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Forecast Good For More Sun (Protection)

printad_001The Sun Safety Alliance (SSA), in collaboration with the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC), campaign to promote UV protection awareness is definitely back on.

A print-based advertising campaign has just started with the image on the right (see the gallery for a large version) due to appear in various US magazines.  Apparently Victoria Magazine has already carried it.  Have you seen it?

There should be more to come from this campaign in the near future.  We’ll keep you posted.

The SSA have teamed up with Ayana Apparel to create a range of UV protective garments, including t-shirts endorsed by Kathryn and the Desperate Housewives actress Andrea Bowen.

The earlier image from Kathryn’s photoshoot has been replaced in the gallery by a larger, higher quality version.

Huge thanks to Larry @ EIC for his great help with this.

Look On The Bright Side – The Sun Rises Again

celebrity_tee_001It appears that the Sun Safety Alliance (SSA) backed campaign to promote UV protection awareness is back on for 2010.

We first heard about this last year (here and here).  Kathryn, along with Desperate Housewives actress Andrea Bowen, was to be a spokesperson for the campaign and would endorse a t-shirt line.  Kathryn even did a photoshoot for the t-shirts.  Things seemed to get delayed and as we got further into the summer it all went very quiet.  I guess there’s little point launching such a campaign late in the summer.

The Ayana Apparel online store now has a Kathryn Morris endorsed t-shirt available for purchase.  The illustrative photo, seen on the right, from the website can now be found in the Gallery.  That’s a lovely photo, t-shirt or no t-shirt  :-)

I have requested more information on this and will post updates with anything I find out.

Sun Safety Alliance Update

Just a quick note.

For those concerned, and you can count me amongst them, about the lack updates on Kathryn’s role as the SSA spokesperson, and the associated AVENYA Apparrel t-shirt photoshoot of course, worry not.

I have been assured that it is still happening.  There has been a small delay the photo approval process.  Choosing the best shots must have been very difficult.  We are talking about pictures of Kathryn after all!  For anyone else out there suffering a similar problem, I’m happy to volunteer my services for such an arduous task :-)

Watch this space for updates.

Thanks to Janelle @ EIC for the update.

Kathryn’s Got Sun Safety To A ‘T’

We all know that Kathryn is a fair skinned beauty.  Of course being that way has its downsides.  One of the most dangerous ones is the added risk of skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun.

“Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. More than one million cases of skin cancers  are diagnosed each year, and one person dies from it every hour,” said Morris. “As someone with fair skin, how could I not get involved in trying to prevent something so preventable?”

To highlight the risks Kathryn has become a spokesperson for a T-shirt line that offers UV protection being launched by the Sun Safety Alliance (SSA) and the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC), both based in the United States.  Fellow actress Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives) joins Kathryn in the role.

The SSA has worked with AYANA Apparel to design the range of T-shirts that provide high SPF protection and are available through AYANA’s website.  Donations will be made to the SSA from purchases.

Kathryn has done a photoshoot, the results of which will form part of the promotional campaign.  I understand that the shoot went well and that Kathryn was, as we’ve come to expect of her, lots of fun, full of smiles, warm, welcoming and relaxed.

Photos from that session will be released in the next couple of weeks.  I look forward to seeing them.

For further details see the full press release “after the jump” and check the SSA blog for the latest news.

Thanks to irishkale @ Look Again for the heads-up and to Janelle @ EIC for her assistance in putting this piece together.

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