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Hostage To History

cover_dvdA few days ago it was announced that the American arm of the German car giant BMW will be hiring South African Neill Blomkamp (District 9) to create a new short film for them.

So what I hear you ask? (actually I can’t, but that’s the web’s fault).

BMW of North America have initiated this project to mark the 15th anniversary of the release of a series of short films called The Hire used to promote the then-new Z4 sports car.

So what I hear you ask? Again (OK, pushy much?).

In amongst the big name writers, directors and actors in the original eight short films was a certain Kathryn Morris.  She starred in one titled Hostage.

Although a set of screencaps from Hostage have been in the KM UK Gallery for many years I think I’ve managed to never really post about it.  This seems like the perfect excuse to correct that.

The basic premise of each of the films is a man known only as ‘The Driver’, played by Clive Owen (Inside Man), being a sort of James Bond character required to perform a mission.  As these are essentially adverts for a car the task entails some form of car chase or race against time.

The_Hire_Hostage_1080p_008In Hostage, which was part of the second season released in 2002, Clive starts off delivering a suitcase of money to ‘The Kidnapper’ (Maury Chaykin, Dances With Wolves) in return for the release of our titular hostage, that’d be Kathryn.  The presence of an FBI SWAT team shows Clive is acting in league with the authorities, all though his exact role is not clear.  Maury wants revenge on Linda Delacroix, a successful business woman, but things take a turn when he rejects the $5m ransom and gives a clue to where Linda is being held captive before attempting to kill himself.

The_Hire_Hostage_1080p_026Our hero races, in the BMW sports car remember, to rescue our damsel in distress.  He arrives just in time, performs a feat of daring do, and as a reward gets handsy Linda’s chest, lays a few smackers on her, and then touches up her neck.  You may, however, see it as attempting to revive an unconscious drowning victim with mouth-to-mouth and checking her pulse.  Each to their own  :-)

The_Hire_Hostage_1080p_072After a towelling off and a change of clothes Linda visits her not-quite-dead incarcerator (geddit? ‘in car’, never mind) in hospital.  One quick whisper in his ear from those over made-up lips and he’s a stiff, or he will be soon enough.

Linda wasn’t such an innocent victim after all…

There’s a few plot holes but the film is only 8 minutes long and it has to cram a lot in.

Clive is said to be getting back behind the wheel in the new short but it is highly unlikely Kathryn will be involved, though it would be interesting to see what became of Linda.  She’s quite the femme fatale.

Does Linda remind you of anyone?  A Rita Dunne from the film Paycheck perhaps?  You’d have good reason to think that because only a year after Hostage was… err… released, the Ben Affleck starer Paycheck came out.  In it Kathryn plays the very similar looking and equally ‘innocent’ Rita.  Famous Hong Kong film director John Woo made both.  It just shows why actors, even after reaching the heights of fame, make short films, often with little known directors, writers and producers.  They get to experience working with new people and it can lead to big things later.

The_Hire_HostageTo mark the news of a new film short being made in the series I have added a brand new comprehensive set of full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn in Hostage to the KM UK Gallery.  It’s not summer any more but we’ll include this under the ‘Summer Of HD’ banner, as it is close enough and an HD upgrade.

In case you haven’t seen the film I’ve also included a small copy of the video in its entirety, so you can see the images in context.  And there’s a DVD box cover art image too.  Enjoy.

Colony S01E09 – Zero Day Full HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E09_093Tomorrow is ‘zero day’ for Colony season 1 being released on DVD in America.  To celebrate this event KM UK has been running a short special Summer Of HD series of posts based around the show.  The first two parts are here and here.  This is the last of this set.

Episode nine of the ten was ‘zero day’ for Kathryn’s character Charlotte Burgess.  She’d enacted punishment on Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) for a perceived breaking of her rules regarding certain… things… involving Mr Burgess.  Maddie’s smart though and cleverly gets herself back on Charlotte’s good side, whilst simultaneously setting the scene for bringing her down a peg or twenty.

It did not end well for Charlotte, not that we know exactly what happened so the door is still open for her return come season 2 next year.  It was Kathryn’s last appearance in the season.

