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Paycheck Première 2003

003For various reasons it has been a quiet December on KM UK.

To make up for it we’re going to take a trip to an Xmas past.  It’s an Xmas present to enjoy for the Xmas (in the near) future.  See what I did there? :-)

Fourteen, yes 14!, years ago today (18th December 2003) the action/sci-fi-ish movie Paycheck got the red carpet treatment at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  The general release started a week later on the 25th.

Strikes me as an odd time to bring out a movie.  In the UK that would never happen.  The big day is a national holiday so places like cinemas are not open, Boxing Day maybe.  I know that in the US Thanksgiving is more significant like that.

It had not occurred to me before but the wonderful red colour of Kathryn’s dress is a little bit Xmas-y.  Wonder if it was deliberate.  As there is not much more to it than the colour hopefully winter in Hollywood was not cold that evening :-)

Last updated in 2010 I’ve added 12 more photos to the Paycheck première gallery here.  That’s one large image (the one above) and 11 medium sized ones.

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Paycheck – Saturday/Sunday, BBC1

Paycheck_1080p_046What better way to get over those winter blues than a nice Paycheck?  😉

A regular one is nice too.  The BBC seem to have dropped into an 8 month cycle with the John Woo sci-fi action drama Paycheck as it was back in May 2016 when they last broadcast it.  Before that is was September 2015.  At this rate we can book in for another viewing next September.  By then we’ll definitely need the memory wiping technology the film uses.  With luck it’ll be in mass production by then…

It’s a late one this time, or may be very early.  Hence the ‘Saturday/Sunday’ subject.  00:25/12:25am may be technically very early on Sunday morning but to all right thinking people it’s still just quite late on Saturday night.  Unless, on this occasion you are in Scotland.  Sorry to our north of the border friends.  No Paycheck for you.  The BBC’s website has details of the broadcast.

As you’ll no doubt know by now Kathryn’s role is quite short in this film.  She’s an important part of setting up the premise in those opening 10 minutes though.  The unforgettable performance by her Rita Dunne proves the memory wiping device works.  It would take a significant medical procedure to remove what is etched onto our brains  :-)

KM UK being as comprehensive as it is will mean it is no surprise that the KM UK Gallery already cover the film is some detail already.

Time (pun very much intended) for a classic KM UK countdown timer to the start of the Paycheck broadcast on BBC1 this weekend.


Paycheck – Friday, BBC1 Again, Again

Paycheck_1080p_010I’ve only just spotted this so it is rather last minute.  Don’t worry, I’ve got a memory wiping machine so you’ll all remember that I gave you plenty of notice :-)

Give or take a week or two it has been a year since the BBC last broadcast sci-fi action drama Paycheck.  It is on tonight (4th of September) at 11:35pm on BBC1, except in Northern Ireland.  No showings scheduled for the NI crowd.

Ex-Dare Devil and future Batman Ben Affleck stars as computer engineer Michael Jennings.  Michael is tasked with copying competitor designs but has his memories of the work erased afterwards to in some way get around copyright laws.  Things go awry when Michael realises that someone is trying to kill him, but his pre-memory wipe self has left clues about it.  Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) also stars.

Kathryn as a small but captivating role near the beginning of the film.  Being a public service broadcaster that it is the BBC has again kindly started the movie early enough so that you can see Kathryn and still be in bed by midnight.  These things are important for those of us of a certain age.

The BBC’s website has more details HERE.  Various images from the film are in the KM UK Gallery.

Paycheck – Thursday, BBC1

Paycheck_1080p_029It’s always nice when the paycheck arrives early :-)

The past few times that the BBC has shown the John Woo sci-fi action drama Paycheck it has been after a gap of around two years.  Xmas comes early on Thursday (21st Aug) as it has been only a little over one year since the last broadcast.  Whoo-hoo!  Or should that be Woo-hoo!  :-)

Auntie Beeb has been extra kind to us as they are also showing the film at the slightly earlier time of 23:35, which (as I always say) means you can see Kathryn’s memorably forgettable (or is it forgettably memorable?) performance and be done well before midnight.  She’s only in the opening section, but it is 10 minutes worth watching.  Those in Northern Ireland will have to wait until later on Friday night.  The BBC’s website has details of the broadcast.

Leading man Ben Affleck (Pearl Harbor) was earlier this year controversially announced as being the new Batman, with the first film with him in that role due for release in the summer of 2016.  By then it will be nearly 20 years since Ben and his writing/acting partner Matt Damon worked with the recently departed Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.  Robin won a Support Acting Oscar and the boys won a Screenplay Oscar for that one.

Not surprisingly Paycheck already features strongly in the KM UK Gallery with a comprehensive set of HD screencaps.  A more detailed description of Kathryn’s role in the film can be found in an earlier post here.

Just in case you have your memory wiped between now and the start of Paycheck (add 24.5 hours if you are in Northern Ireland) here is a countdown timer to remind you:


Countdown Completed


Paycheck – Friday, BBC1 Again

Paycheck_1080p_010For the past six years the BBC here in England have broadcast Paycheck every 15 months or so, meaning that we are well over due a showing since it was last on back in August of 2011.

Auntie Beeb is finally putting us out of our misery with a late showing on Friday (12th April 2013) at 23:55.  Despite the hour you can still watch Kathryn’s appearance in the John Woo (who also made Broken Arrow) action film, based on a short story by Philip K Dick and starring Ben Affleck (Argo), and be in bed by 12:10am.

Details of the BBC1/BBC1 HD broadcast can be found on the BBC’s website.

Paycheck already features in the KM UK Gallery and you can read a brief write-up of Kathryn’s role in the film in a previous post.

We haven’t used the countdown timer in a while so here is one to the start of the film:


Countdown Completed

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