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Hayseed Release Trailer And Release Dates

hayseed_trailer_2_018Distributor DYNMC Films have released an official trailer for the movie Hayseed ahead of a limited cinematic run and a date for the film to made available via streaming.  It’s all go-go-go on the Hayseed front.

After a sold out screening on in Brooklyn, New York, here are a set of dates and locations for the limited theatrical release of Hayseed:

7th Nov, Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle Royal
8th Nov, Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle NoHo 7
13th Nov, Detroit, MI – Emagine Royal Oak
14th Nov, Ann Arbor, MI – Emagine Saline
15th Nov, Lansing, MI – Celebration Cinema
16th Nov, Grand Rapids, MI – Wealthy Theatre
21st Nov, New York, NY – Village East by Angelika

That second one is in bold for a reason.  Kathryn and her co-star Marta Piekarz (Queer As Folk) are due to attend a Q&A at the Laemmle NoHo7 event on the 8th in Los Angeles.  Looks like it is a 7pm start time for the screening.

What’s more the film is due to get what is being called a ‘digital release’ on the 21st November.  Presumably this is on streaming platforms, though which is not clear yet.

You can watch the official Hayseed release trailer on YouTube HERE.

A handful of screencaps from the trailer have been added to the Gallery.  They are very similar to the previous trailer we covered but with better picture quality.  There is also a very high resolution still and new posters.

hayseed_trailer_2_003 hayseed_trailer_2_004 hayseed_trailer_2_009

Hayseed Premieres At Pottstown PA Premiere

poster_012.jpgThe movie Hayseed will be featuring at the first ever Pottstown Film Fest later this week.

The event is two days long, with the opening night being dedicated to short films.  Hayseed closes out the second evening of entertainment.

For those that don’t know, and their can’t be many of you, Pottstown is a borough of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in the US of A.  All of you Cold Case fans really should know this as it is around 30 miles (45km) outside Philadelphia :-)

The film festival is the brain child of actor and Pottstown native, Kyle Klaus.  He both acted in and is a producer on Hayseed.  The festival is part of the Manhattan Short 2023 event which, despite the name, takes place in venue all over America.

Kyle’s previous acting credits include drama the series The Blacklist and FBI.  He is starring in an upcoming movie called Ballad Of A Hustler, due to première in a Brazilian film festival next week, and a short film called Roundabout which opens an upcoming film festival in Pottstown.

Hang on a minute!!!  You mean this man has created a new film festival in his home town and the first and last films to feature are ones he is in!?  Fair play to the man.

Not surprisingly Kyle will be making an appearance at his own festival, notably in a Q&A with Hayseed writer/director Travis Burgess after the film’s screening on Friday night.

More details about the ‘1st annual’ Pottstown Film Fest on the Event Brite site HERE.

Hayseed Selected For Capital City Film Festival 2023

poster_008.jpgThis early part of the year is often called Awards Season.  Lots of ceremonies happen around now.  We’ve already had the Golden Globes (television & films), the Grammys (music).  Last weekend it was the movie BAFTAs in the UK.  Tomorrow (26th Feb) it will be the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which we’ve seen Kathryn attend before.  Soon it will be the 2023 Oscars, which will be considered very dull unless there is a full-on punch-up.  And that’s just the entertainment industry!  We’ve not mentioned any sports or computer games events to name just two more.

Here on KM UK it is more like Festival Season.

The latest news on the new movie Hayseed, in which Kathryn has a small role, is another film festival appearance.

The independent crime thriller/mystery/comedy has been official selected for the Capital City Film Festival 2023.  The CCFF takes place in Lansing, Michigan in the US of A across 11 days in the first half of April.  Lansing, which many may not realise is the state capital city of Michigan is around 60 miles (110km) west of the better known Detroit.

Details on screening times have not been announced yet, nor a complete set of films due to be shown.  We’ll certainly bring those to you when we can.  Tickets allowing access to the whole event are available already.

More details on the CCFF 2023 festival can be seen on their website HERE.

This earlier post on KM UK post HERE gives more details on Hayseed.


Hayseed’s No Dumbo…

misc_001.jpg…but it is going there.

In what can only be described as distant forward planning, the movie Hayseed has been added to the official selection for the 2023 Dumbo Film Festival.  They have been able to give us a better view of Kathryn in her role as Joyce Metts in the film as you can see above.

poster_006.jpgNow, “wait a minute”, you might say, “it’s only two weeks until 2023 starts so how is that ‘distant forward planning’.”  Yes, but the Dumbo Film Festival happens in October.

I should also add that the Dumbo Film Festival does not solely comprise of repeated showings of the Disney classic about a baby elephant.  They are showing Hayseed after all.  No, this Dumbo is the neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York.  Apparently it is called Dumbo because it is Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

The Dumbo Film Festival takes place from the 19th to the 22nd of October 2023.  Hayseed is one of 25 films, a mix of short and feature length, announced as selected for the event.  Hopefully we’ll be able to provide more details on screening times and locations later.

For more details on the event, see their website HERE.

Hayseed At Another Hole In The Head

poster_004.jpgIn a couple of weeks time, the new movie Hayseed will be getting an airing courtesy of the 2022 Another Hole In The Head film festival.

For those that need a catch-up (this site certainly does!), Hayseed is a new independent crime thriller/mystery/comedy in which Kathryn has a small role.  See the previous KM UK post about it HERE.

The San Francisco-based AHITH festival is primarily horror-focused but they do venture in to sci-fi and other genres as they see fit.

Hayseed has been added to the official selection for the 2022 running of the event.  However, as far as I can tell the film is not being screened in a theatre setting, but rather only via an online stream.  This appears to be limited to members and is also geo-locked to the California area and will be available over the 3 days from the 16th-18th December 2022.

For more details on the AHITH festival see their website HERE.

If you are able to view the film, please do report back to us.

The poster you see to the right (large version in the Gallery) gives us a glimpse of Kathryn in character.

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