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Cold Case S02E18 – Ravaged Promo Updates


Just the two new promo photos for this episode Cold Case, which first aired on the 27th of March 2005.  Yep that’s a whole 15 years ago today.

Outside of the scene with Lilly talking to our chief suspect in a bar, during which we see some clues about Lilly’s own history with alcohol, I don’t remember this episode very well.  I was surprised to read that ‘Ravaged’ was the name of a dog owned by one of the characters.  Feels like I missed that part completely.

The case involved the death of a young woman found covered by a layer of snow just 10 years previously.  That is quite a short time to have elapsed compared to many they re-investigate.  It did mean that, for once, the same actors could be used for both time periods.

As there are only two photos to share with you all are shown in this post.  However, you need to see the full sized version in the KM UK Gallery as they are very big and high quality.

It is good to see that Lilly and Scotty are taking the current very odd situation the world finds itself seriously and keeping some distance from each other.  To be fair the wedge that Christina drove between them was pretty big.


Cold Case S02E17 – Schadenfreude Promo Updates


No update last week because there were no images on hand to post about.  That may have been bit painful you, which was oddly fun for me…

Schadenfreude.  Episode 17 of Cold Case season 2 was broadcast 15 years ago today (20th March).  A 1982 case is re-opened by the squad after the rare ring worn by a murder victim is found on a more recently deceased body.  The first victim’s husband was jailed for the crime.  Did he do it?

The show comes to a head, appropriately enough, in a hair salon has Lilly gets her man, a woman.

8 new quality promo photos feature Kathryn, and in an unusually large number of them so does Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC), are now in the KM UK Gallery.  That’s the 4 you see around this post and… you guessed it, 4 more.

s02e17_still_001 s02e17_still_002 s02e17_still_008

Cold Case S02E15 – Wishing Promo Updates


But it’s Friday!  These updates have been on a Thursday, despite the show being aired on a Sunday!

With these ’15 years later’ posts following the calendar date of the original broadcast, the days have fallen on a Thursday so far for this season.  The recent extended leap year February has pushed things back a day from now on.

First broadcast on the 6th of March 2005, ‘Wishing’ is the one about the young man left on the railway tracks.  It’s not the easiest watch.  Meanwhile, Lilly and Scotty continue to be at odds over her sister Christina.

A bumper crop of 12 (yes twelve!) new large and very large, high quality promo photos from ‘Wishing’ are now in the KM UK Gallery.

s02e15_still_004 s02e15_still_008 s02e15_still_012

Cold Case S02E14 – Revolution Promo Updates


The snowy conditions have thawed to rain for the Cold Case squad, but Lilly’s sister’s presence continues to keep things frosty between her and Scotty.  And then there’s ‘that dinner date’.

1969.  A young woman’s body is found in an apartment.  Her boyfriend is on his way to Canada to avoid the draft for Vietnam.  One man’s conscientious objector is another’s deserter.  Either way he’s the prime suspect.  On the 20th February 2005, Cold Case episode 14 from season two was first shown.  It was a Revolution.

Meanwhile, Christina and Lilly meet for dinner to discuss things.  It does not go well.  The less said about it the better.  And not just the dress!

The four new photos you see around this post have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

s02e14_still_002 s02e14_still_003 s02e14_still_004

Be My Valentine


To Kathryn, with endless adoration

Happy Valentine’s Day

Kathryn, I know I’ve said this on a few occasions before but may be now is the right time.  Neither of us are getting any younger, except you of course (don’t tell me, 21?), and all though things would be complicated, life is complicated.

So, how about it?  Be my Valentine in 2020.

Thanks again to Kareen T for the banner you see above, done by her especially for KM UK a few years ago.  Lots more fan-created art works can be found in the KM UK Gallery.

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