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Pensacola: Discs Of Silver – European Edition

Every so often I search for older shows of Kathryn’s appearing on DVD just in case anything new turns up.  I certainly didn’t expect a European DVD boxset release of Pensacola: Wings Of Gold to appear.  You can find it here on the Amazon UK site.  I don’t know how long it has been there, it can’t be very long.  I did have my doubts about it, but it’s true, this really is season 1 of P:WOG.

All the images and actor names on the box suggest that it is season 2 or 3, the ones without Kathryn.  However, it does say “Seizoen 1” on the spine of the case.  Yes, this has been put together by a Dutch company, a fact reflected in all the text on the box being in Dutch and the presence of Dutch subtitles, but the soundtracks are in English.  Being European the DVDs are set to Region 2 so the discs are only playable in compatible European DVD players.  Sadly there are no extras, just the 22 episodes.  Make sure you buy a copy immediately.

P:WOG is an action drama series from the 1990s starring James Brolin as Lt. Col. Bill Kelly, a veteran Marine put in charge of a small squad of elite soldiers that take on special missions.  Season 1 saw Kathryn star as Lt. Annalisa Lindstrom, the helicopter pilot extraordinare of the team.

Screencaps from each episode can already be found in the Gallery.  I hope to replace these with new improved versions in the near future.  Previous P:WOG posts can be found here.

KM UK Exclusive! PWOG: The Missing Episode

pwog_s01e15_104Another case closed.

We’re revisiting an early post with this one.  After so long searching I was able to bring to the world exclusive screencaps of Kathryn’s breakthrough TV role as Lt. Annalisa “Stinger” Lindstrom in the TV series Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.  And they turned out to be better than I could ever have imagined.

Unfortunately there was a gap in the set.  Episode 15, Power Play, was MIA.  Well, it’s now been rounded up and capped.  It does not have the shock and awwww of episodes from the beginning and end of the season, but it is still worth a brisk march through.

116 new screencaps have been added to the Gallery.

Reminder: All screencaps on KM UK are exclusive to KM UK and are not to be posted on other websites.

pwog_s01e15_091 pwog_s01e15_110 pwog_s01e15_031

KM UK Exclusive! The Final Pensacola Screencaps & Videos

We finally reach the end of our little journey with Annalisa and the team at Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.  And it really ends with a bang.  Well, a brush.  A brush with… paint on it :-)

Screencaps and video clips from episodes 20-22 have been added to the Gallery.

pwog_s01e20_010 pwog_s01e21_094 pwog_s01e22_217

KM UK Exclusive! Yet Still More Pensacola Screencaps & Videos

Nearly there.  Three more episodes (ep17-19) worth of screencaps and videos of Kathryn as Lt. Annalisa “Stinger” Lindstrom have been added to the Pensacola: Wings Of Gold gallery.

Annalisa’s “will they won’t they” relationship with A.J. is really building.  Lots of great smiles and in echo of the recent Stealing Home episode of Cold Case we get Kathryn playing baseball.

pwog_s01e17_013 pwog_s01e18_057 pwog_s01e19_016

Please do leave comments, here and in the Gallery (images can be rated too), it would be good to hear some thoughts on how this new site is going.

KM UK Exclusive! Still More Pensacola Screencaps & Videos

The latest batch of screencaps and video clips of Kathryn in Pensacola: Wings Of Gold are now in the Gallery.  Four episodes worth covering episodes 12-16.  Yes, I know, that’s five episodes not four.  Unfortunately episode 15 is, to go with the military vernacular, AWOL.

pwog_s01e12_056 pwog_s01e14_051 pwog_s01e16_102

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