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Minority Report – Sunday on BBC3

still_001The budget cuts being forced on the BBC have resulted in the BBC3 channel being moved to a purely online service from next year.  So, this maybe the last time I get to say that Minority Report is soon to be screened on the channel.

It doesn’t take a Pre-Cog to predict that this will not too much of a problem for the future.  The film has been broadcast on the BBC1 and BBC2 channels in the past.  This may be trying to tie into the recent release of the latest Mission Impossible movie as it shares the lead actor Tom Cruise.

Sunday (16th August) night at 9pm is the time to be in front of your TV.

In the past month we’ve had A.I. Artificial Intelligence, also on the BBC, and Inferno on the Horror Channel.  It’s a mini Kathryn season on British television! :-)

The BBC website has a page dedicated to the film here.

The new US series based on elements of Minority Report will be starting on the American Fox network in September, probably on 21st September at 9pm.

Update (20th Aug):  Minority Report is being repeated on Saturday (22nd Aug) on BBC3 again at 9pm.

Kathryn @ Minority Report Première 2002

minority_report_premiere_003Normally with these little visits to past public appearances I generally try and make them seasonally relevant.  The recent awards event photos posted within a few days of the most recent ceremonies.  That kind of thing.

This update, however, has been triggered by the unearthing of a video in which Kathryn features.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t also make it topical.

I’ll explain.

Moves are afoot to make a TV series based on the Tom Cruise-starring, Steven Spielberg-directed movie Minority Report.  Kathryn, of course, had a small but crucial role as the estranged ex-wife of Tom Cruise’s crime preventer Chief John Anderton.

In the past few weeks there has been news about the casting of the Fox-ordered pilot due to be set 10 years after the film.  Start Sands (Generation Kill), Meagan Good (Cold Case episode ‘Soul’) will play the leads as both twin male Pre-cogs (they can see the future) and a Precrime officer respectively.  Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s Show) has recently been added to the cast as another police officer.

Links to the film are kept with Laura Regan (Mad Men) taking the Pre-cogs Agatha role as portrayed by Samantha Morton originally, and Daniel London actually reprising his part as Wally the caretaker.

Wouldn’t it be great if Kathryn’s Lara Clarke could also appear at some point as a way of linking back to John’s time in the Precrime unit and the events of the hit movie?  Make it happen Hollywood!

Having not been included in the KM UK Gallery previously I have now added an album of various photos of Kathryn doing the red carpet walk in New York for the première of Minority Report.  And, the video that triggered this post has also been added alongside the snapshots.  Kathryn appears very briefly in middle of the clip answering a question about fate.

minority_report_premiere_002 minority_report_premiere_007 minority_report_premiere_001

Minority Report – Saturday on BBC2

still_001This is quite a quick turn around for the BBC.  Normally it is at least a year (or as many as three) between showings of the movie Minority Report.

This coming Saturday (22nd November) BBC2 from 23:30 (that’s half eleven in old money) will be graced with a few brief appearances of Kathryn in the Tom Cruise-led sci-fi action film.

Auntie Beeb must have taken a liking to the film as they’re actually accelerating the frequency of broadcasts as it was only back in May of this year that it was last on our screens.  I’m not aware of other films around that it could be tied to in any way.  Often networks broadcast older titles related to new cinema releases.  They must get special rates from the distributor to help with promotion of the latest franchise sequel for instance.  The Hunger Games was recently repeated in the UK on national TV, just ahead of Mockingjay Part 1 hitting the big screens today (Thursday, 20th Nov).

Back in May it was BBC Scotland that had to wait another 25 hours for their chance at watching Minority Report.  I can only assume that due to the recent independence referendum result they’ve now been included in the main showing.  It is BBC Wales that has to suffer a 24.5 hours delay this time.

For those interested (and why wouldn’t you be?) KM UK already has a comprehensive set of HD screencaps and the promo image above in the Gallery.

Full details can be found on the BBC website here.

