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Wings Of Gold Comes Of Age

pwog_promo_006Pensacola: Wings Of Gold, the CBS network action series revolving around a team of elite soldiers, is 21 today.  Happy Birthday P:WOG!

The show débuted on the 15th of September 1997 and went on to have 3 seasons with a total of 66 episodes.  Kathryn was only the first of those annual runs as much of the cast was changed for season 2.

Last year’s celebratory post here on KM UK went down the route of the materials used to mark wedding anniversaries.  In the modern list 21 years is nickel or brass.  Nickel clearly has links to the US.  Throw the word ‘top’ in front of ‘brass’ and you’ve got a military hierarchy reference.  This stuff writes itself!

For more details on the series and Kathryn’s role in it, see that article from last year. and other P:WOG posts.

To mark this significant event I’ve added a load of new P:WOG content to the KM UK Gallery.  We’ve got promo stills and photos, various miscellaneous images (DVD covers, signed photo etc.), and a few small videos.  Check them all out in the Pensacola: Wings Of Gold section of the Gallery.

pwog_promo_006 pwog_misc_001 PWOG_122_Annalisa_answers_a_question

Wing Of Gold Goes Platinum

pwog_s01e01_071I really wanted to start this piece “aren’t interesting anniversaries fun to talk about?”  I was then going to regale you with list of interesting anniversaries I’d found.  This would then culminate in the frankly obvious, based on the article title and picture above, reference to today being the 20th anniversary of the first showing of the TV series Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.

However, the list of major events going back over 1000 years yielded little in the way of fun.  And sadly, many of the happenings (wars, extreme weather etc.) are still going on today.

Anyhoo.  P:WOG, as we know it here, was one of Kathryn’s first major TV series roles.  She had done a few guest roles including a couple pilot episodes before but this was a lead role in a complete run.  Possibly inspired by Meg Ryan (there are definite similarities) in the the 1996 film Courage Under Fire, Kathryn played Lt. Annalisa “Stinger” Lindstrom, a helicopter pilot in an elite military unit.

The first half of the two-part opening episode premièred on the CBS network (that later brought Kathryn back as a lead in Cold Case) on the 15th of September 1997.  Twenty years ago today.  I understand that platinum is the material of the modern 20th wedding anniversary, hence the title.

P:WOG ran for three seasons of 22 episodes.  Unlike most shows the cast changed significantly each year, which sort of made sense as they were sort of trainees who moved on to other assignments, despite being a task force made up some of the best in the military.  Only James Brolin’s Lt. Col. Bill Kelly was constant throughout the three year run.  Most agree that the first season was the best.  How could it not be?

Of course it wasn’t all Baywatch-style running on beaches, sadly there was only a very small amount of that :-(  Each week the squad were called to help in some mission or other, using their skills to over come issues.  There was time for romance too though.  Annalisa’s will-they-won’t-they relationship with squad-mate A.J. (Salvator Xuereb, twin brother of Emmanuel who was in CC episode The River) featured increasingly as the season went on.

Pensacola: Wings Of Gold is available on DVD if you prepared to look for it.  In these days of binge-watching series why not celebrate this milestone with a P:WOG season one marathon this weekend?

If you don’t have time to do that (who does?) then enjoy all the P:WOG related material in the KM UK Gallery HERE.

Pensacola: Discs Of Silver – European Edition

Every so often I search for older shows of Kathryn’s appearing on DVD just in case anything new turns up.  I certainly didn’t expect a European DVD boxset release of Pensacola: Wings Of Gold to appear.  You can find it here on the Amazon UK site.  I don’t know how long it has been there, it can’t be very long.  I did have my doubts about it, but it’s true, this really is season 1 of P:WOG.

All the images and actor names on the box suggest that it is season 2 or 3, the ones without Kathryn.  However, it does say “Seizoen 1” on the spine of the case.  Yes, this has been put together by a Dutch company, a fact reflected in all the text on the box being in Dutch and the presence of Dutch subtitles, but the soundtracks are in English.  Being European the DVDs are set to Region 2 so the discs are only playable in compatible European DVD players.  Sadly there are no extras, just the 22 episodes.  Make sure you buy a copy immediately.

P:WOG is an action drama series from the 1990s starring James Brolin as Lt. Col. Bill Kelly, a veteran Marine put in charge of a small squad of elite soldiers that take on special missions.  Season 1 saw Kathryn star as Lt. Annalisa Lindstrom, the helicopter pilot extraordinare of the team.

Screencaps from each episode can already be found in the Gallery.  I hope to replace these with new improved versions in the near future.  Previous P:WOG posts can be found here.

KM UK Exclusive! PWOG: The Missing Episode

pwog_s01e15_104Another case closed.

We’re revisiting an early post with this one.  After so long searching I was able to bring to the world exclusive screencaps of Kathryn’s breakthrough TV role as Lt. Annalisa “Stinger” Lindstrom in the TV series Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.  And they turned out to be better than I could ever have imagined.

Unfortunately there was a gap in the set.  Episode 15, Power Play, was MIA.  Well, it’s now been rounded up and capped.  It does not have the shock and awwww of episodes from the beginning and end of the season, but it is still worth a brisk march through.

116 new screencaps have been added to the Gallery.

Reminder: All screencaps on KM UK are exclusive to KM UK and are not to be posted on other websites.

pwog_s01e15_091 pwog_s01e15_110 pwog_s01e15_031

KM UK Exclusive! The Final Pensacola Screencaps & Videos

We finally reach the end of our little journey with Annalisa and the team at Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.  And it really ends with a bang.  Well, a brush.  A brush with… paint on it :-)

Screencaps and video clips from episodes 20-22 have been added to the Gallery.

pwog_s01e20_010 pwog_s01e21_094 pwog_s01e22_217

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