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The Coin’s Future Firms Up

LA_Firm_Inc_UK_Issue_29On Thursday Fabien Martorell, the director of the film The Coin, reminded us via Twitter that the short will be featuring in the Underexposed Film Festival in a couple of weeks.  KM UK covered the initial announcement previously.  Exact details of the screening will be posted here nearer the time.

I understand that The Coin will be shown at even more festivals in the coming months, both in the US and abroad.  KM UK will be reporting on those as soon as the news breaks.

In the meantime this is a good opportunity to bring to you a review by Darcell Carraway of LA Firm Inc Magazine of the 8 minute feature starring Kathryn, Christopher Lloyd (Piranha 3DD) and young Jack Ryan Shepherd.

“Kathryn Morris was electrifying…”

Los Angeles Firm Inc Magazine is an online and print publication that “cover[s]… all facets of [the] commercial entertainment industry” including fashion and movies.  Darcell is the CEO of Los Angeles Firm Inc, Editor In Chief of the magazine, and Creative Director of sister company Victoria Marie Fashion.  Darcell has very kindly allowed KM UK to host a high quality copy of the double page spread from the UK version of the magazine (see top right) for you all to see.  You can find it in the Gallery.  The article is primarily a profile of Fabien but ends with this glowing review of The Coin:

Not every critic has the same view and not every person doing films is cut out for it.  When I first sat down to watch The Coin, I was very anxious to see it.  I was very impressed by the quality of the presentation.  However, more importantly the acting was amazing.  I felt center stage at the theatre the whole way through.  Our recommendations are based solely on our appreciation for effortless brilliance and art.  The crazed mother played by Kathryn Morris was electrifying for lack of better words while Christopher Llyod [sic] was stellar in his role as the guardian angel.  We rank this short film with some of the elite blockbusters from the 80’s and 90’s like 48 hrs. or even Misery.  I find a very alluring and passion filled director in Fabien Martorell.  Classic in plain english [sic].

Darcell Carraway

Many thanks to Darcell for his generosity.  You can find out more about LA Firm Inc Magazine via their Facebook page HERE.

Facebook Fabrication – Update x3

This was not a subject I wanted to post about.  I do my best to be as generous and tolerant towards others as I can.  But there are limits to even my patience.

A person who some of you may know, who claims to be a fan of Kathryn (and can’t seem to write the word “fan” without putting the word “fierce” in front of it) runs a Facebook Page dedicated to her.  You may have seen it, ‘Liked’ it, or even left a comment.  She’s called Lisa.  I’m not going to give a link to the page, frankly she doesn’t deserve it.

It has been obvious to me for a while that Lisa has been posting pictures taken from this site on her Facebook page.  The images are often the ones I use as banners for the individual posts.  The size, shape and cropping which makes them unique to this site gives the game away completely.

Back in June I challenged Lisa over this via Twitter.  She did not respond to me directly but left the following message on Facebook a short while later:

To all of you, good Kathryn’s fans!!! I want to be clear: this fb fan page don’t steal info, photos, pictures, links, sites from other fan pages; this fb fan page don’t plagiarize from others; its directors are honest and sincere doing their great job in a really right way to update this fb fan page as the best they can every day always searching, finding and being informed; this fb fan page and its directors will never plagiarize!!! By The Directors

It’s a lie.

Let me make it clear that I am not claiming ownership of the images.  What I am stating is that it is the policy of this site to not take images from other fan sites and post them here.  If all the fan sites just copied images from each other then they’d all be the same.  According to Lisa’s comment she feels the same way.  The evidence shows otherwise.

Lisa can’t make those bold claims stand-up when you see this image, which I created especially for this post, included on her Facebook page.

Lisa you are the weakest link.  Goodbye.That is just one of a great many examples.  Lisa has also posted fan art created by some you just for this site, without giving you any credit.

In the past week I have tried contacting Lisa again via Twitter.  She’s ignored me.  Yesterday I left comments on a lot of the images she has taken from this site saying where they came from.  Those comments have been removed and I am unable to leave further comments.  Make of that what you will.

Lisa might be “fierce”, but “honest” she is not.



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Big Push On Official KM Website

20130408_us_magazine_kathryn_pregnant_004As reported here a couple of months ago, the Official KM Twitter feed had a brief moment of conciousness and posted something.  At the time we noted that the Official Kathryn Morris website had gone into “Under Construction” mode for a while and returned with little content.

20130408_us_magazine_kathryn_pregnant_005Over night the Twitter feed again woke up, posting various links to the Official Facebook page.  Only one worked at the time I checked and it led to a post on the People magazine website about the upcoming birth of Kathryn and Johnny’s twins.

Presumably following on from that friend of this site Kareen_T (thanks again!) spotted that the Official KM website has undergone a further update.  It is clearly far from ready for prime time, with layout issues and glaring errors carried over from its earlier incarnation, but it has gained a lot of new content.  I’ll be posting more about some of that in the next few days.

20130227_sonagram_001The most notable item on the website is the Twins Shower page.  It is a Pinterest style page with various images, including illustrations and photos.  Taken from that set are the images you see around this post, including a sonagram image (right) taken back in February which is presumed to be a genuine shot of the Morris/Messner twins.  The other two images (one of which is huge!) have joined the Us Magazine set, even though they were not used by the publication.  They have all now been added to KM UK Gallery.

Officially Caught Up… ish

003The Official Kathryn Morris Facebook page and Twitter feed was up late last night.  It must have been bit tired and confused because it did something very uncharacteristic: posted some news.  It has been almost exactly a year since the last output.

And what pearl of wisdom did the apparently official mouthpiece of the actress, which you’d think would have direct access to said mouth, have to bestow upon us mere mortals?  Kathryn’s pregnant.  With twins.  Something I believe was widely reported when Us Magazine and father-to-be Johnny Messner himself broke the news back in… ooh, when was it now… early April.

Let’s hope, for Kathryn’s sake, that the babies’ arrival is not so delayed.

Give it a few months and “they” will probably tell us about Kathryn signing up for the been, done and gone Surgeon General pilot (early March), or producing and starring in the forthcoming movie project Alice Sweet Alice (news from mid-April).

Of course you can get all this information in a much more timely fashion on one of the several Facebook pages that gets their content from this site.  Or save yourself a click by coming straight to KM UK.

On a connected note: a few weeks ago the Official KM website went into under construction “we’ll be back” mode.  Expecting a major revamp it was a surprise to see the site return some days later with just a picture, a contact form and a couple of links.  All in the same style as before.

As those behind the Official sites were also responsible for promoting Cougars, Inc. we have nothing to worry about…

Apartment Looking For Resident Band

2br1ba_logo_003_640x427Feeling musical?  Know someone that is?

Well, perhaps they can get their work showcased in a feature film.

With her co-producer hat on Kristen Ruhlin (She Wants Me) put out a call on Facebook last Friday (4th January 2013) for singers, musicians and bands to contact her.  Kristen and her fellow producers are looking for music for the soundtrack of the movie 2 Br/1 Ba.

Comments made by Kristen on the Facebook update include additional contact details.  There is no deadline mentioned but the film is still listed as being released this month…

As you know Kathryn has a special guest role in the genre-defying film, which stars Alex Vega (Spy Kids) and Spencer Grammer (Greek) as feuding flatmates.

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