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Cold Case Japan Débuts

Cold_Case_Japan_Promo_photo_1600x1190They’re all there:  Will, John, Lilly, Nick, Scotty, file boxes.  But some how they look different.

The locally created Japanese version of Cold Case premièred today (22nd October 2016).  Or was it yesterday?  At the time of writing it is very late in the day in Tokyo.  Is it now?  It all makes my head ow.  Speaking of which the show is being broadcast on the WOWOW TV network in Japan, the home of the American version there too.

The news of this local version being in the works broke back in April, at the time it was said that 10 episodes had been commissioned.  From looking at the WOWOW website (even though I cannot read Japanese) it looks like that is still the case.

Cold Case Japan is set in the Kanagawa Prefecture.  This is south of Tokyo and has a mix of topography from major cities like the capital Yokohama, to more mountainous regions, and ancient areas.  The large bay and the fact that Yokohama is such a major port for the country makes it a good replacement for Philadelphia.  The Prefecture gives a lot of scope for vary varied stories across all aspects of Japanese life now and, as is so important to the show, the past.  The theme music is based on “Nara” by E.S. Posthumus too.

Cold_Case_Japan_Promo_smallYō Yoshida leads the cast as ‘Yuri Ishikawa’.  In a lovely nod to the original ‘Yuri’ translates as Lily.  ‘Ishikawa’ apparently is a combination of the words ‘stone’ and ‘river’ or ‘stream’.  That sounds like Lilly Rush:  a stone, with hidden undercurrents.

I hope the Japanese viewers enjoyed their new TV show as much as they enjoyed the American original.  If you have seen the programme and want to tell us what you thought then please contact me or post a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you.

I’ve a new ‘Global versions’ sub-section to the Cold Case area of the KM UK Gallery, kicked things off with a Japan album and put the above photo and a short promo video to it.  You can see it here.

Cold Case Is 13 (and 1/365th)

CC_Titles_16To quote someone I gather is making headlines again:  Ooops, I’ve done it again  😯

For the second year running I’m a day late with this.  You really must point out these mistakes to me or I’ll never learn :-)

Yes, it was 13 years ago yesterday (28th September 2016) that Cold Case first hit the television screens of our American cousins.  The CBS ‘procedural’ started on that Sunday night with the episode “Look Again” and was followed by 155 more across seven seasons.

TV has moved on, the super heroes have made a come back for a start, and the stars of Cold Case have moved on.  More on that tomorrow.

We miss you.

Like They Needed To Ask…

The TV Series Finale website is asking the question that those of us on this website already know the answer to.

Who’s the Sexiest Female Cop or Detective on TV?

We’re surprised it even needed to ask.

I give you exhibits A, B and C, your honour…

promo_002 promo_001 promo_010

And that’s just 3 images from the Cold Case promos for season 2, 4 and 6 respectively.  I don’t even need to pull out the BIG GUNS!  There’s lots of other great examples in the KM UK Gallery.

In the piece they refer to Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), and a real blast from the past Heather Locklear from (remember this?) T.J. Hooker.  It was a nice touch to list these lovely women but they let slip the real truth behind the article by finally casually dropping in Kathryn.

Feel free to set the good people of TV Series Finale straight HERE.

6 Years And Counting

“2009, 2010 wanna make a record how I felt then”

To quote part of Arcade Fire’s aptly titled song Month Of May.

Here on KM UK we mark a few anniversaries each year.  Most are happy occasions, but some are inevitably less so.  This is one of those.

On the 2nd of May 2010 the CBS television network in the US of A broadcast the very last episodes of Cold Case.  The back-to-back broadcast of two episodes (Paradise Lost and Shattered) closing out season seven that Sunday night six years ago brought the show to a close.

It’s legacy lives on as we saw just a few weeks ago when it was announced that a Japanese version has been put into production.  Perhaps the recent rise of the ‘Scandi drama’ series with more story and less chasing and shooting could also be put down to the character focus of Cold Case.  Producer Veena Sud went on to make the American version of The Killing don’t forget.  Plus, all over the world the original is still being repeated regularly.

Another legacy of Cold Case is the wonderful cast and they’re burgeoning careers.  We regularly remind ourselves of them in the monthly Cold Case Cast Catch-up posts.

Japan To Open Its Own Cold Cases


Oi!  I’m over here!

Left a little more!

Glad to see you finally managed to drag yourself away for a moment :-)  Can’t blame you though.  It is more than a little captivating isn’t it?  I didn’t need a good excuse to post it again, but I’ve got one anyway.

Last week it was announced that WOWOW TV in Japan had signed a deal with Warner Bros. to create their own local version of Cold Case.

The new production is said to be made up of 10 episodes which will première in October of this year (2016).  The wording in the press release says that that number have “already been commissioned”, so it could very well be added to before broadcasting starts.

The plan appears to be to take the essence of Cold Case, that it is about the people and their stories and not the science or gun fights, and write new tales around that ethos.  Japan has an incredibly rich history to draw from and huge capacity for story telling so I am sure they will not be short of ideas.

Although it wasn’t said in the official statement, according to an IMDb listing the show is called Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira.  A few attempts by me at translating have come up with ‘Shinjitsu’ meaning something like ‘truth’ and ‘Tobira’ as ‘door’ or ‘opening’.  So, it could be something like ‘door to truth’.  If any of our Japanese friends want to help out please comment below.

WOWOW TV has broadcast the whole of the original Cold Case in Japan.  The event pictured is Kathryn’s 2007 visit to Tokyo promoting the 3rd season of the show.  Enjoy more details (and pictures!) here.  The day before that she also took in the Japanese première of a Harry Potter movie, as posted about here.

The full Warner Bros. International Television/WOWOW TV press release can be seen here at the Broadcasting Cable website.

There is also an official WOWOW TV website (in Japanese of course) for the show to be found here.

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