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Shhh… Kathryn Is… Tweeting

kathryn_twitter_002_20180613Sadly, Kathryn did not feature in episode three of Reverie “No More Mr Nice Guy” broadcast this week.  I tell a lie, actually she did appear, but only in a brief clip in the “previously on…” segment at the beginning.  It was there to reminder us of Charlie (Dennis Haysbert) expressing concern for Mara (Sarah Shahi) last week.  Kathryn was a bonus feature.  Collateral benefit if you will.

Possibly as a way to help make up for her not being in the show Kathryn Tweeted up a storm responding to viewers’ questions.  Those of us on this side of the pond most likely missed out due to time zone differences :-(

In amongst the posts was the picture you see to the right of her and co-star Jessica Lu.

jessica_lu_video_004_20180614Over the last few weeks Jessica has posted several photos and short videos of the two of them.  The videos are known as “Après Exitus With Kat & Jes”.  They are very funny snippets of them saying odd things with added effects to put things like glasses and cat noses their faces.  I’ve included many of these images and videos as they’ve appeared in the KM UK Gallery in the Twitter & Instagram album under Miscellaneous.

The latest “Après Exitus” (a reference to it being after the end of the show no doubt) sees our stars ponder the lack of Monica (Kathryn) in the episode, and settle the debate on whether Kathryn does her own stunts.

Kathryn ‘wants to get back to work’

A few days ago Johnny Messner, Kathryn’s partner and father to her twin boys, Tweeted a response to follower Dani’s question about any future plans for having more children:

Dani californication (@DcPenn29)

@JMessner so Johnny when r we expanding this gorgeous family I mean perfect family :) we need more of u and Kat in the world – Link

Johnny answered thusly:

Johnny Messner (@JMessner)

Hahaha as soon as Kat decides she wants too I think she wants to get back to work – Link

It’s good to know that Kathryn is keen to go back to work.  Of course we already know she will be doing so in the new USA Network sci-fi drama series Colony, as posted about on KM UK here.  The show is due to début in January.

A rare case of KM UK coming over all tabloid newspaper.  I feel dirty :-)

Thank you to Dani for asking and Johnny for reply.

Yet Another Fake KM Twitter Account

avatar_003_512x512I thought/hoped we were past this.

In the last couple of weeks another Twitter account that is trying to pass itself off as Kathryn has appeared.  It goes by the Twitter handle of @IMorrisKathryn and uses the image on the right as the avatar.  (The image is taken from the deviantART website and is by ‘Enselis’ – see here)

KM UK has exposed fakes before (two examples: here and here), sometimes after a bit of investigative work that Lilly and the CC squad would be proud of :-)  In this case the combined brain power of the Philly PD was not required as it was immediately clear that it is not genuine.  The tone of the posts, the odd avatar image, etc. etc. all add up to fake.  I was going to just ignore this faker but recent Tweets caused me to change my mind.

Using a picture and even a name relating to Kathryn on Twitter is one thing, I do it myself of course.  Actually posting as though you are her is another.  But to respond to other people as though you are her seriously crosses the line.  When anyone contacts me via this site’s @KM_UK Twitter address in a manner that make me think they believe I could be Kathryn I make it clear that I am not.  I do this to avoid confusion and disappointment.  It is the right thing to do.  Sadly this @IMorrisKathryn is doing the wrong thing.  Some of the more recent responses clearly set out to deceive.

Hopefully this faker will soon see the error of their ways.

Kathryn’s First Tweets

Looks like we finally get to welcome Kathryn to Twitter.

A short time again the Official Kathryn Morris Twitter feed posted two messages.  For the first time it appears that Kathryn herself is posting.  The two messages were:

This is my first official tweet…. most people that know me, know I’m not a big fan social media… – Link


..About ready to have our twin boys!!  Thank you for all the love that has come our way!!! xox – Link

avatar_002_360x458We certainly won’t be commenting on every Tweet Kathryn posts, assuming it continues, but we thought it was worth noting this sudden change.

I’ve already welcomed her and passed on best wishes for the impending birth of her twin boys.

You can follow Kathryn’s official feed here.

Big Push On Official KM Website

20130408_us_magazine_kathryn_pregnant_004As reported here a couple of months ago, the Official KM Twitter feed had a brief moment of conciousness and posted something.  At the time we noted that the Official Kathryn Morris website had gone into “Under Construction” mode for a while and returned with little content.

20130408_us_magazine_kathryn_pregnant_005Over night the Twitter feed again woke up, posting various links to the Official Facebook page.  Only one worked at the time I checked and it led to a post on the People magazine website about the upcoming birth of Kathryn and Johnny’s twins.

Presumably following on from that friend of this site Kareen_T (thanks again!) spotted that the Official KM website has undergone a further update.  It is clearly far from ready for prime time, with layout issues and glaring errors carried over from its earlier incarnation, but it has gained a lot of new content.  I’ll be posting more about some of that in the next few days.

20130227_sonagram_001The most notable item on the website is the Twins Shower page.  It is a Pinterest style page with various images, including illustrations and photos.  Taken from that set are the images you see around this post, including a sonagram image (right) taken back in February which is presumed to be a genuine shot of the Morris/Messner twins.  The other two images (one of which is huge!) have joined the Us Magazine set, even though they were not used by the publication.  They have all now been added to KM UK Gallery.

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