first outing.

Among Tuesday’s varied collection films are two shorts receiving world premières: dramas Nesting Grounds (dir Ian Scott McCullough) and local boy Christian Filippone’s first project Stray.

Then we get to Wednesday and this is where our interest lies.

The Levitt Theater at the University of the Arts on South Broad Street in Philadelphia, is hosting the four screening events on the 22nd.  The first kicks off at 5:20pm and contains 3 short films, two dramas and a documentary.  Screening two is a go at 6:20pm and opens with Fabien Martorell’s The Coin.  Watch three more shorts after that and 40 minutes later you could be watching Fabien’s new film Unbelief.  6 short drama films in 70 minutes.

There are more films listed as screening on the Thursday.  There is nothing for Friday or Saturday (25th) which means, at the time of writing, it’s a 5 day event.  Perhaps that will change prior to the first day.  We’ve got what we came for though.

So that’s the Wednesday after next (the 22nd of April) at 6:20pm at the Levitt Theater in Philly.  Got it?

More info is on the official website HERE.

2 comments to The Coin & Unbelief Double Date In Philly

  • Bill Rawle

    Hi Kathryn,

    I think the short film “Moon Hoax Now” is actually another conspiracy film about the moon landing having been being faked. So yes it will be a hoot.

    • Hi Bill,

      I (the site owner) am not Kathryn, this is a fan site about her work.

      My reading of the description of Moon Hoax Now on the PIFF website made me think it was more of a spoof. The angle being that the conspiracy theories are themselves conspiracies. However, further research suggests that I was a bit wrong. The film appears to be trying to give reasoned argument that the Moon landing footage was faked.

      I’m putting this error of mine down my English sense of humour, always assuming that there is a level of sarcasm involved. The rather hyperbolic description of MHN came across as such to me.

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