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CC S6 To Première On Universal UK

Over the past year the Universal Channel in the UK has been showing Cold Case.  They started with season one and by the middle of October they’d completed number 7.  In between though they didn’t exactly do it all in order.

Last year just saw seasons 1 to 4 and 7 broadcast.  That is somewhat contrary to what I was told originally.  At the moment season 3 is getting lunchtime airings.

From the middle of next week Universal finally premières season 6.  Glory Days kicks things off from Wednesday (6th June 2012) and the season continues each weekday (Monday-Friday) after that, with evening debuts and repeats the following morning.

Also, the schedule on Universal’s website shows that the final episodes of season 7 will be on at various time this weekend, they must be running a separate sequence on those two days of the week.  Clearly inspired by KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2012 the following weekend it’s back to season one for them.  In the UK you’re never far from an episode of Cold Case if you have access to the channel.

The Universal Channel is available to Sky satellite and Virgin Media cable subscribers. You can find more details on the their website.

Cold Case Season 6 On Sky3 – Update

still_002This one nearly got passed me.

UK viewers without a Sky satellite subscription will get to see Cold Case season 6 on the Sky3 channel.  This was first shown on the satellite/cable channel Sky1 last year (2009).  Thursday at 9pm sees the première of Glory Days, episode one of the penultimate season of the crime drama, on Sky3.  It looks like that will be a regular slot for the series.

Sky3 is available on the free-to-air Freeview digital TV system here in the UK.

I know that many of you reaching this site are searching for information on when Sky will show Cold Case season 7.  I am looking into this again and will of course publish any news I find.

Update: I’ve just found out that Sky3 actually already premièred the first three episodes of season 6 over this past weekend, starting last Friday. An unusual three day run of Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm is being used and it looks like a regular thing.  True Calling (ep2) and Wednesday’s Women (ep3) were broadcast on Saturday and Sunday respectively. This means that this coming weekend will see the broadcast of the next three: Roller Girl, Shore Leave and The Dealer.  This is running alongside the once-a-week Thursday evening showing.

Updated Cold Case Season 6 Promos

I’ve found some bigger and better versions of four of the Season 6 promo photos, previously posted about here, wrongly thought to be season 7 promos initially.  I nearly didn’t post an item about this update but I thought the improvement in the size and quality of the images warranted bringing them to everyone’s attention.  Plus the last 2 images are so great they are worth a repeat.

promo_004 promo_005
promo_009 promo_010

Cold Case Season 6 Promos

The Gallery has been updated with some additional HQ CC season 6 (yes, six) promo photos.

It’s interesting to note the difference between the first of the group shots and the other two.  The first appears to be a version of the original photograph, whereas the others have been altered.  Note the more dramatic background and the tidying up of Kathryn’s coat sleeve.  More worrying is the re-shaping of Thom Barry’s head!

promo_007 promo_002 promo_005