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Netflix & Kill(er) – Bone Tomahawk Hits UK ‘Nets

poster_003_2000x1500When I were a lad we didn’t have any of these fancy streaming services.  No, if you missed a movie at the cinema you had to wait a couple of years before it became available on VHS cassette.  Or, another three or four before one of the handful of available TV channels would deign to a broadcast it.

Nowadays sometimes before a film is released in the picture houses you can legitimately watch it in your own home on TV or laptop, or even on the bus on your phone.  Kids today don’t know they’re born… :-)

Last week the Internety movie playing thingy Netflix made the horror western film Bone Tomahawk available to UK customers via that system of tubes.  If you are a subscriber you can now watch Kurt Russell (The Thing) as the Sheriff set out with a disparate and somewhat desperate band of men (Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins) to rescue some townsfolk from the clutches of a pack of cannibalistic Troglodytes.

And if that doesn’t get you in the mood for Xmas then frankly I don’t know what to suggest  :-)

Kathryn has a small role in Bone Tomahawk as Kurt’s wife.  A couple of scenes show how close they are how concerned she is about him returning safely.

Looking back a year I can see that almost to the day I posted about Bone Tomahawk being due for imminent release on DVD and Blu-ray but acknowledging that all the film world could talk about was Star Wars.  How times have changed…

Bone Tomahawk A Steel On Disc In UK

blu-ray_box_003The Bone Tomahawk story is not quite over in the UK.

On Monday-week (15th August 2016) a special edition of the movie Blu-ray is being released exclusively by the online retailer Zavvi.

The ‘special’ is the case the disc comes in.  Rather than the standard plastic box that Blu-ray’s normally come in (as Bone Tomahawk itself does, albeit with a black horizontal stripe across the top) this is a special metal box.  It is being called a ‘steelbook’ and has different art on it too compared with the previously available versions.  Check it out in the image above.  Very skull-y.

A larger version of the front cover image joins the one above in the KM UK Gallery.

At £18 it is around the same price as the initial Blu-ray release so if you are going to buy a copy why not go with this one.

You can find the details on the Zavvi website HERE.

As I am sure you are aware by now Bone Tomahawk harks back to the classic western, a genre largely ignored of late, but adds in the more on-trend twist of a sort of zombie-like creature and throws in a big dose of a horror.  It’s a horror western.  Kurt Russell (Death Proof) stars as the sheriff who takes it upon himself to rescue some kidnapped townsf0lk from the murderous savages.  Matthew Fox (Lost), Patrick Wilson (Insidious), and Richard Jenkins (Let Me In) join the ill-fate adventure.  Kathryn has a small role as the wife of Sheriff Hunt.  Lili Simmons (Banshee) is one of those taken.

Bone Tomahawk On Disc In UK Tomorrow

dvd_box_002 New news has been a bit hard to come-by of late so in another ‘remainder reminder’ the horror-western Bone Tomahawk is out on on DVD and Blu-ray formats in the UK from tomorrow (13th June).

I’m not sure how successful Bone Tomahawk was at the cinemas.  It got a limited release and was also made available via VOD services around the same time, which will have had an impact.  This makes box-office figures sparse and of limited use in gauging results.

blu-ray_box_003The long time span between the first UK screening at the BFI London Film Festival in October of last year, the general release being delayed until February of this year, and then a further 4 months for the home disc release, can’t have helped matters.

The general consensus appears to be that Bone Tomahawk is a very good film, especially for such a low budget production from a first time director (also the writer) S. Craig Zahler.  The stellar cast must have helped in getting the idea to the screen.

No doubt it will quickly become a cult classic now it is available on disc.

Here are links those links again to the Amazon UK DVD and Blu-ray pages.

There is still over a week to go if you want to win a copy of Bone Tomahawk in the format of your choice in a competition on the Scream horror magazine website.  See HERE for details.

Bone Tomahawk On Disc In UK Next Week

blu-ray_box_003 dvd_box_002Monday-week (that’s the Monday after tomorrow for those non-Englanders) the horror western Bone Tomahawk will be released on DVD and Blu-ray formats in the UK.

It hits the shelves, virtual and real, on Monday the 13th of June.

Much to my surprise it looks like I didn’t post this information when I found it out a while back.  I definitely posted about the addition of pages on Amazon’s website back in February but the information then was not complete.  Later the proper date was added.

The prices of the discs has dropped since then to £9.99 (~US$15) for the DVD and £14.99 (~US$22) for the Blu-ray.  Don’t worry if you pre-ordered, you will be charged the lower price at the time of shipping.

If you would like to a copy for free then the website of Scream, the horror magazine, is offering readers an opportunity to win one.  They have 7 Blu-rays and 3 DVDs so there are ten chances to take a price.  You only need to send them an email with your contact details by the 20th of June (a couple of weeks from now) to take part.  See the Scream website HERE for details.

Bone Tomahawk UK DVD/Blu-ray Release?

blu-ray_box_003 dvd_box_002It was released in UK cinemas last Friday and was the recipient of a lot of praise from the critics.

But what of a home release of horror western Bone Tomahawk for those in the United Kingdom?

Well, it’s mixed news.

The division of Amazon based in England now has pages for Bone Tomahawk on both Blu-ray and DVD.  These are very recent additions.  The prices shown at time of writing are £16 (~US$22) and £11.50 (~US$16) respectively.  You can pre-order now.

That’s the good.

The bad is that the released dates for both disc formats are shown as being (again, at time of ‘going to press’) at the very end of December 2016.

I very much doubt that date is correct and I’m going to assume it is a place-holder in lieu of the actual date when it is announced.

If you don’t want to wait that long then you could try acquiring it from one of Britain’s continental neighbours…  The disc region codes are the same and they are likely to include an English language track.  Just sayin’…  Check before purchase though.  Caveat emptor an’ all that.

The box art above and flat versions are in the Gallery.

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