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Slice Of Sci-Fi Talks Reverie With Mickey Fisher

slice_of_sci-fiI hope you are having a relaxing Sunday.

If you’d like to put your feet up, close your eyes, and just listen (this doesn’t apply to you if you are driving!) and want to know a bit more about the TV show Reverie then I have something for you.

Summer Brooks at the Slice Of Sci-Fi website has done an interview with Reverie co-creator and executive producer Mickey Fisher.  It has been released as part of a regular podcast the site does.  You can listen to the episode HERE.

In the 40 minute long piece, Mickey discusses the inspiration behind the show, what they want the show to say to people, the reasons for the character types they made, and the actors they chose to fill those roles.

Having gone through the other major characters and actors it is about 18 minutes in before Kathryn is mentioned.  Here is a rough transcript of what Mickey has to say about Kathryn:

…And then with Kathryn Morris we wanted someone who could be Charlie’s equal in this.  Those two, at times we kind of talked about them as the adults in the room and the people who play chess instead of checkers.  We wanted someone who was formidable and [had] a sort of air of mystery, but [is] also super smart, and Kathryn has all that stuff, and more.  And they have such great chemistry together from their first scene together in the pilot.  When we were filming it, people we like ‘these two are going to end up together’ because they just had this instant chemistry.  Let’s see where that goes, let it flow and see what happens.  We got so luckily with this whole cast.  I’ve felt so grateful.  We can turn to any one of them for a story or a scene and different emotional ranges, sense of humor, and I feel like they can do it all.

Mickey goes on to say that there has been no word on the future of Reverie beyond the current season but they hope to have news on that in the coming weeks.

A copy of the podcast has been added to the KM UK Gallery.

Kathryn Guests On Brett Gursky Podcast

on_the_list_with_brett_gursky_logo_150x150Kathryn made a surprise guest appearance on the Brett Gursky “On The List” podcast on the HAHAJK website.

The interview is primarily Johnny Messner talking about his recent role in the play “A Family Thing” and his career to date.  Kathryn is in the studio and joins in occasionally, either in the background or more ‘on mic’.  In a odd quirk of fate Kathryn was key in Johnny getting the part in the play.

The text on the website that describes the podcast includes the following sentence:

Johnny’s girlfriend Kathryn Morris (Cold Case) is a surprise special guest and joins them in the discussion as well.

You can hear the whole two and half hour long podcast on the HAHAJK website HERE.  A small copy has been added to the Gallery.

We’ll post an update if there is anything significant regarding Kathryn in it.

Update:  At around the 1:20 mark the conversation turns to Cold Case so Kathryn gets more involved.

The Sweeter A-Side Of Life

on_set_20120605_001Recently Michael Damien, co-writer/producer/director of Kathryn’s upcoming movie The Sweeter Side Of Life, has made several references to the film’s soundtrack.

It seems that the soundtrack could be released alongside the film and that Michael himself will be singing on it.  He has recorded a song called Rock My Heart.  As well as acting in the long-running soap opera The Young And The Restless Michael has had a lot of success as a singer.  He is most associated with a cover of the David Essex song Rock On, later covered by Def Leppard amongst others.

Earlier today (UK time) composer/musician/singer/producer (does no one have just one job title these days?) John Khula released a different track made for The Sweeter Side Of Life.

The song is called Love Is Dancin’ and can be heard on the Reverbnation website.  It’s a 3 minute long up-beat ditty, much as you would expect from such a film.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

One other piece of information to come from this is that the film could well be set for a January 2013 release.

The Sweeter Side Of Life stars Kathryn as Desiree, a newly divorced woman who returns penniless to her home town and starts working in her father’s bakery.  James Best (The Dukes Of Hazzard) co-stars.