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Kathryn Is Olivia In 2BR/1BA – Update

2br1ba_logo_002_150x117Here is the latest news on this oddly named film.

Kathryn will be playing a character called Olivia Morgan.

Olivia works as an assistant to a wealthy couple and she has reason to interview the two apartment sharing lead characters Janie and Dee (played by Alexa Vega and Spencer Grammer respectively).

Olivia is a supporting role and appears in 3 scenes.  Admittedly that does not sound like many but I am assured that they are “very memorable” and “crucial”.

The film is a feature length production with a running time of around 90 minutes.  Filming starts today (25th September 2012) with Kathryn due on set for a day later this week.

Late last week 2BR/1BA gained an IMDb page.  In fact it gained two.  We understand that this is being dealt with.  A link to one of them has been added to the list on the right.  It will be corrected later if necessary.

Don’t forget that 2BR/1BA is still seeking additional funding to help with post-production work.  Rewards are on offer to those that make a contribution.  See their Indiegogo page for details.

KM UK hopes to bring you some new and exciting stuff from this film in the very near future.  Watch this space!

Update (26th September):  The film’s IMDb pages have been reduced to the tune of one, to one.

Kathryn Takes Up Residence In 2BR/1BA – Funding Help Required

2br1ba_logo_002_150x117Early this morning UK time a Tweet was posted that stated Kathryn would be starring in a new movie by the director Rob Margolies.

“Rob who?” you might be asking.  Well, you might not recognise the name but you have seen his previous feature film mentioned several times on this very site.  Margolies was the writer and director of the recently released on DVD She Wants Me.  Photos from the Las Vegas launch event caused something of a sensation here a couple of weeks ago.  I think we can join the dots on this one 😉

That original Tweet was removed but has since been replaced by an identical one on the She Wants Me Movie Twitter feed:


Rob Margolies next film “2br/1ba” starring Alexa Vega, Spencer Grammer and Kathryn Morris #Greek #ColdCase #SpyKids #thriller – Link

This new film is called 2BR/1BA, which is property advertising shorthand for “2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom”, revolves around two young women sharing an apartment “whose differences come to a head over one crazy day.”  The two leads will be played by Alexa Vega (Spy Kids 1-4) and Spencer Grammer (TV show Greek).  Principal photography is due to start next Monday (24th September 2012).

Rob has kindly confirmed to KM UK that Kathryn is definitely attached.  Her role is a supporting one but, as Rob told us, “There are only 5 roles in the entire script so her screen time will be very much felt.”  Which is great news!

Much like the short film Sunday’s Mother the 2BR/1BA production is requesting help with funding to cover the full production costs and complete the post-production process.  KM UK is joining the campaign to help the movie meet its target and we invite you dear reader to do what you can to assist.  You can play a direct part in bringing a film starring Kathryn Morris to the screen.

Also like Sunday’s Mother there is a sliding scale of rewards depending on the amount you pledge.  $10 gets you a behind the scenes photo, $25 a DVD.  Other rewards include home baked cookies, dinner with the director (Rob), speaking roles and producer credits.

You can find the film project’s funding page on the website along with all the details HERE.

We will bring you more news on 2BR/1BA soon.