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KM @ Costella & Donola Boutique Opening 2010 Update

002Six years ago today I posted about Kathryn attending a cocktail party to mark the opening Costella & Donola Boutique in LA.  That happened just over six years ago on the 11th November 2010.

I think you’ve waited long enough for some additional and updated photos so now seems like the perfect time to do that.

Along with a very slightly enlarged first image there are 4 ‘new’ images now in the Gallery.

One of the two artists, Isabelle Donola, was kind enough to visit our little website and leave a comment on my brief post covering the event.  KM UK was even featured on their website in amongst their images of media posts.

In the intervening time Isabelle appears to have gone solo.  She has her own website HERE (KM UK still features).  In 2014 she appeared on a fashion-based reality TV show called Under The Gunn.  It was a sort of spin-off from presenter Tim Gunn’s very successful Project Runway show.

In one of the photos (middle below) you can see Kathryn chatting with the actress Rebecca Mader.  Earlier that year the two had worked together on the film that became Cougars Inc.  After a series of small film and TV roles (including The Devil Wears Prada) the English-born actress known for her striking red hair and piercing blue eyes came to wider public notice in the TV series Lost.  Since then she’s done many guest starring roles (Fringe, 30 Rock, Blue Bloods, and Iron Man 3 amongst them) and for the past few years has been a regular on the ABC network fantasy drama Once Upon A Time as Zelena.  In fact you’ll be able to see her in the next episode (S06E08) due for broadcast tonight (13 Dec) in America.

003 005 006

Kathryn @ People’s Choice Awards 2010 Reprise

peoples_choice_awards_onstage_007Almost exactly a year a go I posted a sizeable update of photos of Kathryn at People’s Choice Awards in 2010.

peoples_choice_awards_onstage_006The additional photos then were focused on the red carpet side of the event.  The ‘before’ if you will.

Today we look at the ‘during’ with a smaller update involving the events on stage and backstage.

Sadly I’ve nothing from ‘after’  :-(

This event was a little unusual for a public appearance by Kathryn because her role in presenting two awards with Greg Grunberg (Alias) meant had advanced warning it would be happening.  I even posted about it a few weeks previously!  Go me!

peoples_choice_awards_backstage_001This year’s People’s Choice Awards; which covers film, television and music; took place last week.  I like to make these updates to old events timely.  Unlike the Oscars which can allow one film to dominate proceedings in the PCAs the categories largely prevent that.  Having said that Furious 7 (which not a prequel to The Hateful Eight regardless of what you might think!), The Big Bang Theory and Taylor Swift could between them be said to have won the major prizes between them.

The KM UK Gallery now has extra photos of Kathryn both on the Nokia Theatre stage and behind it in January of 2010.

Again Time For Time For Heroes Picnic 2010

a_time_for_heroes_picnic_023Soooo, where is KM UK’s ‘way-back machine’ going to take us today?

What do you mean “the A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic in 2010”?  Where did you get that idea from?  Oh, the title  😉  Kinda gave the game away there didn’t I? :-)

As part of the on-going goal to make the KM UK Gallery the best it can be I have an update to our album of photos from the aforementioned event in early June 2010.  Previously I covered it the day after it happened, and in a couple of updates since.

Kathryn attended the event support the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) held at Wadsworth Great Lawn in Los Angeles.

Kathryn also lent the EGPAF her support back in 2005 at the A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival, though no doubt charities supporting causes involving children have taken on an added importance since the birth of her own twin boys.

More details the EGPAF can be found on the organisation’s website HERE.

We have updates to two of the earlier photos (12 & 13) and 6 extra one in the Gallery.

a_time_for_heroes_picnic_012 a_time_for_heroes_picnic_025 a_time_for_heroes_picnic_026

Kathryn @ People’s Choice Awards 2010

peoples_choice_awards_038Awards season 2015 has started already with the Golden Globes having taken place at the weekend.  Congratulations to all the winners.

British actors Eddie Redmayne (The Theory Of Everything) and Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) took top honours in their respective categories.  Fellow countrymen Felicity Jones(The Theory Of Everything) , Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley (The Imitation Game), Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), and David Oyelowo (Selma) lost out in theirs.

Amongst those all gonged-up were Julianne Moore (Still Alice), Kevin Spacey (House Of Cards), Amy Adams (Big Eyes), Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent), Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Honourable Woman), the films Birdman and Boyhood; and TV shows Transparent, Fargo, The Affair, Jane The Virgin, and The Normal Heart.

But enough of all that nonsense.  What’s important (on this site at least) is that Kathryn attended the People’s Choice Awards around this time of year back in 2010.

To mark that historic occasion I’ve updated the already extensive KM UK Gallery with 20 more photos of Kathryn on the red carpet, arriving at the event held at the Nokia Theatre, LA.

As I am sure you remember Kathryn wore a dark blue Pamella Roland dress for the evening, which included presenting two awards with actor Greg Grunberg (Alias).  There are already photos and video of the pair on stage in the Gallery.

people_choice_awards_041 people_choice_awards_055 people_choice_awards_057

Women In Entertainment Breakfast, Dec 2010 – 4th Helpings

063One of the many good things about the Xmas period is all the repeats.  Or, ‘bringing back classics’ as we prefer to call it.

KM UK never likes to buck a trend so we’ll make no apologies to returning to a… firm… favourite 😉  We last visited this particular public appearance three years ago.  12 months ago we looked back at Kathryn’s appearance at the 2006 running of The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual ‘Power 100: Women In Entertainment Breakfast’.  Sadly, despite the evidence so far, Kathryn is not on a 4-year cycle for this event.  She was a no-show for last week’s latest get together.

Considering our chosen event took place in early December of 2010 it is remarkably un-cold looking.  Obviously Kathryn looks hot, that almost went without saying, but even Los Angeles must have cooler days.  No sign of a chill in the air on that day 😉

For those currently afflicted with wintery weather hopefully this new update with 20 more photos (48-67 in the Gallery) and a video of Kathryn’s arrival on red carpet will warm you up somewhat.  Southern-hemisphere dwellers may need to crank up the AC!  Enjoy them all now in the Gallery.

Same time next year?

048 061 women_in_entertainment_breakfast_001

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