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Slice Of Sci-Fi Talks Reverie With Mickey Fisher

slice_of_sci-fiI hope you are having a relaxing Sunday.

If you’d like to put your feet up, close your eyes, and just listen (this doesn’t apply to you if you are driving!) and want to know a bit more about the TV show Reverie then I have something for you.

Summer Brooks at the Slice Of Sci-Fi website has done an interview with Reverie co-creator and executive producer Mickey Fisher.  It has been released as part of a regular podcast the site does.  You can listen to the episode HERE.

In the 40 minute long piece, Mickey discusses the inspiration behind the show, what they want the show to say to people, the reasons for the character types they made, and the actors they chose to fill those roles.

Having gone through the other major characters and actors it is about 18 minutes in before Kathryn is mentioned.  Here is a rough transcript of what Mickey has to say about Kathryn:

…And then with Kathryn Morris we wanted someone who could be Charlie’s equal in this.  Those two, at times we kind of talked about them as the adults in the room and the people who play chess instead of checkers.  We wanted someone who was formidable and [had] a sort of air of mystery, but [is] also super smart, and Kathryn has all that stuff, and more.  And they have such great chemistry together from their first scene together in the pilot.  When we were filming it, people we like ‘these two are going to end up together’ because they just had this instant chemistry.  Let’s see where that goes, let it flow and see what happens.  We got so luckily with this whole cast.  I’ve felt so grateful.  We can turn to any one of them for a story or a scene and different emotional ranges, sense of humor, and I feel like they can do it all.

Mickey goes on to say that there has been no word on the future of Reverie beyond the current season but they hope to have news on that in the coming weeks.

A copy of the podcast has been added to the KM UK Gallery.

Reverie S01E08 – Preview Video

artwork_002We got quite a lot of Kathryn in the last episode of Reverie.  Perhaps as punishment for that the powers that be are leaving us guessing as to how much we’ll see of her in the next.

Reverie_s01e07_previewThe promo video broadcast in the regular ‘next week on…’ post-episode, as the credits roll slot did not feature Monica Shaw of the DoD, increasingly that should be DoC – Department Of Charlie :-)  A copy of said trailer is now in the Gallery as you’ve come to expect.  Nor does Kathryn make it into any of the promo photos or teaser clips released either.  We may have to steel ourselves for another Monica-free zone like ‘Pas de Deux’.  More like Pas de Na-huh!

As covered in the press release, Reverie episode 8, ‘Despedida’, is due for broadcast this coming Wednesday, the 25th of July.

Reverie S01E07 – The Black Mandala Screencaps

Reverie_S01E07_080Reverie returned to US television screens last week after an absence for the American 4th of July holiday.  Sadly Kathryn did not feature in that episode so we had to wait an additional week for her to appear.

Right up front in ‘The Black Mandala’ we got a brief dose of Monica Shaw in the ‘previously on…’ section.  They used a clip from a previous episode to remind us of Ms Shaw’s DoD connections as well as their significant stake in Onira-Tech, the company that makes the Reverie VR program.

In the new episode proper, when Monica turned up she was in full DoD mode, though I detected some discomfort with what she was saying.  Without giving away anything, I think Lilly would have been proud of Monica in the end, though not of all the drinking.  To use Alexis’s (Jessica Lu) word: she was ‘bad-ass’.  Or maybe that should be ‘good-ass’ 😉

There are now just over 100 new HD (720p) screencaps from episode 7 of Reverie in the KM UK the Gallery.

Reverie_S01E07_011 Reverie_S01E07_021 Reverie_S01E07_068

Reverie S01E07 – Preview Video

artwork_002Unfortunately the most recent episode of Reverie, number six in the series was Shaw-less.  That is to say Kathryn did not feature at all.

Luckily we know from the promo image released late last week that Kathryn is very likely to be in number 7.

Reverie_s01e07_previewA trailer for ‘The Black Mandala’ does not, however, give us any signs of that as it is also very, very Monica-lite.  She’s not in the video.

Out next week, the previously published press release covers the basics of the plot, for the forthcoming instalment, due for broadcast on the 18th.

The video, joins the promo image in the the Gallery.  If there are any further clips released that include Kathryn this post will be updated accordingly.

Also,  ‘Kat & Jess’ return with another hi-larious Après Exitus video.  Find that in the Gallery too.

Reverie S01E07 – Promo Photo

Reverie_s01e07_promo_001Unfortunately the use of the singular ‘photo’ in the title is not a mistake.

Of the small collection of photos recently released for episode 7 of Reverie, ‘The Black Mandala’, only one included Kathryn.  See above.  It is, of course, in the Gallery now, small-ish at the moment but it will be upgraded when if possible.

I can’t decide what is going on in this image.  Is Monica giving another presentation to the team?  The look on her face and stance suggests to me that she is confronting someone about something they’ve done, or is being told something she didn’t want to hear.  Ms Shaw does not look too happy.

The press release, posted on KM UK two weeks ago HERE, doesn’t give anything away regarding Monica’s role in this particular plot.

‘The Black Mandala’ is due for first broadcast next week, on the 18th of July.

Update (17th July):  As promised the promo photo above has been upgraded to one significantly bigger and better.

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