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Bone Tomahawk HD Screencaps

screencaps_008Most of the information suggested that Bone Tomahawk would be released in US cinemas on Friday, and it would be available via VOD platforms at the same time.

Last week a review on the JoBlo website decried the lack of a cinema release for a film the writer felt needed to be seen on the big screen.

The truth appears to be somewhere in between.

Bone Tomahawk got a very limited theatrical release, possibly on only a dozen or so screens.  Box office numbers have proved difficult to find but there are only so many people that can watch a film at less than 20 cinemas in a few days.  It is not uncommon for a film to screened just once in a particular area to make it count as a cinema release and therefore eligible for awards and such.

A niche film with a lot of brutal violence is always going to be a tough sell to large audiences outside of the special festivals, which Bone Tomahawk has definitely been doing.  The news so far though is that the film has scored well in reviews.  The most common complaints are the length (it’s 132 minutes) and the slow pace in the first half.  That may be deliberate to make the steady ramping up of the pace and the ending more significant.

screencaps_011But what of Kathryn’s role?  I can confirm that she is in two short scenes.  The film script that is floating around that there Internet is accurate.

The first establishes that Sheriff Hunt (Kurt Russell) as a caring type.  His wife Lorna (Kathryn) is not in good health but he’s tried to make her feel better the night before (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, a nod’s as good a wink to a blind bat etc.).  The tender scene is interrupted by a visitor letting the Sheriff know of a problem in the town.

screencaps_018Ten minutes later (in the film) the couple are together in their house again.  The Sheriff is preparing to leave on the rescue mission and Lorna is helping but is clearly very concerned about her husband’s safety.

Neither scene is vital to the plot.  Plenty would have cut them both due to the pacing issue.  However, they do ground the character.  He’s not a super hero.  He’s husband as well as a man who takes the duties that go with the Sheriff’s badge very seriously.  Kathryn does a fine job of course.  That all sounds like Kathryn in Moneyball, but without cutting.

screencaps_038If anyone would like to write a full review of Bone Tomahawk for KM UK then please let me know.  I’d love to publish your thoughts.

I’ve put together a small collection of HD screencaps of Kathryn in Bone Tomahawk.  They are in the Gallery now.

Thanks to horror film fan Fate815 for finding a short clip of one of Kathryn’s scenes on YouTube for you all to see.

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