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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – December 2018

A slight change to our normal monthly round-up this time.  As well as a quick update on the latest news, this post will be the traditional end of year recap of the year’s events.  Read on for the December 2018 edition of the KM UK CCCC-up, covering news on the main Cold Case cast other than Kathryn.

First up is Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC).  Back at the end of June KM UK pretty much led the media world in reporting on Danny joining the Netflix sitcom One Day At A Time.  We’ve recently seen photographic evidence of Danny’s involvement from the upcoming 3rd season, which débuts on the 8th of February (it’s an all-on-the-same-day drop of episodes).  Danny is starring as the brother of the main character, played by Justina Machado (Six Feet Under, Cold Case episode ‘The Good Death’), in a recurring role.  Looks like the beautiful India de Beaufort (Kröd Mändoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire, I just wanted to write that!) is also joining the cast for a few episodes as a ‘love interest’.  Not for Danny’s Tito, sadly for Danny.  Cleverly, the lucky man Avery is going to be involved with is a character played by the man lucky enough to be India’s real-life husband.  How did they think of that?  Both Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are also set to guest star, as well as Gloria Estefan.

In March we first reported (as opposed to reported first) that John Finn (John Stillman in CC) had filmed a role in a pilot for a new drama series called The Enemy Within.  The show was picked up to series a couple of months later.  One of the released publicity photos included John.  It has now been announced that NBC has planned the show for a ‘mid-season’ launch in late February.  Based on what happened to Reverie this year on the same network, maybe that should be taken with a pinch of salt.  Of course this year the Winter Olympics is not intruding on the schedules.  We don’t yet know of John will recur beyond the pilot, or even if his character has even remained in what will become the first episode.

Now on to the look back to CCCC-ups in 2018.

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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – September 2018


Phew!  Nearly missed it.  These 30 day months are tricky little beggars.  With the fall (autumn) TV season having now started in the US things are a little quiet on the news front.  We’ll do what we can to bring you the latest news of the other Cold Case cast members, but it looks like we’ll be largely relying on Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) to help fill this month’s report.

Tracie returned to the Fox emergency service-based series 9-1-1.  The second season opened with a two-parter which started last Sunday (23rd September) and continued in the show’s normal slot on the following night.  It was that latter half that featured Tracie and she is set to continue in episode three tomorrow.  A major change for the new run of the drama is the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer) to the cast.  It is Jennifer’s first major role since a season in Criminal Minds.  Her character is helping to fill a gap left by Connie Britton (Nashville) who only had a single year deal, which is unusual in this industry.  Apparently Connie could return as a guest in the future though.

I won’t go into detail as they’ve been covered before, but in September Tracie also saw the release of the Hulu series The First and the horror movie The Basement.

In a similar vein I’ll quickly mention that Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC) returned to the small screen in Mayans MC earlier in September.

A quick reminder that John Finn (John Stillman in CC) stars in the new season of The Walking Dead which starts next Sunday (7th October).

Although the focus of these posts is the main cast of CC that aren’t Kathryn, we do occasionally stretch our remit a little to include other people connected to the show.  As the creator, writer and executive producer Meredith Stiehm is very much one such person.  After holding similar positions for the US version of The Bridge and early seasons of Homeland, Meredith seems to have taken a step back from the coal face to work within the Writers Guild Of America.  The typewriter is going to be dusted off soon though as it has been announced that Meredith will be adapting Cristina Alger’s 2018 hit book The Banker’s Wife into a drama series as well as exec producing.  The project is being lead by actor Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) who will star and also produce.  Apparently the plot revolves around two women searching for answers in the world of finance after a plane crash raises serious questions.  Things have only recently been started on this so it will likely be a while before we hear more.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – September 2013

jeremy_ratchford_death_valley_001_430x180We’ll start a little further afield than normal for this, the September 2013 edition of KM UK’s Cold Case Cast Catch-up.  In each CCCC-up we take look at the on-going careers of the other key players from the long running show.

I’ve got good news and bad news (you probably know both already though).  Which do you want to hear first?  “Bad” you say?  OK.

