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Kathryn In Télé Magazine March 2011

CoverObviously I’d like to French Kathryn myself but I’m outnumbered to the tune of over 60 million to 1 by a whole country of them!  I can’t compete with that!  😀

Yet again the French television viewing public prove that they appreciate Kathryn more than most by giving her another magazine cover starring role.  This week’s edition of Télé Magazine (number 2888, for the week 12-18 March) is previewing Cold Case season 7 due to be broadcast on the France 2 channel.

The photos used to illustrate the article are not new but they’ve chosen some great shots of Kathryn.  Scans of the cover and article pages can now be found in the Gallery.  Below you can find a transcript of the French text and a basic translation into English (Google translate + manual editing).  If any French speakers have any suggestions for corrections please let me know.

Huge thanks to Rusher for putting in a great deal of effort to help me with this.

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Kathryn In Télé Magazine October 2010 – Update x3

CoverYou’ve got to hand it to the French, they really know how to bring out the best in Kathryn.  As a nation they clearly appreciate the wonderfulness of our favourite lady and know how to show it.

Vive la différence  :-)

After the breathtaking Télé 7 Jours and FHM appearances last year Télé Magazine has stepped up with a great looking photo of Kathryn on the cover of the most recent edition the magazine.

I’ll add more to this piece later but for now we have a small but good quality image of the cover in the Gallery.

Update: Once again the generosity of people that visit this site seems to know no bounds.  The Gallery has been updated with a new, large scan of the front cover and copies of the inside pages.  My thanks go to azerty and niiny for their wonderful assistance.  I will work on posting the text in its original French and a translation into English.  I’ve corrected the little error in my one piece of French above :-)

Update 2: I’ve added a copy of the French text and an English translation below.  Apologies in advance for any errors I’ve made.  Please tell me if you spot a mistake.  The English was done using a combination of Google Translator and some of my own re-writing.  Thanks to Rusher for the extra scans.  It made the text work much easier.

Update 3: I’ve posted enlarged and improved (straightened) images and re-edited the English translation.

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