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The Perfect Guy – Not Just Blue Sky Thinking

poster_005I fear I may have missed the boat by a couple of weeks again.

It has come to my attention that the relationship-gone-wrong thriller The Perfect Guy is being broadcast in the UK on the Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller channel.  Normally I focus on Freeview, but thems the breaks.

For reasons unknown ‘Sky Cinema’ replaced ‘Sky Movies’ as the general name for the satellite network’s film channels.  Personally I thought movies covers the world of films far better.  ‘Cinema’ implies you are attempting to replicate the cinema experience.  Which they won’t do.  Hardly a forward thinking approach in this multi-screen, multi-platform digital age.

I digress.

Earlier today (15th September 2016) the Crime & Thriller channels showed The Perfect Guy.  It will be on again next Tuesday (20th Sept) at the rather tame time of 1:30pm.  Perhaps the scheduler doesn’t understand the irony embedded in the title  :-)

The film will never go down as a classic of the genre but you can’t say it wasn’t a success.  The lead actress (Sanaa Lathan) won a couple of award for her work.  In it’s opening weekend in America it made more than double the production budget.  A little bit more is required for a film to be considered a real financial winner.  However, by the end of November 2015 it had reached more than 4 times those initial costs, and that’s before the international markets and DVD sales are factored in.  That is why there have been several other, very similar films made already.  The studio behind The Perfect Guy, Screen Gems (a division of Sony Pictures), just last week released When The Bough Breaks.  It also stars Morris Chestnut, this time with a very Sanaa Lathan-looking Regina Hall.  The poster’s not a world away either.

I digress, again

Kathryn has a small role in The Perfect Guy as a close friend of Sanaa’s Leah.  Her motherhood get Leah’s biological clock striking the hour gong loudly.  Later they meet for drinks a couple of times. I’ve covered it several times on this site, notably in our review (including HD images) of the film HERE focusing on Kathryn.  The red dress is worth the price of admission alone 😀

Catch Kathryn in The Perfect Guy on the Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller.  Set your Sky+.

The Perfect Guy UK DVD Released

dvd_box_001Looks like I’ll have to file this one under ‘Old News’…

In all the excitement I managed to miss the release of the thriller The Perfect Guy on DVD in the UK earlier this month.  The 14th of March to be more precise.

To be fair to me the Sony Pictures UK website doesn’t seem to list the film.  Even the official YouTube channel for the conglomerate’s division only added the trailer in the past few days.

There doesn’t seem to be an accompanying Blu-ray option for those that prefer to do their film watching at home in full HD.  Some of you may be able to take advantage of releases elsewhere in the world, region coding allowing.

The DVD release of The Perfect Guy is available on the UK version of the Amazon website HERE.

Ithe_perfect_guy_on_set_001n the way of a sweetener for the laxity in bringing this news to you I have added a new photo (as shown on the right) to the KM UK Gallery.  It is of Kathryn on the set of the film with the director David M Rosenthal and the child actor Duncan Joiner.  Duncan plays Zach, the son of Kathryn’s character, who appears in the opening scene and helps set the ball rolling by making Sanaa Lathan’s Leah think about having a child of her own, but her then boyfriend (Morris Chestnut) is unwilling to commit.

Bone Tomahawk & The Perfect Guy Head Home For New Year

blu-ray_box_001 blu-ray_box_001

You wait ages for a new movie starring Kathryn Morris to come out on DVD/Blu-ray and then two come along at once!  Unpossible!

Next you’ll be telling me we may see her in a recurring role in a sci-fi-ish drama series for the USA Network which starts in the new year!  What!?!  Get outta town!

Both Bone Tomahawk and The Perfect Guy make their début on the take home DVD and Blu-ray disc formats tomorrow (29th December 2015).  This is north America only of course.  Links to Amazon’s US website are here and here.

It looks like Germany is due to receive releases of both in the coming weeks too.  It is not clear if there is region coding involved on any of the discs.  So, although I will remind you that it is possible to order discs from other countries (your local Amazon login will work in any regional Amazon website), please be aware the disc may not play in the devices you have.  Also, language could be an issue.  And delivery.

Feel free to let us know of disc releases in your area with a comment below.

The Perfect Guy Full HD Screencaps

The_Perfect_Guy_1080p_091Looking at just the screencaps now in the Gallery of Kathryn in The Perfect Guy you get a slightly different take on the film.

