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Reverie @ NYCC Is Bleeding Cool

artwork_002Reports from the New York Comic Con event of the previous weekend are starting to spring up.

As we know the cast of the new ABC drama series Reverie attended the ‘con’, took part in a discussion panel after a screening of the pilot, and also conducted individual interviews with members of the press.

The Bleeding Cool website has an article by Adi Tantimedh who, after a explanation of Reverie‘s premise describes it thus:

This is one of the more ambitious shows this season. It’s not another cop show or another soldier show. It’s about tragedy, loss, and empathy. It’s about the desire to escape from the trauma and sadness of life into a dream world, and the need to connect with humanity and emotion.

Adi goes on to give quotes from each main actor (Sarah Shahi, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jessica Lu, Dennis Haysbert), creator Mickey Fisher, and producer Tom Szentgyorgi.  Of course Kathryn is there too.  Here is what she said about Reverie and her character Monica Shaw from the Department Of Defense:

I thought this show is a beautiful execution of a psychological thriller within this emotional landscape in the world of virtual reality. It’s not like a typical Sci Fi show where the emotions come later. It’s a tangible take on the power of virtual reality. And nobody does it better than Amblin. My character lives in a grey area of Light and Dark in the way the government uses things for their own purposes.

You can read Adi Tantimedh’s full piece HERE and a follow-up article on how the show is about finding a human connection HERE.

Happy 4th Birthday Boys


Happy Birthday to Jameson & Rocco

4 years old!  Blimey!  They’re practically men already!  Kids grow up so fast these days!

Yes, Kathryn and Johnny Messner’s twin boys are celebrating their 4th birthday today.  I’m sure they’ve been spoilt rotten with gifts and messages on their special day.  This is KM UK’s small contribution to that.

Just the other day we had Tracie Thoms (Kat Millar on CC) to pass on birthday wishes to, and at the beginning of the month it was Jeremy Ratchford’s turn.  So many august occasions in August!

Sendhil Ramamurthy Talks Reverie

artwork_002Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) attended the recent Comic-Con event in San Diego.

The actor has many reasons to be at sci-fi TV and movie focused gatherings like Comic-Con because of his work on shows like Heroes, Lucky Man, and Covert Affairs over the past decade.  Of course this year Sendhil had a new project to talk about:  the new upcoming TV series Reverie.

The comparative lack of Reverie news to come out of July’s Comic-Con suggests that most of those discussions happened behind closed doors.  Perhaps they’ll become more public nearer to the broadcast.  There were definitely none of the panel discussions made up of cast and crew from the show that have become common practice at these conferences.  I don’t think key members of the production team were present.

artwork_002However, blogger Cherry Davis got a 5 minute-long interview with Sendhil.  In that time he explains the basic plot line of Reverie, hints at some of the motivations of the main character played by Sarah Shahi, and details his own role.  Crucially Kathryn gets a mention about 3 minutes in.  Sendhil leaves Kathryn’s Monica Shaw as a mystery, saying she comes in towards the end of the pilot that he’d just seen.

In between the pitching, filming, and broadcast much can change in a new TV series.  Hearing that Kathryn’s character has made it into a later cut of the first episode, and forms part of what could be the on-going storyline is very welcome news.

Thank you to Cherry Davis for making the interview available.  You can watch Cherry’s video in full on YouTube HERE.  A small copy has been added to the KM UK gallery.


Be My Valentine, Or Not


To Kathryn, with a healthy detachment

Happy Valentine’s Day

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banner_175_943x499_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

From all of us here at KM UK

This morning I looked at the calendar on my phone and it said “Kathryn Morris. All day”.  I could only agree  😉

It’s become something of an annual event that we take a moment or two today (28th Jan) to celebrate our favourite lady.  Even more than we do every other day.

Here on KM UK we are fortunate to have readers like Diane (a birthday girl herself recently, Happy Birthday Diane) who go to the time and effort to make some art work specifically to mark the occasion.  Thanks again.

The image above joins the many hundreds pieces of art made by fans just like you in the KM UK Gallery.   New items are always very gratefully received.  Please contact me if you want to have your work included.

Please feel free to leave your own messages for Kathryn in the comments below.

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