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Bone Tomahawk: It Begins

misc_002Well… it actually began quite a few years ago now, as covered previously in far too much detail here.  Things are, however, progressing with the pre-release process starting very soon.

Once past all the ups-and-downs of pre-production the movie Bone Tomahawk was filmed in September and October last year.  Since then it has been in post-production: the process of editing, re-recording audio, adding special effects etc.

We’re interested in all this on KM UK because Kathryn has a small role in the horror western film as the wife of the main character Sheriff Franklin Hunt, as played by Kurt Russell (Fast & Furious 7).

In a couple of weeks (13th-24th May) the famous ‘Cannes Film Festival’ starts in the southern France.  The glitzy star-studded premières and the critics’ reactions to the latest releases get all the headlines but a big part of the 10-day long event is the business deals done.  Films are sold on the international markets by distributors in ‘Le Marché du Film’.

One of the distributors of Bone Tomahawk is French company ‘Celluloid Dreams’.  They will be attending Cannes and will be promoting 9 projects, some ready to go like local fare Dheepan and others still in early development such as The Swallows of KabulBone Tomahawk is in between those states as it is still in post-production but it is set to be showcased in some form or other.

It is unlikely that much will be made public about Bone Tomahawk‘s appearance at Cannes but more details, such as possible release dates, and who knows, maybe even a trailer could make a showing.

Either way it is a sign that the process is moving along.

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