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Kathryn @ CDG Awards – Feb 2005 Update

cdga_03We are deep in the midsts of awards season.

The BAFTAs were last weekend (18th Feb).  The Oscars are next weekend (4th March).  The British Music Awards were a few days ago.  The Grammy awards ceremony happened at the end of January.  The MTV Europe Music Awards are…. OK, they’re ages away (November!).  Don’t worry, the KM UK annual awards will be in a few weeks.

To jump on this bandwagon, and to make up a little for the lack of posts recently, it is time to go back in time to awards ceremonies gone by.  The Costume Designers Guild Awards in 2005 to be precise.

If it was 2013/2014 this post would just be Frozen reference after Frozen reference regarding Kathryn and her fairy princess dress.  But we’re all so sick of Frozen references.  Let it go already!  Sorry :-)  The release of a sequel late next year will no doubt kick it all off again though.  That should kill off the current unicorn craze, unless Frozen 2 includes a unicorn!

The lady sharing the sofa with Kathryn and the boys in the image above is costume designer Jill Taylor.    Presumably Kathryn, Danny and John presented Jill’s award to her, which is why they are pictured together afterwards.  She won for her work on the film The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers.  The biopic about the late actor/comedian starred a host famous names including Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech), Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road), and Emily Watson (Punch-Drunk Love).

The KM UK Gallery has now been updated with 12 new images (and a small update to #10).

cdga_11 cdga_13 cdga_18

Kathryn @ Art Directors Guild Awards 2005

adga_006Awards seasons, like the one we are in the middle of, could easily give you the impression it is all about actors, actresses and directors.

The big ceremonies like the Oscars and the BAFTAs are largely made up of presentations in those categories.  They’re the ones that get all the publicity.  It is understandable that the people you see on the screen, and the person considered responsible for where they are placed within its borders, get all the attention.

However, film-making involves a lot of different disciplines, and I’m not talking Fifty Shades Of Grey-style discipline.

Amongst the many awards events at this time of year is the Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design Awards.  The 19th running occurred a couple of weeks ago, at the end of January.  Production designers for, amongst others, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Birdman, Game Of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory won in various categories.  Even the Oscars won an award.  Have we reached the (no pun intended) stage where award shows are winning awards?

Back in 2005 Walk The Line was the big hit movie talking all the plaudits, and an ADG award.  TV series Rome and TV movie Empire Falls were also recipients.

Actually, everyone was a winner in 2005 because Kathryn attended that year.  So far, this event has evaded this site like some evade taxes.  We’re closing that loophole right now!

14 photos of Kathryn at the Art Directors Guild Awards in 2005 are now in the KM UK Gallery.  Thanks to smallbarbie for her help with these.

adga_002 adga_010 adga_014

Kathryn @ CDG Awards – Feb 2005

cdga_03From the slightly ridiculous to the sublime.

The KM UK time machine has got stuck in 2005.  The TARDIS was always rather temperamental so why should our KMARDIS (no?) be any different.  It must be too much water in the works, or something.

For this latest hit of nostalgia we move on the 7th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held on February 19th, 2005.

Now, I can’t claim to know about these things but I get the impression that Kathryn’s outfit (as so wonderfully modelled by her on the left) is the sort of dress that little girls dream of.  A real fairy princess look.

I do feel that I can, however, speak for slightly older boys and say “we likey!” 😛

As much as I hate being a pedant (OK, I love it) but aren’t the costume designers nominated for their work on TV and in films?  In that case doesn’t it seem odd that all actresses turn up to the event in designer outfits and not the costumes being honoured?  It would make for a very different red carpet if they did.  Kathryn certainly never wore that outfit on Cold Case.  I’d definitely remember that!  Best.  Episode.  Ever!

The next CDG Awards is due to take place this coming Saturday (22nd Feb).

2 large and one small photo, and 3 videos, of Kathryn attending the CDGAs in 2005 are now in KM UK the Gallery.

cdga_09 cdga_10 cdga_video_003

Kathryn @ ‘Intent To Live’ Book Party – Feb 2005

intent_to_live_003Kathryn looked dressed for winter back in February of 2005. Appropriately enough because it was winter!

intent_to_live_001I know I could do with a bit of warming up myself, it’s been pretty cold here in England the past few weeks.  And who better than Kathryn as she looks pretty hot here.  Or just pretty.  And hot  😉

In the previous post we saw that Kathryn had escaped Los Angeles and headed to the southern hemisphere at this time of year in 2008.  Our way-back machine has to work even harder this time to reach 2005 for this one.  Feb 10th, 2005, to be precise.

intent_to_live_003A party was held to celebrate the launch of a book called Intent To Live by the renowned acting coach Larry Moss.  Apparently, everybody who is anybody in Hollywood has been taught or helped by Mr Moss at some stage in their career.  We don’t know actually know if Kathryn is amongst them but her presence at this event quite early in her career would suggest she is.  Oops, I’d forgotten this:  the official KM website does actually that Kathryn trained with Larry for 8 years.  Of course, the same “About” text contains numerous errors…

You can see more about Larry Moss and his work on his own website here.

3 small photos of Kathryn attending the Intent To Live book party are now available in the KM UK the Gallery.

Kathryn @ Rape Treatment Center Benefit 2005

002I did consider coming up with an alternative title for this post to avoid the use of a potentially awkward word, but that would not be the right thing to do.  Such important issues should not be swept under the carpet to spare a few blushes.  Over the past year the issues around rape seems to have hit the headlines a lot because of certain strongly held views on women and women’s health issues.  Wrong views we should stress.

The latest edition of this event, an annual benefit and brunch for the Rape Treatment Center, Santa Monica, California, happened just last weekend (Sunday, 29 September) but we are heading back to 2005 when Kathryn attended.  As you can see above fellow CBS crime drama star Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows in CSI: Las Vegas) and were Kathryn’s two Cold Case co-stars Thom Barry and John Finn (see below right).

Unlike Kathryn, Marg will be back on CBS this season with a new action drama called Intelligence, co-starring Josh Holloway (Sawyer in Lost).  It is slated to start in February, once another new show Hostages completes it first season run.  Both shows have fewer episodes than many of the big networks high profile shows.

You can read more about the good works of the RTC at the the website.

34 photos have now been added to the Gallery.

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