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It’s That Date, KM UK Is 8!

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

Amazingly KM UK (this very site) has been running for longer than Cold Case did.  As usual I’ve wheeled out the picture above showing the CC squad celebrating their 100th episode, a mere 2/3 of the way through the 7-season long run.

The past year has been relatively quiet on the Kathryn-front but the coming 12 months sees a movie and a new TV series on the way.  And that is just what we know about at this stage.  Lots to look forward to.

I won’t bore you with loads of figures but amazingly this little site of mine continues to receive over 1 million hits per year.

Thank you to all our visitors.

KM UK Is 7!

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

When you see the picture above in a KM UK post it can mean only one thing (or maybe two):  it’s the site’s birthday.

Not so long ago (7 years today in fact) in a galaxy not so far away (because it was this one)…  KM UK was born.

The 18th of May 2009 was that day and today marks the site’s 7th birthday.

In the time since then we’ve racked up over 1200 posts, thousands of comments, and over a million hits per year.  Our photo and video gallery continues to grow with nearly 68,000 images and 700 registered users.  The site’s Twitter account crossed 600 followers earlier this year as well.

Thank you to everyone that visits and gets involved.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Roommate Wanted KM UK credit 430x150(Screenshot from the closing credits of Roommate Wanted)

Just sayin’  😉

Thank you to director Rob Margolies and all the cast and crew of Roommate Wanted for allowing KM UK to be involved.

It’s Our Birthday And We’ll Post If We Want To

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

You would post to if it happened tooooo you.

We really need to buy a new cake for the next celebration.  That one must be getting a little dry now.

Today (18th May 2015) KM UK reaches its 6th birthday.  I first posted a Hello World on this day in 2009.

We like a good stat so I’ll do what I normally do and post a few updated info about this site.

  • This is the 1067th post, maintaining our nearly one every 2 days average
  • Nearly 4600 comments posted
  • Over 6.5 million hits
  • No spam comments made public, despite well over 200,000 attempts!
  • In excess of 560 Twitter followers

The KM UK Gallery:

  • 66,500 images, up more than 4000 in the past year
  • Over 550,000 image hits
  • 1125 albums
  • 655 registered users

Thank you to everyone of you that visits and contributes.

Make sure you come back tomorrow when we start our 7th year with a fantastic EXCLUSIVE.

KM UK Mention On Weird West Radio

misc_001In my on-going quest to find out more about the film Bone Tomahawk, which should see Kathryn in a small role as the wife of a wild west Sheriff played by Kurt Russell (Stargate), I’ve been seeking out good sources of intel.  As I always do so as to bring you the best and most accurate data.

Looking for information about Bone Tomahawk can bring up a lot of confusing stuff because the film has been in pre-production for over two years, with various casting announcements in the intervening period, and significant changes in the personnel.  The news as KM UK reported at the time, because it included Kathryn, was how things were as the film finally went into production in October.  The addition of Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring), Matthew Fox (Lost), Lili Simmons (Banshee), David Arquette (Scream), and Kathryn, amongst others, made headlines.  Later I created a post rounding up most of what we know.

A couple of weeks ago I found a new podcast by Weird West Radio discussing the recent casting news for Bone Tomahawk.  Clearly they are big fans of the western genre.  Understandably the guys on the podcast, Johnny and Clint, were excited about the news of a new western and mentioned the inclusion of the actors such as Timothy Olyphant (Justified) and Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead).  Those were earlier casting announcements and they are no longer connected with the film.

Always happy to help out I sent a Tweet to Weird West Radio:

@weirdwestradio Re Bone Tomahawk. IMDb list accurate. Others you mentioned (Olyphant, Sarsgaard, Carpenter) no longer attached to the film. – Link

Today (23 Nov) saw the release of a new WWR podcast and Johnny updated their listeners about Bone Tomahawk and very kindly read out my Tweet.  Sort of :-)

I’ve created this post to clarify a couple of things said in the podcast as Twitter is too restrictive.  The above covers most of it but I should add the following:  I’m a he (understanable confusion from my Twitter details), based in the UK, and an “uber-fan” of the actress Kathryn Morris who has a small role in the film.

Thank you for the mention on WWR.  I hope you get to talk to the producers of the film for a future podcast so we can all find out more about the project.

It’s been a weird week :-)

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