So, we need to make the most of the 129 new Full HD (1080p) screencaps now added to the Gallery.

Colony_S01E09_1080p_037 Colony_S01E09_1080p_039 Colony_S01E09_1080p_052

Colony S01E07 – Broussard Full HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E07_1080p_003The word ‘Independence’ has been a word much banded about in the last few weeks in the UK.  Whether it be related to our relationship with mainland Europe or the release of a much delayed sequel to a well known sci-fi action movie.  In both cases a person taking a lead role bowed out before the follow-up!

Today an ex-colony of the British Empire celebrates its independence from the mother country.  Happy 4th of July to all our friends on the other side of ‘the pond’.

Here on KM UK we are marking the forthcoming release of the appropriately named USA Network TV series Colony on DVD  later this month.  And we do that in the best we know with a Summer Of HD update bringing you a new set of full HD images of Kathryn in her role of Charlotte, an art curator and wife of a politician.

Talking of independence day:  if the show continues we may eventually get to see an ID4-style re-taking of the streets from their new alien overlords.

From the 7th episode, Broussard (named after a significant character in the show), we have 41 new Full HD (1080p) screencaps now in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E07_1080p_017 Colony_S01E07_1080p_035 Colony_S01E07_1080p_041

Colony S01E04 – Blind Spot Full HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E04_004In a few weeks the sci-fi-ish drama-ish series Colony will be released on DVD over there in that America. To mark the occasion KM UK is going to publish a series of exclusive-to-the-site (because I made them) full HD (that’s 1920×1080) screencaps in one of our Summer Of HD update series.

When was the last time we had a proper Summer Of HD update? I’d like to say “I can’t remember” but I can because I just looked it up and my short term memory is not that bad!

2015… I mean 2014 was when it was.

Based on the image above I think that when Hollywood attempts a re-make of the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (due out in the UK on Friday, 1st July) they need look no further than Kathryn as a younger, even more attractive Patsy.

A search on IMDb suggests that a remake of the TV series was already attempted in the US but it never made it past the pilot stage. Coincidently it starred a Kathryn, Kathryn Hahn of Crossing Jordan fame, but in the Edina (aka Eddie) role as played by Jennifer Saunders.  America gets the new film towards the end of July by the way.

The cast list of Ab Fab: T’Movie is quite something, with all walks of British celebrity-dom covered, which means that many of the cameos will go over the heads of those outside the UK.  Gwendoline Christie (Game Of Thrones), Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect), and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) will be recognisable to many others around the world though.  But, most importantly, the amazing Jane Horrocks reprises her role as the utterly barmy (it’s a good thing, trust me) Bubble.

First up in our short run are 55 new Full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn in the fourth episode of Colony. Find them in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E04_1080p_019 Colony_S01E04_1080p_028 Colony_S01E04_1080p_046

CBS Press Tour Stars Party 2008

cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_20It’s SHOWTIME!

Well, actually it’s CBS but it says Showtime on the backdrop too!

To help us get over what I gather the yoof of today are calling ‘hump day’.  Apparently it is to do with it being the middle, or hump, of the week and not a crude reference to an act surely more suited to a carefree the weekend.

The memories of last weekend are fading and the next still seems so far away.  What could be better to help with those mid-week blues than some new and improved photos of our favourite lady.

Back in 2008 the TV networks CBS, CW and Showtime threw a little soirée for the press to help promote their upcoming autumn season of shows with the aid of the stars of said shows.  But what to call such a magic night of mingling of Hollywood’s best and assorted members of the journalistic fraternity?  So many possibilities but can any of them capture the true spirit of the event?  Maybe.  However they went with ‘CBS, CW and Showtime Press Tour Party’.  Truly awe inspiring  😉

What is awe-plenty (‘some’ just doesn’t cover it) is that Kathryn attended this 18th of July 2008 happening.  She looked gorgeous, and bestowed upon us some amazing, hi-res photos.

Now we’ve added to the collection and super-sized a existing one.  Find them all in the Gallery.  Enjoy.

cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_07 cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_020 cbs_press_tour_stars_party_2008_021

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