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17th Annual Ante Up For Autism

ante_up_for_autism_2023_001.jpgThe Ante Up For Autism annual event took place again in late September to raise money for TACA (The Autism Community in Action).

Kathryn attended the event with her two boys, both of whom have autism.  Nearly $1m was raised so far at this year’s charity auction.

Having been thrust into the world of autism by her family situation has become and advocate for the condition, having set up her own organisation, The Savants, and is an Ambassador for TACA.

A bunch of photos of Kathryn at the event can now be found in the KM UK Gallery HERE.

ante_up_for_autism_2023_002.jpg ante_up_for_autism_2023_006.jpg ante_up_for_autism_2023_012.jpg

Advertising Week New York Interview 2022

20221019_advertising_week_141Kathryn’s day in New York last October was slightly busier than we’ve so far been able to report.

As part of promoting her Savants initiative supporting and advocating for autism at the 2022 New York Advertising Week event, Kathryn was interviewed by Dhomonique Murphy for Amazon Ads.

At the same event the previous year Kathryn did an on stage interview.  This one was in a studio with no audience, which I think made it easier to give more detailed descriptions of her experiences.  For people that really care about Kathryn, in parts it can be a slightly difficult watch as you learn more about what she has been through, and continues to face, with her boys.  It sounds like they are developing well though.  Don’t worry, we also get to see that amazing Kathryn smile we all love so much.

You can watch the entire 15 minute video on YouTube HERE.

A few screencaps of Kathryn from the video have been added to the Gallery.

Huge thanks to TJ for sending the details of this video to KM UK so we can share it with you all.

20221019_advertising_week_029 20221019_advertising_week_233 20221019_advertising_week_287

Advertising Week New York 2022

A couple of days ago we posted an update regarding Kathryn’s attendance of Advertising Week in New York in 2021.

As part of KM UK’s on-going catch-up we see Kathryn re-visiting the event this year.  Again, Kathryn was promoting her The Savants Initiative and it looks like she did another interview.  We don’t have footage of that yet, but it took them a year to post the one from 2021, so it may emerge at some point in the future.

Alongside the interview, Kathryn was at an event called ‘AWConnects Happy Hour with Spectrum Reach’.  Presumably this was some kind of networking event.

It is from this section that we have a few small photos, now in the Gallery.

As usual, we hope we can return to this event with further updates.

awconnects_002.jpg awconnects_003.jpg awconnects_005.jpg

Advertising Week New York 2021 – Update

Back in October 2021 we covered that Kathryn had attended Advertising Week in New York.

Kathryn was there to promote her The Savants initiative and took part in The Creative Showcase Stage, conducting an interview with Tom Ajello.

This is just a quick post with additional photos from the event (photoshoot, interview, publicity shot) and a link to a video of the interview which only recently found its way to YouTube.

The images are in the Gallery and you can watch the 25 minute long chat HERE.

adweek_012.jpg adweek_022.jpg adweek_023.jpg

15th Annual Ante Up For Autism

ante_up_for_autism_2021_001.jpg ante_up_for_autism_2021_003.jpg ante_up_for_autism_2021_005.jpg

Unlike our regular ’15 years on’ Cold Case posts for this update we only have to go back one month to the 25th September 2021.

As part of Kathryn’s advocacy and support of autism charities, she and her boys attended the 15th Annual Ante Up For Autism event.  The gambling-themed fund raising evening, hence the ‘Ante Up’ name, was organised by TACA and the Warne Foundation.

A small number of very large sized photos of the family on the red carpet have been added to the Gallery. courtesy of the event and Kathryn itself.

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