The AMC television network in the USA has cancelled The Killing.  Based on a Danish drama series of the same name (but in Danish as Forbrydelsen) the show was Veena Sud’s project after Cold Case.  Veena was a writer, producer and executive producer on CC and continued in those roles on The Killing.  I know you will correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe that the US version was a direct remake in the way that some are.  The American audience figures for the localised season one started strongly but viewers reacted badly to the way it ended.  The second season largely redeemed itself but the show only just escaped cancellation.  It sounds like season 3 was something of a disappointment.  Lead actress Mireille Enos had small roles in many TV shows, Cold Case being one of the few she missed out, but The Killing really brought her to the fore.  Enos went on to star in the Brad Pitt movie World War Z (she played his wife and only a select few have had that honour) and has several other film projects in the pipeline.  Unless another US network or online streaming service like NetFlix steps up and saves The Killing it will be one of the more easily solvable cases.

Now on to the good news.  Cold Case creator Meredith Stiehm’s next project was Homeland which she co-produced at various levels and also wrote several episodes.  Homeland is about to start its 3rd season in the US of A this coming Sunday (29th September) with the UK debut the following week (6th October).  But that is not the good news we’re reporting today.  Meredith’s more recent show is The Bridge.  This is another of the wave of Scandanavian dramas being shown and/or remade around the world.  The Bridge is actually a literal cross-border project in its original form as it is a Swedish and Danish co-production set around a crime in both countries.  A body is found lying on the boundary between the two countries, with the added twist the name suggests that that line is in the middle of a bridge joining the two nations.  Cops from both sides have to co-operate to solve the case.  The US remake takes the same idea but transposes it to the US-Mexico border.  German actress Diane Kruger (National Treasure) takes a lead role.  None of which is good news either.  In the last couple of days, just before the penultimate episode of season one was due to air, the FX channel that carries The Bridge announced it had been renewed for a second run.

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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – May 2013

tracie_thoms_001_430x180We’re cutting it a bit fine this month! :-)

A week after our CCCC-up for April 2013 the US TV network NBC announced that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit would be renewed for a 15th season.  Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in Cold Case) will be continuing in his post-Cold Case role of Det. Nick Amaro.  The order is a for a full 22 episode season.  Last year the same thing happened and two more episodes were added later.  The pick-up for L&O:SVU‘s 14th season was much in doubt with lead actress Mariska Hargitay and the studio playing chicken in a chicken-and-egg situation to see who jumped first.  Without Mariska’s signature would the network agree to a new season?  But unless there was the promise of a new season why would Mariska sign?  That was sorted out but this time things were different.  The show was renewed while negotiations continued with Mariska.  On Monday (27th May 2013) it was announced that she would be returning.  Good news for all her and the show’s many fans.

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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – November 2012

john_finn_001_430x180The boss is back.

Another update on the careers of the members of the Cold Cast cast that aren’t Kathryn.

John Finn (Lt. Stillman in Cold Case) was a guest star in the most recently broadcast episode (number 7 of season 2) of the hit US drama series Homeland.  At the moment we can’t comment on the exact nature of John’s role because it won’t be broadcast in the UK until Sunday (18th November 2012).  Cold Case creator Meredith Stiehm wrote this one, which may help explain John’s appearance.  As in many walks of life, in Hollywood it’s who you know.  Let’s hope that that extends to Kathryn sometime soon.  John’s other recent project, Cold Case writer/producer Liz Garcia‘s movie The Lifeguard starring Kristen Bell, is in post-production and due for release next year.  Stretching the scope of the CCCC-up to beyond breaking-point KM UK offers congratulations to Kristen Bell (she was the star of our first April Fool, that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it :-) ) on her recently announced pregnancy.

Speaking, as we were, of Meredith Stiehm and again stepping outside of the normal CCCC-up bounds, Meredith’s adaptation of the Scandinavian drama series The Bridge continues apace.  Ted Levine (Monk) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo) have joined Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds) in the cast.  It is currently described on IMDb as a TV movie, so that probably means a feature length pilot has been ordered.  If it goes well then a series could be commissioned.

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