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Paris Accord-ing To Trump – April Fool


To say the least, a recent post here (well, HERE) on KM UK had us a little confused.  It involved a video of Kathryn having breakfast with someone at a street-side café in Paris.  No context, no date, no name, no pack drill.  There was scrambled eggs and coffee though!

Since then we’ve been contacted by a trusted source in France regarding the reason for Kathryn’s unexplained appearance in Paris.

A little background.  Two years ago, a Mr (let me check my notes…) Donald J Trump (President of America apparently) got the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.  This was a global agreement to cut CO2 emissions.  All the nations of the world had signed up to it, apart from a couple of cheeky hold-outs that wanted it to go further than it did.

However, it looks like some facts have finally manage to penetrate deeply enough to make Mr Trump reconsider his country’s position.  That and the personal financial loss of his Florida-based private club Mar-a-Lago being due to disappear underwater in the next 20 years.  Try as he might, Mr Trump could not get the local zoning commission to declare the property as a 10,000 sq mile (there’d be no wall to say where it ended!) luxury water park, marina and yacht club.

But how does a man of Mr Trump’s international standing and reputation go about reversing such a major decision whilst saving face?  We have been informed that a plan was put in place last year.  What he needed was a completely believable and credible envoy to act on his behalf.  Someone that could remain detached, whilst dropping a metaphorical pebble of change in the actual warming oceans.  Project Aloof Ripl (txtspk for ripple) was initiated and Kathryn agreed to take on the momentous role, travelling to France to make contact with the powers that be in Europe.

Information passed to KM UK suggests that the video posted on YouTube was a coded report back to Mr Trump.  The man eating breakfast with Kathryn is her Paris contact known as Little Chef.  The fact that it was sunny and Kathryn was wearing a t-shirt, despite being filmed in February in the depths of a French winter, is a message home that the scientific evidence on temperature rises has been proven to be correct.  The references to how much more good food you could get for €12 in Paris than for the equivalent amount in Los Angeles, is to indicate that the economic issues for the U.S. are not as bad as were feared and the French suggested solution is workable.  The croissant was just a croissant.

As far fetched as this all might sound, let us just hope that there is truth behind it.

Update:  Yes, this was my annual attempt at upping the silly on this site for April Fools Day.

Spartacus Season 3 & Najara To Make A Comeback? – April Fool

Xena_S04E18_081*** SPOILER ALERT ***

This article and the linked interview contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Friday night (30th March 2012) saw the dramatic conclusion to season 2 (season 3 if you count the prequel mini-series) of the Starz TV hit show Spartacus.

The reluctance to shy away from killing off characters many would assume sacred was taken to shocking extreme as the finale drew to a close.  You’d think that being the star that brought in the crowds, had worked with many of the crew before, and is married to one of the show’s Executive Producers would give you some job security.  Apparently not, as the death of Lucy Lawless‘s character proves. This is not one of those “but they’ll bring them back somehow” deals either as Michael Ausiello’s interview with Spartacus Executive Producer Steven S. DeKnight makes clear.

So where does this leave Spartacus for season 3? A largely new cast including several new female characters. And what does this have to do with us here at KM UK?  A well informed someone who has chosen to go by the name of Maj-kat has let me know that they would really like Kathryn to take a significant role in season 3.  They know her well from her time on Xena, she is clear of her Cold Case commitments and has shown a willingness to take on more… errr… adventurous roles (*cough*Cougars, Inc.*cough*).  Call make-up, we may need a blonde merkin! 😉

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Silly Season Gets An Annual Update

screenshot_001Apparently silly season has its own version of the Indian Summer.  Who knew?  :-)

You and I know this is a stupid story.  Let’s hope that the people of the National Enquirer really know it as well or there really is no hope for civilisation.

For some reason the US tabloid has decided to dredge up the Kathryn/Brad/Angelina story that was first fabricated last year when the movie Moneyball was filming.  But they are not repeating that nonsense.  No, of course not.  Heaven forbid.

Surprisingly late to the party, as Moneyball has been out several weeks, the Enquirer has spotted that Kathryn’s scenes are not in the movie.  I’ll leave it to them, in their own inimitable style, to try explain that cutting Kathryn’s scenes made sense for the movie.  They are not implying anything at all.  Honest.

The article on the National Enquirer website is not available outside the US so I’ve copied the text below.

Update (13 Oct):  ZimGossip is carrying the story on a more widely available site HERE.  Also, Sophie S. Benvenuti at has written a similar piece to mine about the National Enquirer article.  You can read her take in this “news” HERE.

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Kathryn In Public Magazine October 2010

page_07The French press don’t want to let this one go do they? I thought they were finished last time but apparently not.  At least they used some great photos from the Creative Arts Emmys to illustrate the “story.”

This time it’s Public magazine, a tabloid scandal sheet like The National Enquirer rather than a TV magazine, that runs the whole Kathryn/Brad story.  It’s a rehash of the Star and National Enquirer stories.

Scan of the pages can be found in the Gallery A transcript of the French text and another of my Google-assisted attempts at an English translation can be after the jump.

Thanks to yet again Rusher for the scans.

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KM & Cold Case In Télé Loisirs October 2010

coverAs mentioned in passing yesterday (after delaying it by a few days already because of other news items) we return to our French TV magazine theme with another set of scans, a transcript and a translation. This time it is Télé Loisirs.  The article covers both the return of Cold Case to French television screens and the daft tabloid story about Kathryn and Brad.

Large-sized scans of the cover and inside pages can now be found in the Gallery.  The transcript and translation are after the jump.

Thanks to Rusher again for this one.

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