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From Embers Official Trailer Released

from_embers_trailer_2_004The official trailer for the movie From Embers. has been released.

The previously released trailer is marked as a teaser.  This new one is the same length but contains more elements which give hints of significant plot points.  Consider that a standard ‘spoiler warning’ in case you want to go into the movie with less knowledge.

A handful of new screencaps from the video are in the KM UK Gallery HERE.

You can watch the new trailer HERE on writer/director Kate Bohan’s YouTube channel.


bluray_001This is not a joke.  I repeat:  This is NOT a joke.

At time of posting it may be April the 1st (albeit after 12pm in the UK) but as far as I can tell this is genuine.

It is possible to buy the movie Hayseed on high definition Blu-ray disc, for those that prefer a hardcopy instead of the now standard streaming formats.

The movie is on what is effectively a CD-R/DVD-R-type burnable disc, created to order.  Be warned that not all Blu-ray players can play these.  The Xbox One possibly being one device that may not.  PlayStations from 3 to the current 5 should be OK.  YMMV though.

The disc does not appear to be on sale outside of the United States.  However, those with an Amazon account for any of their international stores can use the same login on the US .com version of the website.  There may be issues with shipping to you particular location so please do be aware of that before placing any orders.

You can find the Hayseed Blu-ray release on Amazon (US) HERE.

Another poster image for the film has also been added to the Gallery.

From Embers Catches Fire

from_embers_theme_song_002In the last couple of days Kate Bohan, writer/director of the new movie From Embers has dropped some new promotional content on her YouTube channel.

We have a teaser trailer for the film, a behind the scene clips and photos video, and two music videos.  We get brief glimpses of Kathryn in 3 of the 4.

The first music video is the film’s theme song ‘This is How Life Should Be’, written by Kayla Bohan (relation) and sung by Heather Morris (no relation).  The second, which doesn’t feature Kathryn at all, is a duet of the film’s stars Matthew Morrison and Kayla Bohan called ‘Panorama’.

Of course we have a few screencaps from each video are in the KM UK Gallery HERE.

You can watch all the videos HERE on Kate’s channel

Huge thanks to TJ for the heads-up.

from_embers_bts_009 from_embers_bts_011 from_embers_trailer_011
Update:  The Heather Morris song video has been hidden from view, but is still available if you have the link, and duet video has been removed completely.

New Movie From Embers

misc_001The entertainment industry news website Deadline broke the news that Matthew Morrison (Glee) and Kara Wang (Top Gun: Maverick “Top Gun: Maverick!”) are headlining a new movie called From Embers.

As you will guess as it is being reported on this site, Kathryn has a role in the film.  Much like in the photo above taken on set, Kathryn’s part is likely to be quite small.

From Embers, which looks like it was known as From Ashes until recently, is written and directed by Kate Bohan (Harper).  The plot involves Lily (Kara Wang) as a single mother dealing with the sudden and dramatic death of her husband, and trying to find out what happened.  Matthew Morrison is a neighbour, a father to a young teen girl, an artist, with his own struggles.  The daughter is played by Kate’s own daughter Kayla, who has starred in Kate’s previous films such as Harper.  There is an element of autobiography in Kate’s work, as she lost her first husband.  Harper is based somewhat on her own life.

One thing that may have drawn Kathryn to this project is that Lily’s son is autistic.  I am sure she is keen to see accurate and positive portrayals of people with autism in the wider media.

The film is now in post-production, having started filming in July and completed in October.  The process was interrupted for a few days in July due to the SAG-AFTRA strike action which halted so much TV and film production across the summer of 2023.  Some small independent productions were given waivers to allow them to continue though.  The union’s issues were with the big studios and they recognised the impact that the shut-downs would have on those outside of those systems.  From Embers was granted a dispensation with an “Interim Agreement”.  You may have noticed over the summer a lot more film directors giving interviews about their latest movies and actors only talking about specific work, and not allowed to discuss other projects.  This was part of these agreements with the unions.

Here on KM UK we will certainly be tracking the progress of this film in the coming months.

You can read Matt Grobar’s piece on Deadline HERE.

Hayseed Release Trailer And Release Dates

hayseed_trailer_2_018Distributor DYNMC Films have released an official trailer for the movie Hayseed ahead of a limited cinematic run and a date for the film to made available via streaming.  It’s all go-go-go on the Hayseed front.

After a sold out screening on in Brooklyn, New York, here are a set of dates and locations for the limited theatrical release of Hayseed:

7th Nov, Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle Royal
8th Nov, Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle NoHo 7
13th Nov, Detroit, MI – Emagine Royal Oak
14th Nov, Ann Arbor, MI – Emagine Saline
15th Nov, Lansing, MI – Celebration Cinema
16th Nov, Grand Rapids, MI – Wealthy Theatre
21st Nov, New York, NY – Village East by Angelika

That second one is in bold for a reason.  Kathryn and her co-star Marta Piekarz (Queer As Folk) are due to attend a Q&A at the Laemmle NoHo7 event on the 8th in Los Angeles.  Looks like it is a 7pm start time for the screening.

What’s more the film is due to get what is being called a ‘digital release’ on the 21st November.  Presumably this is on streaming platforms, though which is not clear yet.

You can watch the official Hayseed release trailer on YouTube HERE.

A handful of screencaps from the trailer have been added to the Gallery.  They are very similar to the previous trailer we covered but with better picture quality.  There is also a very high resolution still and new posters.

hayseed_trailer_2_003 hayseed_trailer_2_004 hayseed_trailer_2_009

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