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ATAS Presents Women In Prime Event 2006

011When I looked at posting a photo update for an old event I realised that I had never actually posted about this particular one before.

Way back in the very, very early days of KM UK there was a large image update to mark the opening of the Gallery which included a huge amount of event photos.  Basically my whole collection as it stood at the time.  Since then I’ve done updates to those where I can.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presents ‘Women in Prime’ event from the end of March 2006 was one that was included in that initial drop and has not been posted about since.

As you can see from the photos Kathryn was not only part of the usual red carpet line-up but also was a participant in a discussion panel which included ladies such as Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote, which Kathryn worked on twice), CCH Pounder (NCIS: New Orleans) and Jeanne Tripplehorn (Sliding Doors).  Not sure having the event moderated by a man (Jim Longworth) was the best move from an image point of view though.

There are a few short videos of Angela and CCH from this on YouTube but none that I’ve found include Kathryn.

I have now added 5 new photos to the 24 existing ones from this event to the KM UK Gallery.  If you haven’t seen them before then do check them out.  Kathryn looks very sweet in her cropped tartan trousers.

002 008 redcarpet_001

Costume Designers Guild Awards 2006 Update

cdga_63Last week we had the 2005 ADGA (Art Directors Guild Awards).  Today we’ve skipped B and gone straight to the CDGA, aka the Costume Designers Guild Awards.  We’ve also skipped on by 12 months by taking another look at the event in 2006.  Previously a set of photos were posted here in a 2010 update.

Kathryn was at the CDGA in 2005 supporting Cold Case costume designer Patia Prouty who worked on the show across the first three seasons.  The premiere, Look Again, being the notable exception.  Despite being nominated for the CDG Award three times between 2005 and 2007 Patia did not take the gold.

Since leaving CC Patia has worked on TV dramas Saving Grace and Justified.  Currently she is designing costumes for the Cinemax series Banshee, starring, amongst others, Lili Simmons and Geno Segers.  Both of those actors will be in the movie Bone Tomahawk, which Kathryn has a small role in.  It’s a small world.

The 2015 CDGA happened a week ago.  American Horror Show, Games Of Thrones and True Detective wcdga_red_carpet_002on in their respective TV categories.  Films du jour Birdman, Into The Woods and The Grand Budapest Hotel took the honours for movies.

A new (to the Gallery) photo of Kathryn looking very fetching in an off-the-shoulder red dress at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in 2006 is now in the KM UK Gallery.

Plus, you lucky people, we have 2 short videos of Kathryn on the red carpet at the event, the 2nd is an interview.

Kathryn @ The Hollywood Reporter’s Breakfast – Dec 2006

women_in_entertainment_10Or to give it its full title: “The Hollywood Reporter’s 15th Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast”.  Now there’s a mouthful  :-)

I’ve been trying to keep some of these nostalgia trips roughly in line with the same date that they originally happened.  This post got pushed back more than week by other things so we missed, just.  Kathryn, and her red coat, had breakfast with the Power 100 on the 5th of December back in 2006.  The 2013 edition of this event happened just last week (11th Dec) so we were closer with that one and was attended by lovely ladies such as Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles), Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother), Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Judy Greer (Arrested Development).  But not Kathryn.

No one knows what actually goes on at these meetings.  Or if they do, they’re not telling us!  You don’t think they actually… eat breakfast do you?!?  :-)

The album in the Gallery has been updated with 5 more photos of Kathryn attending the do.

women_in_entertainment_12 women_in_entertainment_11 women_in_entertainment_14

In 2006 She Went A Little Bit Country

portraits_09Prompted by a question raised by site regular Kathy we’ve delved back into the archives for a very timely update.

It was on this day (23rd May 2006) seven years ago that Kathryn attended the Academy Of Country Music Awards.  The ACMAs are not to be confused with other country music awards with similar acronyms such as the Country Music Awards.  What ever happened to the “western” part anyway?  Don’t they do both types of music any more?

It looks like it was quite a full evening for Kathryn.  It started with arriving in an American sub-compact… OK, that’s clearly a lie.  It started many hours earlier with her getting ready for the event (as women are wont to do) and involved a ridiculously long, gold painted stretched limo.  Like Kathryn needed such a “look at me” vehicle when she stepped out of the car looking like that!  Yowza!  Extra points if you can leave a comment naming the make of dress and monkey-logoed purse.

press_room_006Getting out of a limo has a nasty habit of leading to a red carpet and sure enough it happened here.  After that you can’t avoid having a portrait photo session, attending a music awards ceremony, going on stage to give an award and being photographed some more but this time with various products.  Tough day.  Do you think Kathryn was supposed to be putting on the clothes and walking off with them?  😮

So, 26 new(ish) photos have now been added to the Gallery to help further illustrate the points made above.  Ten in the arrivals section.  One update (it’s bigger of course) to photo number 6 in the press room set.  And, a bakers dozen (that’s 13) in the new Distinctive Assets At The ACMA sub-album.

Plus, we have a very, very short video of Kathryn presenting the Best Album award to… you’ll have to watch to find out :-)

inspiration_awards_006 distinctive_assets_at_the_acma_010 inspiration_awards_redcarpet_001

2006 Inspiration Awards Photos & Video

inspiration_awards_029Has it really been over a month since the last time we delved back into the archive for a Gallery update?  And have we really never posted anything from the Step Up Women’s Network Inspiration Awards in 2006?  Yes and, much to our surprise, no.  Let’s correct both those things right now.

To prove that some thought goes into these things and we don’t just pick a random image taken from anywhere, post it and ask if you like it (as if we would ever stoop to that!) this is almost an anniversary for this event.  Which in itself could be a running theme in the coming weeks.

It is difficult to believe that these photos were taken all the way back in 2006, but they were.  The 27th of April 2006 to be precise.  As you can see from the image above Kathryn spoke at the event as well as just honouring them with her presence.  That perfect amount of long blonde hair was also there that day.

In a small run of public appearances at the end of 2012, Kathryn was seen attending a couple of Step Up Network events.  You can jog your memory about that here and here.

The KM UK Gallery now has 29 new photos (of various sizes) from the red carpet, the awards ceremony itself and accompanying function.  Plus, we have a small video of Kathryn being interviewed at the event.

How many likes?  😉

inspiration_awards_006 inspiration_awards_009 inspiration_awards_redcarpet_001

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