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Kathryn @ The Contender Première – October 2000

contender_premiere_005How time flies.  It only seems like yesterday we brought you the news that Kathryn had joined the pilot of a potential new TV series Surgeon General.  The US is starting its Thanksgiving holidays and for many of the rest us the slow, yet all too fast, countdown to Xmas begins (we’ll return to that idea next week).  Yikes!

Why did I bring Surgeon General up for this return to nostalgia corner?  Well, it is because of the woman on the right in the photo above (I had to crop it like that our you might not be looking at the face 😮 ).  That lady is Kristen Shaw and she has worked on more of director Rod Lurie’s projects that Kathryn has.  Rod directed the Surgeon General pilot and drafted in some of his old friends to work on the project.  Kristen featured in a couple of behinds the scenes photos from the filming of Surgeon General, as brought to you by KM UK here and here.

But we’re going back a little further than April for this post.  No, it’s October we’re heading for.  October’s before April right?  It is when the October in question was in 2000!  It’s as far back as our little way back machine goes at the moment.  I’m not Dr Who after all, despite what you might think  :-)

October 5th, 2000, saw the premiere of the film The Contender starring Joan Allen (The Bourne Legacy), Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and Jeff Bridges (Iron Man), along with many others.  Kathryn attended with uncharacteristically brown hair.  Kristen had small role in The Contender, most notably in a scene with Kathryn that is one of the deleted scenes on the DVD release.  You can read KM UK’s review of The Contender and the deleted scene in a post here on KM UK from almost exactly 3 years ago.

The Gallery has gained a new album containing 5 varied sized photos of Kathryn at the première of The Contender.

Many thanks to Alexia of Emilia Fox Online for her help on this one.

contender_premiere_001 contender_premiere_002 contender_premiere_004

The Contender

the_contender_092The Vice President is dead. Can Lilly Rush and the squad prove who did it? Sorry, wrong show 😉

The Vice President is still dead though.  In a controversial move the President (Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski) chooses Senator Laine Hanson (Joan Allen, The Ice Storm) to be become the first ever female Vice President, subject to a confirmation hearing.  In what is a plan to get someone else the job, and revenge for her switching political parties, stories about Senator Hanson’s past surface.  The allegations against her are based are on events from her time in college.  Does the Senator back down to avoid embarrassing the President, and herself?  Does she come out fighting regardless of the truth?

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