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Kathryn @ CDG Awards – Feb 2005 Update

cdga_03We are deep in the midsts of awards season.

The BAFTAs were last weekend (18th Feb).  The Oscars are next weekend (4th March).  The British Music Awards were a few days ago.  The Grammy awards ceremony happened at the end of January.  The MTV Europe Music Awards are…. OK, they’re ages away (November!).  Don’t worry, the KM UK annual awards will be in a few weeks.

To jump on this bandwagon, and to make up a little for the lack of posts recently, it is time to go back in time to awards ceremonies gone by.  The Costume Designers Guild Awards in 2005 to be precise.

If it was 2013/2014 this post would just be Frozen reference after Frozen reference regarding Kathryn and her fairy princess dress.  But we’re all so sick of Frozen references.  Let it go already!  Sorry :-)  The release of a sequel late next year will no doubt kick it all off again though.  That should kill off the current unicorn craze, unless Frozen 2 includes a unicorn!

The lady sharing the sofa with Kathryn and the boys in the image above is costume designer Jill Taylor.    Presumably Kathryn, Danny and John presented Jill’s award to her, which is why they are pictured together afterwards.  She won for her work on the film The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers.  The biopic about the late actor/comedian starred a host famous names including Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech), Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road), and Emily Watson (Punch-Drunk Love).

The KM UK Gallery has now been updated with 12 new images (and a small update to #10).

cdga_11 cdga_13 cdga_18

KM UK Awards 2017


*cough*  Hello.

Had enough of all those fake awards?  The Oscars?  So fake.  The BAFTAs?  Made up by the media who are too scared to tell you the truth.

To counter all that we bring you the Alternative Awards, or Alt-Awards.  And these are in no way influenced by ‘foreign actors’.  Only good ol’ home grown actors here.  Any results that you see leaked are being done so by bad hombres.  Sad.

Great news is we have a new sponsor for the event.  It’s V0dka.  ‘Don’t be bad. Drink like Vlad-imir.’  The classic American drink enjoyed by millions of hard working folk just like you.  Never has the potato tasted so good.  Apart from as ‘Freedom Fries’.

Despite appearances we know that this year will have the biggest audience ever.  Billions will witness this event.  8 to 10 billion in fact.

Due to the unprecedented success of last year’s new be-quiffed mascot we’ve brought it back.  If you ignore all the millions of votes against it (mostly illegal no doubt) it was the most popular statue since the last really popular one.

Welcome to the 2017 KM UK Awards.

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The Coin Comes Up Short(s)

hang_onto_your_shorts_film_festival_logo_640x640I’m not writing ‘trumps’, the word has lost all comic value.

The Coin continues to prove itself a long-term short.  It’s still pulling in further garlands after four years on the festival circuit.

At the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival on Sunday (24th April 2016) Fabien Martorell won ‘Best Director Medium’ (presumably that means The Coin is classed as a not-so-short) for his work.

Congratulations to Fabien and the team for taking another award.

Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) was nominated in the ‘Best Actor Medium’ (again a reference to the film length and not the TV show or the actor’s height) category.  Kathryn was cruelly overlooked in the similar section for Actresses.  She did some top quality shouting.

The film was also up for the contradictorily named ‘Best Short Medium’ and ‘Best Concept’.  I guess it came up… short in those  😉

KM UK Awards 2016

We were invited to other award shows but didn’t go this time!  They gave out stupid prizes, in lightweight categories!  We’ll hold our own event, again, and they’re not invited to it!

Let me tell you I know a thing or two about award ceremonies!  I’ve done billions of them!  They’re the best award ceremonies you’ve ever seen!  I’m not just saying that.  Everyone knows that!  Right?

And we won’t be handing out namby-pamby prizes to ‘winners’.  Oh no!

From now on the so-called ‘winners’ will have to make their own statues.  They can pull them out of the their own ears, their own… whatever.  What’s more, we’ll make them pay us to let them make them for themselves!

And if they don’t like that we’ll force them to do something worse than wakeboarding!  That’s a thing right?

We’ve got a new mascot for our event this year.  As you can see (above) ‘The RichE’ is a very attractive bear.  Yes, before you ask, all the fur is natural.  It just grows like that.

It’s time to make the KM UK Awards great again!

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Kathryn @ People’s Choice Awards 2010 Reprise

peoples_choice_awards_onstage_007Almost exactly a year a go I posted a sizeable update of photos of Kathryn at People’s Choice Awards in 2010.

peoples_choice_awards_onstage_006The additional photos then were focused on the red carpet side of the event.  The ‘before’ if you will.

Today we look at the ‘during’ with a smaller update involving the events on stage and backstage.

Sadly I’ve nothing from ‘after’  :-(

This event was a little unusual for a public appearance by Kathryn because her role in presenting two awards with Greg Grunberg (Alias) meant had advanced warning it would be happening.  I even posted about it a few weeks previously!  Go me!

peoples_choice_awards_backstage_001This year’s People’s Choice Awards; which covers film, television and music; took place last week.  I like to make these updates to old events timely.  Unlike the Oscars which can allow one film to dominate proceedings in the PCAs the categories largely prevent that.  Having said that Furious 7 (which not a prequel to The Hateful Eight regardless of what you might think!), The Big Bang Theory and Taylor Swift could between them be said to have won the major prizes between them.

The KM UK Gallery now has extra photos of Kathryn both on the Nokia Theatre stage and behind it in January of 2010.

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