You see a film that could be called ‘Annoying Friend’.

The_Perfect_Guy_1080p_008You are Karen (Kathryn).  It’s your 10th wedding anniversary.  All your friends, including Leah (Sanaa Lathan) and her boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut), are at your great house with a great pool in the hills of LA for a great party.  Your husband gives great speech about your lives.  Great.

Dave is a good guy.  He is good with your child but out of your earshot, as you’ve taken your son to bed, he ruins the moment by using the old “kids are good when you can hand them back to their parents” line.  You’ve spent much time with Leah in the past discussing Dave being unwilling to commit to becoming a husband and father.

As an aside it was good hear the line every parent has said at some point get an airing on the big screen: “say goodnight to everyone” followed by the child responding “goodnight to everyone.”  The old ones.  The ones you’ve heard before.  A lot.

The_Perfect_Guy_1080p_095You know that Leah and Dave broke up on the night of your party, putting a damper on your memories of an otherwise lovely evening.  She made a point of giving you a full account.  Thanks Leah.

Months later, Leah tells you about her new boyfriend Carter.  His name is more interesting for a start so he’s bound to be exciting.  On first acquaintance (image above) he’s a little OTT (over the top) with a PDA (public display of affection) but turns out to be a very nice guy who lives up Leah’s hype.  You nearly overstep the mark during the meeting with some rather personal questions but he takes them in his stride.  Perhaps he really is the one for Leah.

Leah doesn’t contact you for a while because she’s soooo busy with her new perfect boyfriend.  Until she asks to meet you for a drink.  She sounds a little worried about something but you still expect to sit through a lot of The_Perfect_Guy_1080p_120“my boyfriend’s dreamy, he’s so handsome” etc. etc.  But no, she tells you a story about how Carter went psycho on some guy that was just talking to her about the car she was sat in.  You try to convince her to talk to Carter about his behaviour and tell her it was probably just a one off.

Radio silence from Leah again.  Another meeting, this time with another friend included.  Things do sound bad for Leah.  He’s done things.  Creepy things.  Maybe this guy really is nuts.  She should seek help.

And that’s the last you heard from Leah.  You thought of her the other day when you saw a news story about a body found shot dead in an apartment in the area where she lives.  Was deceased a man or a woman?  What was the name of Leah’s building?

You’re probably best rid of her.  She was hard work.


Kathryn’s role in The Perfect Guy was more significant than I thought it would be.  Karen was always described as a friend of Leah and we saw a clip of the lunch meeting in the trailer.  It could easily have ended there.  Instead Karen was the the catalyst of Leah’s initial breakup with Dave, part of the vetting panel that approved the new guy, the one that told her to stick it out with Carter, and then the leader of the “get out” committee.  That still doesn’t add up to much air time but it could have been much less.

Also, I’m very happy to report that ‘the smile’ made several very welcome returns to the big screen.  Less white wine (she’s holding a glass of the stuff in half the scenes) and more of the red dress (she’s sat down most of the time for godness sake!) would have been good too :-)

A set of Full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn in The Perfect Guy are now in the Gallery.

The Perfect Guy is out on DVD and Blu-ray in America just after Xmas.  The US Amazon site has available for pre-order here.  No doubt the film’s success will continue into the home market.

The Perfect Guy Could Be A Winner

poster_005By the end of November The Perfect Guy‘s box office take had risen to around $60m, five times the reported production budget.  The DVD/Blu-ray sales, due to start just after Xmas, can only help push it higher.

That sort of success is bound to attract attention to all those involved.

The film will have garnered a bit more interest yesterday (8th December) when the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP) announced the nominees for the 47th running of its annual Image Awards.

The NAACP has put forward both The Perfect Guy leads for awards.  Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy appear in their respective Outstanding Actor/Actress category.  Michael is up against the likes of Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) and Will Smith (Men In Black).  Sanaa is vying with Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder) and Zoe Saldana (Avatar) amongst others.

Their co-star Morris Chestnut has missed out on actor or supporting actor in film nominations but gets one for acting in the TV series Rosewood.

For obvious reasons Kathryn does not figure, and was no doubt not even considered, for the supporting category.

The film itself is not in the shortlist of five films up for Outstanding Motion Picture.

The awards ceremony is due to take place on the 5th of February 2016.  Good luck to all the nominees.

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