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wallpaper_267_1672x929_dianekmfanHere at KM UK we very much echo the sentiment the message found in the image above:

From the bottom of our hearts we’d like to to wish you a Happy Birthday Kathryn

Your fans.

The site’s front page currently includes a lot of happy.  We have the Happy New Year, Happy Xmas, and the lovely images of Kathryn at the Ante Up For Autism 2019 event.  With this post we are adding a big Happy Birthday for our favourite lady.

Thanks again goes to super-fan Diane for the image above.  She has incorporated a lot of new images and nice thoughts.  As I am sure you would agree, we could all do with more of their like in our lives on a daily basis.

The wallpaper above can be found KM UK fan art gallery which has well over 700 works of art provided you the fans. There are banners, avatars, drawings, wallpaper and a video. If you would like to add this archive please contact me.

Savants – Kathryn’s Autism Initiative

poster_001.jpgAfter such a long period of silence today has suddenly got quite noisy.

However, we need to make sure that that noise is appropriate for all those around us though.

Today (20th Oct 2021) Kathryn launched her own initiative called The Savants aimed at helping parents of children with autism.

Kathryn’s twin boys, Rocco and Jameson, both have autism.  When Kathryn discovered her children were autistic she found herself initially lost as to what to do.  People did reach out with advice and information which helped, but you always can also use more.  Wanting to raise awareness and make sure that all parents have the help and the resources they need, Kathryn has set up the website The Savants.

Kathryn appeared on the Today morning TV show in the US to discuss her project.  She has also written an article explaining further which you can on the shows website HERE.  The page also has a video of the interview.

One of the sources of help Kathryn mentions is The Autism Community In Action (TACA) group.  Their website is HERE.

A copy of Kathryn’s artcle can be found on HERE on KM UK.


banner_179_1139x535_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

From all your fans at KM UK

In these difficult times for so many people we need to focus on and highlight the good news as much as we can.

Today is a day worth marking and celebrating because it is Kathryn’s birthday.  I think I can confidently say I speak for all us when pass on our best wished to the birthday girl.

Above you can see a brand new banner created especially for this post by Diane.  Thanks again to her.  The image contains a lovely message which I will quote post here:

Dear Kathryn,

We wish you an amazing birthday and all the best for this year.

Sending love from all over the world,

Your fans

The KM UK fan art gallery contains over 700 works of art provided you the fans. We have banners, avatars, drawings, wallpaper and a video. If you would like to add this archive please contact me.

Happy Mother’s Day

wallpaper_266_1600x1200_ginaFrom everyone here at KM UK

Not through any kind of design or planning the last few years KM UK has alternated marking Mother’s Day on the UK date, which is back in March, or the more commonly used date around the world on the 2nd Sunday in May.  2020 brings us to the US version, which means we can specifically wish mother of two Kathryn best wishes.

Every post these days has to mention the situation we are all in, it’s part of the ‘new rules’.  This does make the whole Mother’s Day thing especially difficult as many people can’t visit relatives.  Do what you can though.  If you’ve been stuck at home with your mother for weeks then she needs to be appreciated all the more for putting up with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world.

The banner (by Gina) for this post is part of the KM UK Fan Art collection.

Be My Valentine


To Kathryn, with endless adoration

Happy Valentine’s Day

Kathryn, I know I’ve said this on a few occasions before but may be now is the right time.  Neither of us are getting any younger, except you of course (don’t tell me, 21?), and all though things would be complicated, life is complicated.

So, how about it?  Be my Valentine in 2020.

Thanks again to Kareen T for the banner you see above, done by her especially for KM UK a few years ago.  Lots more fan-created art works can be found in the KM UK Gallery.

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