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Win A Signed Bone Tomahawk Poster – Dread Central

poster_002_1500x2215Following on from our post on Thursday about winning Bone Tomahawk on DVD/Blu-ray, how about a signed poster.

Horror news website Dread Central has such a work of art signed by various members of the success western.

Actors Kurt Russell (Death Proof), Patrick Wilson (Watchmen), Matthew Fox (Lost), and Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) have taken pen to paper along with writer/director Craig S Zahler, and producers Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller.  Sadly Kathryn is notable by her absence from that list.

All it takes is a properly subject-lined email sent to the correct address with your details.  No question to answer, no “reason why I should win” sentence to write, or special slogan to create.  Just an email.  You have until the very start of the day on the 28th of December, taking into account the timezone.  Get it done before the 27th to be safe.

Unusually for this kind of thing it appears not to be limited to only those in North America.  At least if the asterixed line at the bottom of the page “Some International Shipping Available” is to be believed.

See the Dread Central page here.

Win US Bone Tomahawk DVD And Other News

poster_002_1500x2215Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Jar Jar Binks!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Xmas!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!  Star Wars!

It seems that every media outlet at the moment is finding ways to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon, slapping tenuous references to the movie juggernaut for the sake of a few extra clicks.

And why should KM UK be any different?  :-)

In less than two weeks the western horror film Bone Tomahawk will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States Of That There America.

I’m sure it won’t be the first or the last but the Irish Film Critic website is running a contest to win a copy.  No skill necessary, apart from the skill to type your details into a form on a web page.  See HERE for full details.  It is only open to US and Canadian citizens over 18 years of age.  Sorry.

Elsewhere the film has been receiving many plaudits.

Audiences Everywhere calls it the Best Romantic Horror/Western of the year.  Not sure about ‘romantic’ part, but even cannibalistic troglodytes need love too.

Bone Tomahawk‘s Craig Zahler features in The Film Stage‘s list of 2015 Best Directorial Debuts alongside films like Ex Machina.

The Phoenix Critics Circle nominated the film in the best horror category, and Richard Jenkins was included in the Best Supporting Actor short list.

Jenkins also gets a Best Supporting Male nod in the Spirit Awards nominations announced a few weeks ago.  The winners will be declared at the ceremony in late February.

Congratulations to all involved.

Artistic Anniversary?

As I am sure many of you are aware Kathryn’s birthday is rapidly approaching.  Actually it is approaching at the same speed each does, but you know what I mean.

As is traditional the day is the 28th of January.  What’s also become a tradition, albeit a slight newer one, is me asking:  Anyone up for some birthday-themed fan art to mark the occasion?

You’ll have the dubious honour of having your work hosted in the KM UK Gallery and the best featured here on the main site.  Does it get any better than that?  :-)

Contact me via the usual means if you want to send me some pics.

Thank you.

KM Birthday Fan Art?

wallpaper_234_1626x703_dianekmfanIn just over 3 weeks from today it will be a certain special someone’s birthday.  I think you know who I am talking about :-)

We haven’t had a fan art update in nearly a year now so how about we revive it for the special occasion?  We’ll call it the “Let’s Do Some Fan Art For Kathryn’s Birthday” thing.  Hopefully after such a long time you have lots of pent-up KM fan art ideas.

The first rule of the LDSFAFKB thing is you must talk about LDSFAFKB.

The second rule of the LDSFAFKB thing is you must talk about LDSFAFKB.  Spread the word to all your artistic friends.

On the special day (28th Jan) all the items will be added to the KM UK Gallery.  Some examples will be used in the birthday post, with one lucky person getting their image used as the banner image for the item.  Think of that as the prize, because that’s all you’re getting :-)  Above you can see the chosen item from last year by Dianekmfan.

Other than that the normal fan art ideas apply.  It can be anything you want to make.  It could be a banner, desktop wallpaper, avatar, a general picture, or a even a video.  To get your works to me either email them directly, use the Contact form to let me know and I’ll get back to you ASAP, or use the upload form below.  Any time between now and then will be fine.  Other than the obvious there is no real deadline on this.

The Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery is chocked full of previous fan art created specially for and donated to this site by visitors.  There are over 700 items in there already.  The Gallery is also crammed to the rafters with images (over 60,000 at last count!) you can use as the basis for your masterpieces.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Win A Sweeter Side Of Life DVD!

fabulousafter40_150x73The ladies at the Fabulous After 40 website are giving away a copy of the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie The Sweeter Side Of Life on DVD.

Poster 003This is not a normal commercial DVD but a “screener” disc to be delivered prior to the film airing on the 19th of January (two weeks from today).  The sort of thing the press might receive for review purposes.  If you win the “sweepstake” you could get to see the film before the première broadcast.  Exciting!

Plus, with the DVD will be a copy of the film’s co-writer/producer/director Michael Damian’s new single Rock My Heart, which will feature on the soundtrack of the film and probably the film’s soundtrack album.

All you need to do is visit the site, enter your name and email address, and click submit.  We should warn you that there does not appear to be any direct feedback that your submission has been accepted, it just sends you back to the site’s homepage.  You will receive a confirmation email though.  Entries must be in by 12 noon EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the 9th of January 2013.  That’s 5pm GMT on Tuesday.

Here’s a small timer showing the time left until the competition closes:


Note that the competition rules state that it is not open to anyone outside of North America.  Presumably this is due to an unwillingness to post internationally.  Perhaps some of our American and Canadian friends can volunteer to accept deliveries on behalf of those of us not in North America in the event of one of us foreigners winning.

Update (9 January 2013):  The competition is closed and the page is no longer available.

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