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The Perfect Guy Previewed @ CinemaCon

Having just survived the annual influx of the broadcast industry for the NAB show, Las Vegas has now seen off the other end of the chain with the CinemaCon event ending yesterday (23rd April).

Now in its fifth year, CinemaCon is a convention for the National Association Of Theatre Owners, the companies that run the cinema chains we see in our towns.  I always thought that NATO had more important issues to deal with :-)

As part of the event the movie studios/distributors show previews of upcoming film releases, allowing the theatres to decide what they will purchase for putting on the big screen.

On Tuesday Sony Pictures gave a presentation covering some of their wares for 2015 and beyond.  The new James Bond film Spectre was bound to steall the limelight, albeit with a non-action sequence preview clip.  There were plenty of other movies mentioned too, such as Seth Rogen comedy Xmas; Jodie Foster-directed, George Clooney-staring thriller Money Monster; and Ricki And The Flash, which has Meryl Streep playing a reasonably successful rock star who gives up life on the road to be with her grown-up daughter.  Sounds odd but it’s Meryl so you know she’ll be good regardless.

One of the smaller films previewed, and the reason for this post, was The Perfect Guy, which stars Sanaa Lathan (The Cleveland Show) and Michael Ealy (Almost Human).  Kathryn has a small role in the film as a friend of Sanaa’s Leah character.  Leah finds herself under attack from Ealy’s Carter after breaking off a brief relationship with him.  Ex goes psycho, basically.

Anyway, here’s what HitFix’s Gregory Ellwood had to say about what he saw of The Perfect Guy:

If this movie was just about Sanaa Lathan’s character falling for Michael Early’s character that might make for an interesting dramatic romance. The fact Early’s character turns into a psychopath drew laughs from the audience.

Ooooookaaaay…. time to re-work it as a comedy?

You can read Gregory’s full run-down of the Sony previews on the HitFix website HERE.

The Perfect Guy is set for a world wide cinema release later this year with the US starting in September.

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