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KM UK Exclusive! Top Quality Nursing

aoahsp_019AKA “Nurse!  The screen(cap)s!” :-)

The images and video clips of Kathryn as Nurse Platt in Assassination Of A High School President got this site off to a flying start back in May of 2009.  Since then we’ve revisited the film several times with news of the DVD release and better quality screencaps and video clips.

Today I unveil the ultimate AOAHSP screencaps: full HD.  Again, exclusive to KM UK.

And we get to return to the theme of the week:  Legs! 😉

aoahsp_027 aoahsp_050 aoahsp_061

Excuse Me, Nurse? – KM UK Exclusives – Update

aoahsp_016Just ahead of the DVD release of Assassination Of A High School President we have new screencaps and video (with audio this time) in the Gallery.

A quick reminder: Kathryn plays Nurse Platt in two very brief scenes in the movie.  In both instances she speaking to Bobby Funke (Reece Thompson) as he investigates the case of some stolen SAT exam papers.

The DVD is due for release on Tuesday (6 October 2009) in the US.  There is still a question mark regarding the Blu-ray version, we may or may not see a release on the HD format.

aoahsp_017 aoahsp_040 Odd, your pulse is racing...

Update: The new screencaps have been replaced with larger higher quality versions.  There is no sign of Kathryn in any of the DVD extras.

Is This The AOAHSP DVD Cover?

dvd_box_coverAccording to DVD Active it is.  It’s quite a change from the simple, stark and quite stylish black and white poster we’ve seen up to now.  Do you like it?

A hi-res copy can be found in the Gallery.

Assassination Of A High School President is due for release in the US on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on 6 October 2009.  Kathryn has a small role in the movie as the school nurse.

AOAHSP Blu-ray Release

posterIn a not entirely surprising move it looks like Assassination Of A High School President will be a getting a US release on Blu-ray disc as well as DVD, report and DVD Times.  Though with the way this movie has been treated in the year since it premiered at Sundance getting any sort of release is a surprise.

Extras will apparently include:

  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Filmmakers’ Commentary
  • Alternate Opening Scenes
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Hopefully at least one of those deleted scenes will see more of Kathryn as Nurse Platt.  A full HD (1080p) version of the brief appearance we already know about will be worth seeing anyway.

The US release is set for the 6 October 2009 which is a week earlier than previously thought.  No news, yet, on a UK release date.

Thanks to byrdman @ Look Again for the heads-up.

AOAHSP – “Coming Soon”

posterI’ve seen reports of an Assassination Of A High School President preview trailer appearing on some recent US DVD releases.  So far Powder Blue and What Goes Up (a Sony Pictures release, as AOAHSP is likely to be) have been mentioned.  Neither, apparently, gave an actual release date for the film, just a “Coming Soon” message.

It may not be definitive proof, but it does at least suggest that the intention is to release AOAHSP on DVD in the near future.

In case you needed reminding Kathryn has a small role in AOAHSP playing Nurse Platt.

Images and a video clip from the movie can be found in the Gallery.

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