Kathryn Isn’t The 1st Lady?

still_001The no doubt knowledgeable folk (Joe Reid and David Sims in this case) at news website The Wrap have taken the release of the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster movie vehicle, Edge Of Tomorrow, to pronounce on some of his female co-stars.

Joe and David have ranked Tom’s leading ladies in a top 13 based on his films since he last worked with is then wife Nicole Kidman on Eyes Wide Shut in 1999.

Emily Blunt’s character in Edge Of Tomorrow, which is basically War Of The Worlds (the Cruiser’s version) crossed with Groundhog Day, is a lot more forthright than many of the significant female roles in Tom’s other films.  She’s not the comic foil, damsel in distress, or damsel in/out of dat dress.  Clearly this put Emily’s Rita ahead of the pack.  But where do they place Kathryn in this pantheon of actresses?

Kathryn comes in at number 8.  Four slots above Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion.  Cameron Diaz is in the top 10 twice for Knight And Day and Vanila Sky.  Her co-star in that remake, Penelope Cruz (who was reprising her role from the original), is also in there.  Thandie Newton for Mission: Impossible II, Andrea Riseborough also in Oblivion and Michelle Monaghan and in Mission: Impossible 3 fill out the other top spots.

The guys say that Kathryn in “invests a lot of compassion in her performance” in her role as the estranged wife of Tom’s pre-crime cop in Minority Report.  But, they also say that Cold Case “ran for approximately ten thousand years on CBS” so facts may not be a feature of their pieces :-)

Of course few of the other women listed can not claim to have been Tom Cruise’s wife, Brad Pitt’s wife (Moneyball), Ben Affleck’s paramour (Paycheck), and Josh Hartnett’s ex (Resurrecting The Champ).  That is many of Hollywood finest right there.  Not to mention that Kathryn was one of the few foes that bested Xena: Warrior Princess and nearly stole her gal.  And, none of these ladies did seven years on a highly rated TV drama series either!  Not a bad strike rate.

You can read the article on The Wrap.  What are your thoughts?

And that’s a wrap!

Minority Report – Sunday on BBC1

still_001I don’t need to be a future seeing ‘Pre-Cog’ named Agatha to see something lovely in the future for UK TV viewers this coming weekend.  Or do I….?  No, I just need to be a TV guide reading Pre-Bed person in England  :-)

This coming Sunday night (16th March) BBC One gives us it’s annual airing of the Tom Cruise-led sci-fi action movie Minority Report.  Last shown by ‘Auntie’ in May 2013, it starts a little late for those of us with jobs to go to in the morning and even later if you live north of the border in Scotland.  Is this why you want independence, so you can schedule Kathryn Morris movies when you want?  :-)

Statuesque (because he’s at least as big as some statues such as the Oscars) Tom is John Anderton, a cop in a future with a set of three people (the ‘Pre-Cogs’) blessed with an ability to see visions of crimes yet to happen.  It’s the job of John and co. to stop those crimes before they happen.  They obviously altered the laws in this crime-free utopia to make incarcerating innocent people (they’ve been stopped from committing the crime after all) OK with everyone.  They couldn’t possibly allow such things to happen in the present…

Kathryn stars as Lara, the estranged wife of John.  That’s her above with the short brown hair.  The reason for their separation, the loss of their young son to a child snatcher, is what drove John to take this job.  John needs help after being framed for murder by the very system he’s working for.  He turns to his ex.

First released in 2002, Minority Report pre-dates Kathryn’s work on Paycheck and Cold Case by a year.  Co-starring Max von Sydow (The Exorcist), Samantha Morton (In America) and Colin Farrell (In Bruges), it became a hugely successful film around the world with box-office takings of over $300m.  KM UK has a comprehensive set of HD screencaps and promo image above in the Gallery already.

Sunday, BBC One at 23:25 in England and Wales.  Delayed by local sports coverage the Scots will have to wait another 55 minutes.  Full details on the BBC website here.

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