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Cold Case S02E01 – The Badlands Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_s02e01_1080p_069KM UK’s Summer of HD 2020 is very fertile ground.

373 (Full HD, 1080p) of the lushest screencaps are now in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_s02e01_1080p_100 Cold_Case_s02e01_1080p_217 Cold_Case_s02e01_1080p_260

Cold Case S02E23 – The Woods Promo Updates


And so we reach the end of our ‘plus 15 years’ promo photo updates from season 2 of Cold Case.

The 22nd of May 2005 brought things to a dramatic close as Lilly & co. investigated a set of skulls found in the backyard of a house.

Every episode Cold Case takes us back to the past.  Normally its a few years, sometimes decades.  This time it is November, and 1972.  Earlier in the season there was ‘Mind Hunters‘ and George Marks.  Well, he’s back.

The promo shots for this one are all from the denouement.  They give a significant clues as to how things played out for both George and Lilly.  He doesn’t exactly come out of it unharmed.  Lilly is physically OK, but could hardly be called unscathed mentally.  We get to see this bleed over in to season 3 a little.

We now have a total of 7 large, high quality promo photos KM UK Gallery.  The first 3 have been significantly upgraded, the rest are new.

still_001 still_002 still_007

Cold Case S02E22 – Best Friends Promo Updates


(Sorry for late posting, it’s so easy to forget what day of the week it is at the moment)

I promised no prison images this week.  Ta-da!

They are nice pictures too.  If you had to use one word to describe them it would have to be… brown :-)  The five new promo photos from the Cold Case episode that first aired 15 years ago today (8th May 2020), ‘Best Friends’, are large, high quality and a little different from the norm.  And brown.

Cold Case is generally about the people, their stories, and how they viewed events from their past.  The squad is not doing a lot of forensic work, other shows covered that extensively, and the evidence tends to be from the testimonies of the witnesses.  They often start with just a photo or letter.  This time they’ve got a whole truck and a CSU team all over it.  Though, even in this case it is a large muddy equivalent to a photo, to gett the ball rolling.

Kudos to the production crew on this for putting together a very convincing shot at vehicle dredged up from a river 70 years after driving into it.  Hopefully they didn’t wreck a proper antique truck to achieve the effect.

The case centres around the two friends, best friends, and the bones of one of them found in the truck.  Lilly and the team discover a relationship between two women.  Very taboo in the 1930s.  You’d like to think we’ve moved on a lot since then…

One of the stars of this episode is a young Tessa Thompson.  It is her first credited role in fact, though she has said that Veronica Mars was her first job.  Since then she’s been in Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Avengers: Endgame, the Westworld series, and will be returning to the Marvel Universe in another Thor movie.  Veteran actor Piper Laurie (Twin Peaks) also stars in this one, she actually was born the same year the portrayed crime was said to have happened.  For once the big name didn’t do it!

The new photos from this award winning episode are now in the KM UK Gallery.

s02e22_still_001 s02e22_still_002 s02e22_still_005

Cold Case S02E21 – Creatures Of The Night Promo Updates


Anyone detecting a theme with recent promo photo updates?  It’s not planned this way, honest!

I know this is a cop show, and it is not unknown for them to visit people in prison, but to make such a significant part of two episodes running smacks of carelessness.

‘Creatures Of The Night’, first broadcast 15 years ago today, is one of Cold Case‘s episodes that stands out for two reasons.  The backdrop is a performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the late 1970s, this means all the music is from the movie.  Secondly, the guest star is none other than Barry Bostwick, star of the very same film.  Of course, big star in key role usually means they did it!  That way they get to do the big dramatic scenes.

This time out we can bring you six more prison-themed new promotional photos that have been added to the KM UK Gallery.

No prison bars in next week’s very nice set of image, I promise.

s02e21_still_001 s02e21_still_002 s02e21_still_004

Cold Case S02E20 – Kensington Promo Updates


This seems like a very appropriate set of images for the times we are living in.

Back in early Cold Case season one we had the episode ‘Sherry Darlin’.  In it James Hogan confessed to a murder that the squad determined he didn’t do.  He was locked up for being an accomplice in the crime with his then girlfriend, and actual murderer, Sherry.  What do you mean ‘spoiler alert’.  It’s been over 15 years!

It is not uncommon for TV cop shows to bring back killers seen previously but this was a little different.  In ‘Kensington’ James has contacted Lilly, who he clearly formed a bond with, to give information on another crime.  A relative of his died in 1985 and during a group counselling session, another inmate mentions something confesses to a minor crime which changes the course of events.

So, on the 24th April 2005 we first got to see Lilly and Scotty visit James in prison, something Scotty is less than happy about, not least because it was a long journey.  Our promo photo updates are taken from those scenes.  The first new image is not so new, but seeing as it is quite a different colouration and cropping, I thought it would be best to leave the original as well.

The 4 new photos are now in the KM UK Gallery.

still_003 still_004 still_005

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