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Cold Case S02E12 – Yo, Adrian Promo Updates


Adrian!  ADRIAN!

We’ve all heard the line, even if we’re not sure where it is from.  One thing it is not from is this episode of Cold Case because there are no Rocky references explicitly made or anyone called Adrian (male or female) in it.  The episode is very much inspired by Rocky with a story from an old boxing match.  A deathbed confession from the referee of the event gets the squad investigating.

They have to go back nearly 30 years to 1976, and we’re going back an additional 15 years to January 16th 2005 when ‘Yo, Adrian’ first aired in the United States.

4 new high quality promo photos from ‘Yo, Adrian’ are now in the KM UK Gallery. We are delighted to see Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC) feature so prominently in them.  He didn’t often partner-up with Lilly for the suspect interviews, so we didn’t see him much across the seasons.

s02e12_still_001 s02e12_still_002 s02e12_still_004

Cold Case S02E11 – Blank Generation Promo Updates


So, where were we?  Ahh yes, Cold Case season 2, episode 10.  what happened to that you may ask?  Just for once I have a good excuse for not posting an update about that one.  I didn’t have any images to update with.  Rather than post an empty item, I went with… discretion  :-)  There are a few more gaps in the rest of the season but there are lots more great photos to come.

‘The Blank Generation’, however, is not… blank  :-)

The KM UK series of promo photos updates 15 years on from the time the episode first aired continues with the first real post for 2020. On this date back in 2005 it was the turn of ‘The Blank Generation’.

The case involved the death of young cult member, rescued by his family, and put through a process of de-programming.  The death was declared a suicide, but the victim’s sister brings Lilly & co. new evidence.  Alongside this Scotty finds out that his girl friend Elisa has died, also of an apparent suicide.

It is not often that Lilly drew her weapon, but she did in this one as she realised she was sat across from the murder, and also the person that broke into her house.

We have 7 new promo, high quality and quite atmospheric promo photos that have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

s02e11_still_001 s02e11_still_003 s02e11_still_004

Cold Case S02E09 – Mind Hunters Promo Updates


But he’s such a good man, if a little grumpy, in that other show he did!

John Billingsley stars in the role he’s second best known for after Enterprise (the Star Trek prequel show), and True Blood, and 24…  He’s been in pretty much everything.

In Cold Case episode ‘Mind Hunters’, number 9 of season 2, which first aired in late November 2004, John plays George Marks.  George is a serial killer.  Or is he?  Yes he is.  He works for the police department.  Or does he?  Yes he does.  It’s been 15 years people.  I think we’re past spoiler warnings.

George is a special in Cold Case because he isn’t arrested at the end, unlike most of the guilty parties Lilly and co. encounter.  He basically confesses.  Everyone knows he did it.  But they don’t have enough to charge him.  Oh yeah, and Scotty is… erm… a new ‘special friend’ for Lilly’s sister Christina.  Lilly is cock-a-hoop about that.

I get the feeling George will be coming back though in around 14 episodes time.  Just a hunch.  We’ll be here posting more promo photos 15 years on from that date too.

6 new promo photos and 1 upgrade have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

still_002 still_005 still_007

Cold Case S02E08 – Red Glare Promo Updates


The ‘Reds’ were under the bed apparently.  Not a bad hiding place but very unhelpful if you are trying to convince people of your point of view.  Would you trust the word of a person who’d taken up residence in the space beneath a significant piece of furniture?

An unsolved 1953 murder is brought to the Cold Case squad’s attention in ‘Red Glare’, episode 8 of season 2.  November 21st 2004 is when it was originally broadcast.  So, we’re just past the 15th year anniversary.

Talking of dredging things up from the past: Lilly’s sister, Christina, turns up in Philly and we get glimpses of the lady behind the badge for the first time.

Can Lilly catch her man, whilst loosing her girl?

The KM UK Gallery has further expanded with 6 new promotional photographs from this episode of Cold Case.

s02e08_still_002 s02e08_still_003 s02e08_still_006

Cold Case S02E07 – It’s Raining Men Promo Updates


You would think that promotional photographs were supposed to help, you know, promote the episode by giving a feel for what will be in the episode.  Not this set.

Don’t get me wrong, they are a great set of photos, Kathryn is looking particularly luminous in them, but they are just of the team around the squad room.

KM UK’s series of photo update posts looking back to Cold Case 15 years ago continues with ‘It’s Raining Men’.  This was episode 7 of season 2.  It first aired on the 14th of November 2004.  The aim to post on the same date didn’t quite work out due forgetfulness on my part, but we are catching up with two posts per week.

The story involved the 1983 murder of an openly gay HIV-positive man campaigning to improve education of the disease within the community.  His partner approached the detectives asking them to re-investigate the crime.

9 promo photos are in the Gallery for this one.  8 are new and the existing one (the 1st in the set) has been given a very healthy upgrade.  It’s positively glowing.

still_001 s02e06_still_004 still_008

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