May 2020
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11th Hour

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

And by ‘hour’ I mean ‘year.’  To be fair, I do seem to be posting things a little late recently!

Remember the days when scenes like the above were the norm?  Everyone huddled together sharing an important event.  They shouldn’t be right now, of course.  Danny! Back off!

Some how KM UK has survived 11 years in our little corner of the Internet.  So far we’ve managed over 1,500 posts and there are over 70,000 images in the Gallery.

Thank you to all of you that drop by to see what’s going on here.

Summer Of HD 2019

How long has it been since we did a proper Summer Of HD, KM UK’s series of gallery updates?  Years, to be sure.

To mark the anniversaries of the various Reverie episodes we will be bringing you new and exclusive full HD (1080p) screencaps, and some larger promo photos.  In a few instances the promo photos are massive!  Huge I tell you!  Well worth waiting for.

As the first episode of Reverie aired on the 30th of May last year we will start there.  Join us on Thursday.

1, 2, Miss A Few, 10!

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

The big cake is out. The cast and crew is all stood around.  Danny is a little too close for comfort.  Yes, KM UK hits another anniversary.

Somehow this site has lasted 10 years.  There can’t be many fan sites that have managed that.  OK, we’re getting on a bit now.  We are getting slower, more forgetful (missed the recent annual Cold Case ending post for a start), and a little deaf in our advancing years.  What’s that?  A cup of tea would be lovely.  Thank you dear.

There is always the hope of the metaphorical blue pill of a new piece of work to cover.  The Dirt caught us all unawares!  And, there is still plenty of archive material and a few previously unmentioned items.

Join us for that and more in the next 12 months, and thanks to you for checking the newspapers and milk haven’t been piling up outside the door during the last 12.

Is KM UK 10? Nein, it’s 9!

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

The image above can only mean one thing.  It’s time to celebrate KM UK reaching another birthday.

TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets cancelled and then picked up by another network.  KM UK is 9.  Coincidence?  I think not.

It continues to amaze me but somehow we’ve got to 9 years old.  So much has changed in that time but this site continues to try and meet its remit: to bring you, dear reader, the latest news and best content relating to Kathryn Morris’s work.

Continued thanks to all of you for dropping by this past year.  Stay with us for number ten.

It’s That Date, KM UK Is 8!

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

Amazingly KM UK (this very site) has been running for longer than Cold Case did.  As usual I’ve wheeled out the picture above showing the CC squad celebrating their 100th episode, a mere 2/3 of the way through the 7-season long run.

The past year has been relatively quiet on the Kathryn-front but the coming 12 months sees a movie and a new TV series on the way.  And that is just what we know about at this stage.  Lots to look forward to.

I won’t bore you with loads of figures but amazingly this little site of mine continues to receive over 1 million hits per year.

Thank you to all our visitors.

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