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You Get Me Première Today

you_get_me_poster_003A quick reminder that the not-at-all-like Fatal Attraction teen drama You Get Me is due have its première tonight (19th June) in Los Angeles.

The film is being shown as part of the LA Film Festival, which started last Wednesday with a showing of the new Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World writer/director) movie The Book Of Henry.  Naomi Watts (Tank Girl) and Jack Tremblay (Room) star as mother and son in that one.

Since then there has been a busy schedule of features and documentaries, both old and new.  The event continues until Thursday night when, after an afternoon and evening of award winner showings, the festival closes with a screening of Ingrid Goes West, a social media-based comedy drama starring Aubrey Plaza (Parks And Recreation) and Elizabeth Olsen (Old Boy).

The Bella Thorne, Halston Sage, Taylor John Smith, Anna Akana, Nash Grier, Jennifer Esposito, Kathryn Morris, Netflix-owned movie You Get Me will be shown tonight at the ArcLight cinema in Santa Monica at 9:25pm.  Full details can be found at the LA Film Festival website HERE.

Another variant on the film poster, as shown above, has been added to the Gallery.

On Friday (23rd June) the film will receive its slightly delayed release on the streaming service.

You Get Me To Première At LA Film Fest

la_film_festival_logo_942x1461A somewhat surprising turn of events.

Teen drama You Get Me will be premièred at the LA Film Festival on Monday the 19th of June.

But wait, you might say, a film being first shown at a film festival is hardly an usual occurrence.  It is practically the law  :-)

But, we found out earlier this year that Netflix had taken up Awesomeness Films, Bella Thorne-lead movie.  Making it an exclusive to their media streaming platform as part of a multi-project deal.

That date may trigger a thought or two as well.

The 16th of June was due to be the day that You Get Me first appears on Netflix.  To make way for the LA Film Festival première the online release has been pushed back to the 23rd of the month.

So, a future-looking service like Netflix has delayed the release of a new film in favour of the more traditional film festival route.  Next they’ll be announcing it will be available exclusively at Blockbuster video stores on Betamax cassettes 5 years after hitting the silver screen.  I am old enough to remember all those things :-(

Very little press material has been released about You Get Me so there isn’t much more to say about the film even at this late stage.  We still don’t know the role Kathryn plays, not even the first name of her character.

The première screening is due to start at 9:25pm at the ArcLight 8 cinema in Santa Monica.

You can see all the details of the LA Film Festival on their website HERE.

Terminator Salvation Première Photo + Video Update

terminator_salvation_47Told you “we’d be back!”  😎

The film studios made many returns to the Terminator franchise, and will no doubt be doing so again all to soon, so I think I can get away with making a quick second visit in as many weeks to the US première of Terminator Salvation.  The last time was here.

It is well worth doing so I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you don’t fall in love even just a little bit with Kathryn after looking at the picture on the right then you must be some sort of unfeeling robot.

Even people with those artificial hearts that mean you have no heartbeat must feel their pulse quicken at such a sight.

What could be better than seeing someone you like so much look so full of joy, whilst also looking so beautiful?  Nothing I tell you, nothing!

This time we focus on new close-ups and some videos.  Yes, I’ve added some short videos which include Kathryn on the red carpet at this event.  Don’t forget the 4 new photos too.

They are all in Gallery now.

Like Hollywood, I can’t promise not to come back to this one in the future, or is it the past? :-)

terminator_salvation_48 terminator_salvation_49 terminator_salvation_red_carpet_004

Terminator Salvation Première Photo Update

terminator_salvation_39It is fair, and a little punny, to say that photos from this event kill me every time.

We’re looking back seven, yes 7, years to May the 14th 2009 when Kathryn attended the US première of Terminator Salvation.

The film was set to reboot the franchise with a new John Connor in the form of Batman, aka Christian Bale.  It didn’t really succeed.  They tried again in 2015, this time with Arnold Schwarzenegger back involved as well as Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor.  I don’t think that one worked either.  No doubt there are plans for another in the series though.  Hollywood just can’t let a possible cash-cow go.  Next they’ll be trying to make a sequel to Beetlejuice!  They are?

Anyhoo.  The film may not have given the fans what they wanted but Kathryn on the red carpet certainly did!

She looked stunning in her little red dress and similarly sparing use of make-up and simple hair style.  What could be better?

It’s all there.  Including a some lovely smiles.

I’ve added 9 more images from the event to the Gallery for you to feast your eyes upon.  If you dare!

To quote the big man:  “We’ll be back” to this one in the future.

terminator_salvation_40 terminator_salvation_43 terminator_salvation_45

Bone Tomahawk In Scotland Tomorrow

inverness_film_festival_1160x2000Fancy a scary night out in Inverness, Scotland?

Free tomorrow and prefer to stay indoors to get your frights?

Your luck’s in.

Horror film Bone Tomahawk is being shown as part of the Inverness Film Festival.

The 13th running of the is hosting the film in its Scottish première at the Eden Court theatre.  The showing starts at 8:30pm.

The official website has all the details.

Kurt Russell (The Thing), Matthew Fox (Speed Racer) and Patrick Wilson (the second Fargo TV series currently airing) are amongst the impressively starry cast.  Kathryn has a couple of short scenes as the wife of the Sheriff.  All worked for minimum pay, a sign of really wanting to be involved in the project, if claims of the $1.8m total budget are to be believed.  No reason to doubt it.

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