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KM UK Exclusive – Kathryn ‘Roommate Wanted’ On Set Video

kathryn_on_set_018It is time for something a little bit special on KM UK.  We’re starting our 7th year in existence with a great birthday present to ourselves and our fellow fans (that’s you!).

kathryn_on_setTo mark the release of the movie Roommate Wanted on DVD and VOD platforms today (19th May), KM UK is giving you an EXCLUSIVE video of Kathryn on the film set.

As you will see the video is made up of Kathryn preparing for scenes, rehearsing and giving her fans here on KM UK a special message.

The video has now been added to the KM UK Gallery HERE (there’s screencaps from it too). Enjoy.

Many thanks to Kathryn, director Rob Margolies and the other cast and crew for doing this for us.

W.E.I.R.D. World TV Movie Clips

weird_world_223Last week KM UK brought you something special that few of you will have ever seen before.  You might even have thought you never would.

Alongside our review of the 1995 TV movie W.E.I.R.D. World, which stars Kathryn as Lucy, the personal assistant to Ed O’Neill’s (Modern Family) Dr Monochian, we had a set of screencaps.  I hope you enjoyed seeing Kathryn in one of her earliest roles.  If you haven’t read that piece yet, go back and do so immediately.  We’ll wait here for you :-)

As promised at the end of that article we now bring you a small set of video clips from the film.  They are now exclusively available in the KM UK Gallery.  Sadly the picture and sound quality is not great, it’s the best I can do from the source.

weird_world_scene_1 weird_world_scene_2 weird_world_scene_3

Exclusive! Sunday’s Mother


002You have waited long enough.  It is time for the big KM UK Exclusive.

Ahead of its public release later this month (more on that when it happens), KM UK can bring you the full version of Sunday’s Mother.  Only a select few have so far been able to watch the whole of the 14 minute long short film starring Kathryn, Chase Ellison, Brian Norris and Riley Smith.

In recognition of the support this site and its viewers gave to the project from the fund raising onwards, the writer and director Aaron Jackson has very kindly granted KM UK special permission to show you his work.  A very big thank you to Aaron and the production team of Sunday’s Mother for allowing us this access.

To view the film, which is hosted on the Vimeo video sharing site, you will require the password.  The password is rogerwaits17

The film can be found on a special KM UK site page HERE.  Follow that link and enter the password at the prompt.  The film contains some strong language and “adult themes”.

Filmed in the summer of 2011 Sunday’s Mother tells the story of Sunday (Chase) and his mother (Kathryn), a recent divorcee, who have just moved to a new home.  A bully (Brian) threatens to expose a secret about Sunday’s mother.

Aaron is currently working on a new project: the film adaptation of the Jessica Brody book The Fidelity Files.  Filming is due to start next year.  More details can be found on the film’s official website.  We wish Aaron all the best for the future.

Update (11 July 2013):  The password is no longer required.

Exclusively Soon

Coming Soon: A KM UK Exclusive!


In the very near future we will be bringing a special exclusive to you.  It will be a real treat for Kathryn’s fans everywhere.

No clues, but feel free to try bribery :-)

Join us next week to find out what it is.

Let the speculation begin.

Look for the new post when the countdown expires.

Update:  The post is HERE.

Cold Case S04E14 – 8:03am HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S04E14_lilly_134It’s a little while before we start KM UK’s Summer Of HD for 2013 but we are going to take a quick trip back to the season that formed the basis of the 2011 version.

Two years ago the Summer Of HD covered Cold Case season 4 but there were a few gaps.  We managed to fill a couple of the holes last spring (here and here) but there was still one left.  At the time we filled with some promos and on-set photos but didn’t manage to bring you new HD screencaps to go with them.  We can correct that omission now.

Episode 14 of Cold Case‘s fourth season was called 8:03am and was a more Kat Miller-centric (Tracie Thoms) episode than normal so Lilly was a little in the background.  The case involves two separate shootings of a child at their schools linked by the time of day in the title.  Kat was the first officer on the scene of one them.

134 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

There will be more news on the KM UK Summer Of HD for 2013 in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.

Cold_Case_S04E14_lilly_012 Cold_Case_S04E14_lilly_038 Cold_Case_S04E14_lilly_124

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