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Sendhil Ramamurthy Talks Reverie

artwork_002Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) attended the recent Comic-Con event in San Diego.

The actor has many reasons to be at sci-fi TV and movie focused gatherings like Comic-Con because of his work on shows like Heroes, Lucky Man, and Covert Affairs over the past decade.  Of course this year Sendhil had a new project to talk about:  the new upcoming TV series Reverie.

The comparative lack of Reverie news to come out of July’s Comic-Con suggests that most of those discussions happened behind closed doors.  Perhaps they’ll become more public nearer to the broadcast.  There were definitely none of the panel discussions made up of cast and crew from the show that have become common practice at these conferences.  I don’t think key members of the production team were present.

artwork_002However, blogger Cherry Davis got a 5 minute-long interview with Sendhil.  In that time he explains the basic plot line of Reverie, hints at some of the motivations of the main character played by Sarah Shahi, and details his own role.  Crucially Kathryn gets a mention about 3 minutes in.  Sendhil leaves Kathryn’s Monica Shaw as a mystery, saying she comes in towards the end of the pilot that he’d just seen.

In between the pitching, filming, and broadcast much can change in a new TV series.  Hearing that Kathryn’s character has made it into a later cut of the first episode, and forms part of what could be the on-going storyline is very welcome news.

Thank you to Cherry Davis for making the interview available.  You can watch Cherry’s video in full on YouTube HERE.  A small copy has been added to the KM UK gallery.


Like They Needed To Ask…

The TV Series Finale website is asking the question that those of us on this website already know the answer to.

Who’s the Sexiest Female Cop or Detective on TV?

We’re surprised it even needed to ask.

I give you exhibits A, B and C, your honour…

promo_002 promo_001 promo_010

And that’s just 3 images from the Cold Case promos for season 2, 4 and 6 respectively.  I don’t even need to pull out the BIG GUNS!  There’s lots of other great examples in the KM UK Gallery.

In the piece they refer to Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), and a real blast from the past Heather Locklear from (remember this?) T.J. Hooker.  It was a nice touch to list these lovely women but they let slip the real truth behind the article by finally casually dropping in Kathryn.

Feel free to set the good people of TV Series Finale straight HERE.

Coming Soon To Colony…

Colony_S01E07_still_005 Colony_S01E07_still_006

The USA Network has published the official press release for this coming Thursday’s episode of its hit sci-fi-ish drama series Colony.  It’s titled ‘Zero Day’ and is episode nine.

Will (Josh Holloway) comes up with a plan to get his family out from under the Occupation. Throwing a wrench in his best-laid plans, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Broussard (Tory Kittles) attempt to rekindle the fire of resistance by joining forces with a new cell. In a bold political move, Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson) fights to protect his office. Later, Maddie (Amanda Righetti) corners her boss in a precarious predicament.

The series also stars Alex Neustaedter and Isabella Crovetti-Cramp.

Guest Stars: Thora Birch, Victor Rasuk, Carl Weathers, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Kathryn Morris, Adrian Pasdar, Ally Walker, Gonzalo Menendez, Charlie Bewley

My emphasis.  Presumably Maddie’s boss mentioned above is Charlotte (Kathryn).  Thora Birch (American Beauty) is a new addition to the cast.

This is due to be Kathryn’s last appearance of the season, with just one episode left to go.  We already know a second season has been commissioned but we don’t know if Charlotte will be a part of it, or even survive that far.  It will likely be filmed in the summer, just as this first season was filmed in mid-2015.

Released promo photos and video, and a sneak peak video for episode nine have not included Kathryn at all.  However, I have a suspicion that the two images above, which were tagged as being part of episode 7 and posted a few weeks ago here, are actually for this next one.  The more relaxed clothing and hair style (harking back to Lilly Rush a bit) are not looks we’ve seen so far.  The shot of Maddie glancing back over her shoulder whilst walking away and Charlotte looking uncomfortable fit with the description.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Those photos are in the KM UK Gallery filed under episode seven until we know better.

Johnny Phones Home

johnny_twitter_015_20150510Kathryn’s partner, and father of her twin boys, Johnny Messner has recently been publicising a new movie called Weaponized, or maybe WEAPONiZED, which was released earlier this week on DVD/Blu-ray and VOD.

It’s an action film starring Johnny as a cop who ‘must prevent a grieving father from unleashing a “robotic virus” that he believes will destroy the terrorist cell that murdered his son.’

One of the interviews Johnny’s done was for the website.  He is from the city of Syracuse in New York state.  But we’re not here to talk about him.

As is standard in these interviews there’s a description of Johnny’s history and mention of his private life, which leads us to the following quote from the article:

But the most important role Messner’s taken in recent years may be as a father. He and his wife, “Cold Case” star Kathryn Morris, welcomed twin sons, Jameson and Rocco, in 2013.

“It’s amazing,” he says. “It’s intense having twins. There’s no way to prepare for it, but it’s been… the greatest thing to ever happen to me. And Kathryn is the most amazing mother ever.”

The photo shown above from Johnny’s Instagram is used to illustrate the piece.

Read the complete interview, including a video from Weaponized, by Geoff Herbert on

Wild West Women On The WWW

still_002A lot has been said recently, and rightly so, about equality in movies.  They should reflect the times and the audience.  Of course, a film with a historical setting also needs to accurately portray its period whilst not glorifying the less progressive aspects for a modern viewership.

In most of the commentary on Bone Tomahawk the women of the piece only normally get scant mention as their roles are quite small.  Lili Simmons (Banshee) in her key part as the kidnapped wife of one of the main protagonists has no doubt had the lion’s share of what little has been said.

So, it was nice to see in a recent review of Bone Tomahawk titled The Best Western You Haven’t Seen that British author Rob Wickings made special mention of the ladies in a comparison to other recent cinematic releases The Hateful Eight and The Revenant.

Rob notes that The Hateful Eight‘s female lead is not exactly treated well and The Revenant has only one line spoken by a woman during a brief, and hardly pleasant, appearance.  In terms of the actresses on-screen time Bone Tomahawk may not out do them but the author clearly feels they are much more rounded and realistic portrayals.  Kathryn as Lorna the wife of Kurt Russell’s Sheriff Hunt gets a mention in his article beyond the usual list of credits.  As Rob says:

They are tough, smart women.

Sean Young is the third notable female cast member, thereby outdoing both The Revenant and The Hateful Eight combined :-)

You can read Rob Wicking’s post in full HERE on his blog Excuses And Half Truths as he looks forward to the mid-February release of Bone Tomahawk here in the UK.

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