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You Get Me Première Today

you_get_me_poster_003A quick reminder that the not-at-all-like Fatal Attraction teen drama You Get Me is due have its première tonight (19th June) in Los Angeles.

The film is being shown as part of the LA Film Festival, which started last Wednesday with a showing of the new Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World writer/director) movie The Book Of Henry.  Naomi Watts (Tank Girl) and Jack Tremblay (Room) star as mother and son in that one.

Since then there has been a busy schedule of features and documentaries, both old and new.  The event continues until Thursday night when, after an afternoon and evening of award winner showings, the festival closes with a screening of Ingrid Goes West, a social media-based comedy drama starring Aubrey Plaza (Parks And Recreation) and Elizabeth Olsen (Old Boy).

The Bella Thorne, Halston Sage, Taylor John Smith, Anna Akana, Nash Grier, Jennifer Esposito, Kathryn Morris, Netflix-owned movie You Get Me will be shown tonight at the ArcLight cinema in Santa Monica at 9:25pm.  Full details can be found at the LA Film Festival website HERE.

Another variant on the film poster, as shown above, has been added to the Gallery.

On Friday (23rd June) the film will receive its slightly delayed release on the streaming service.

You Get Me To Première At LA Film Fest

la_film_festival_logo_942x1461A somewhat surprising turn of events.

Teen drama You Get Me will be premièred at the LA Film Festival on Monday the 19th of June.

But wait, you might say, a film being first shown at a film festival is hardly an usual occurrence.  It is practically the law  :-)

But, we found out earlier this year that Netflix had taken up Awesomeness Films, Bella Thorne-lead movie.  Making it an exclusive to their media streaming platform as part of a multi-project deal.

That date may trigger a thought or two as well.

The 16th of June was due to be the day that You Get Me first appears on Netflix.  To make way for the LA Film Festival première the online release has been pushed back to the 23rd of the month.

So, a future-looking service like Netflix has delayed the release of a new film in favour of the more traditional film festival route.  Next they’ll be announcing it will be available exclusively at Blockbuster video stores on Betamax cassettes 5 years after hitting the silver screen.  I am old enough to remember all those things :-(

Very little press material has been released about You Get Me so there isn’t much more to say about the film even at this late stage.  We still don’t know the role Kathryn plays, not even the first name of her character.

The première screening is due to start at 9:25pm at the ArcLight 8 cinema in Santa Monica.

You can see all the details of the LA Film Festival on their website HERE.

The Coin Holds Courts In France

concours_de_courts_456x208The Coin, the short film by Fabien Martorell that stars Christopher Lloyd and Kathryn, is roughly one fifth (1/5) the length of a single episode of Cold Case.

There were 156 episodes of Cold Case meaning you could watch The Coin nearly 800 times in the duration of a still imaginary Cold Case boxset.

Despite that disparity I’ve managed to post just less than half as often about this small film project compared to CBS’s long-running TV drama.  Admittedly this site came into existence towards the end of CC‘s run.

Amazingly I’m still given occasional reasons for report on The Coin‘s progress.  Now in the latest.

Yesterday Fabien evening let it be known that his mini-epic has been selected for another film festival.  This time it is the Concours de Courts held in Toulouse in south western France.

The screening is due to take place at the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, apparently one of the oldest universities in France, on Thursday the 23rd of March at 7pm.

Find out more about event on the Concours de Courts website HERE.

Sunday Fest For The Coin In The Northeast

northeast_film_festival_logo_330x330You have had the original news article.

You have seen the update regarding the screening time.

Which means that this post must the final reminder a day or two before the event.

Yes, this coming Sunday (11th September) Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin, a mainstay of this website since July of 2012, is getting another airing.

The Northeast Film Festival in New Jersey USA opens its doors just a couple of hours after this post was first published.  It starts today (9th September) at 10am local time with a some documentaries and ends on Sunday night with an awards gala event.

The Coin is up for an award (Christopher Lloyd in the ‘Best Actor In A Short’ category) so the film could be taking away some more silver to add to it’s substantial collection.

If you’re in the area of New Jersey and have some free time this weekend the festival might well be worth a visit.  Full details of screens and venues are on the event’s website HERE.

The Coin @ Northeast Film Festival

northeast_film_festival_logo_330x330The Northeast Film Festival in New Jersey USA has released their schedule for the 2016 running of the event.

So we can now confirm what the writer/director Fabien Martorell had already mentioned:  his short film The Coin will be screened on Sunday, the 11th of September

The Teaneck Cinemas in Teaneck township of Bergen County will be hosting a group of eleven short films (two described as being as little as 1 minute long) from 2pm.

The Christopher Lloyd (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Kathryn starring film is listed as being the last of the set in a slot that could be as much as 2 hours long in to.  Tickets are available via the official event website HERE from $12.

As is often the case at these festivals there is a closing gala with a collection of awards covering such areas as acting, directing and screenplay for features and shorts.  Sadly The Coin‘s only nod is for Christopher in the ‘Best Actor In A Short’ category.  He competes with fellow nominees Lance Henrikson (his slightly less zany alter ego?) and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost).  The ‘Best Actress In A Short’ is missing Kathryn but does include luminaries Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Lost‘s Sonya Walger.  Henry and Sonya are both up for a short called Visible.

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