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Terminator Salvation Première Photo + Video Update

terminator_salvation_47Told you “we’d be back!”  😎

The film studios made many returns to the Terminator franchise, and will no doubt be doing so again all to soon, so I think I can get away with making a quick second visit in as many weeks to the US première of Terminator Salvation.  The last time was here.

It is well worth doing so I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you don’t fall in love even just a little bit with Kathryn after looking at the picture on the right then you must be some sort of unfeeling robot.

Even people with those artificial hearts that mean you have no heartbeat must feel their pulse quicken at such a sight.

What could be better than seeing someone you like so much look so full of joy, whilst also looking so beautiful?  Nothing I tell you, nothing!

This time we focus on new close-ups and some videos.  Yes, I’ve added some short videos which include Kathryn on the red carpet at this event.  Don’t forget the 4 new photos too.

They are all in Gallery now.

Like Hollywood, I can’t promise not to come back to this one in the future, or is it the past? :-)

terminator_salvation_48 terminator_salvation_49 terminator_salvation_red_carpet_004

Terminator Salvation Première Photo Update

terminator_salvation_39It is fair, and a little punny, to say that photos from this event kill me every time.

We’re looking back seven, yes 7, years to May the 14th 2009 when Kathryn attended the US première of Terminator Salvation.

The film was set to reboot the franchise with a new John Connor in the form of Batman, aka Christian Bale.  It didn’t really succeed.  They tried again in 2015, this time with Arnold Schwarzenegger back involved as well as Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor.  I don’t think that one worked either.  No doubt there are plans for another in the series though.  Hollywood just can’t let a possible cash-cow go.  Next they’ll be trying to make a sequel to Beetlejuice!  They are?

Anyhoo.  The film may not have given the fans what they wanted but Kathryn on the red carpet certainly did!

She looked stunning in her little red dress and similarly sparing use of make-up and simple hair style.  What could be better?

It’s all there.  Including a some lovely smiles.

I’ve added 9 more images from the event to the Gallery for you to feast your eyes upon.  If you dare!

To quote the big man:  “We’ll be back” to this one in the future.

terminator_salvation_40 terminator_salvation_43 terminator_salvation_45

CBS Summer TCA Party 2009

cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_010Or, to give it its full title the ‘CBS, CW, CBS Television Studios & Showtime TCA Party’.  Or, to give it a fuller title still, that would be the ‘Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS/Warner, Columbia Broadcasting System Television Studios & Showtime Televisions Critics Association’.  But what about the CBS in the middle of that?  Do these initialisations never end?!? :-)

The Television Critics Association events take place twice a year to promote new shows across the various networks.  The American TV system does seem to be very organised about such things, following a set pattern annually.

If the CBS pilot show The Surgeon General, which Kathryn starred in, had been picked up to series for the fall 2013 season we could very well have seen Kathryn at last week’s Summer TCA.  Sadly neither was to be.

Instead we’re going to look back to 2009 for a little Gallery update.  I last posted about this public appearance back in 2010 in a wider update covering the same year.

Four years ago Kathryn was not, as far as I can tell, in Pasadena (where these TCA events take place) to push Cold Case specifically.  She did attend the after-party as one of the CBS family.  These photos are from the red carpet arrivals.  Yes, yes, as you can see below the carpet was not red  :-)

The four new photos you see around this post now join the existing collection in the Gallery.

cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_008 cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_009 cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_011

2009 Creative Arts Emmys Photos & Video Update

creative_arts_emmys_031It is just under a week away but we just couldn’t help but open one of our Easter eggs early.  Only the best quality, whiter than white chocolate of course.  It might be very finely wrapped but sometimes you just want to rip it open to get the sweet goodness inside.  Nom, nom, nom… 😀

Where were we?  Oh yes, we have a little photo and video update today from an event gone by.  It’s odd how the mind works sometimes  😉

Three years ago to the day it was just over 6 months since we first covered this event the Creative Arts Emmys from 2009.  Back on March the 25th, 2010 we updated our Gallery with a video of Kathryn presenting an award at the ceremony, and screencaps taken from it.  We’d previously carried photos from the red carpet in the days after the event happened.

Kathryn looked so stunning in her very off the shoulder dress so it is requires little excuse to make repeat visits to the images.  So that’s what we’re doing today.

We have added a total of 14 new and updated photos of Kathryn arriving at the Nokia Theatre to our Gallery.  For those keeping count numbers 13, 14, 15 and 28 have been super-sized.  The rest, 30 to 39, are new.  Some are large, some less so.  The descriptions below each image mark the additions and changed ones.  They are all worth a look, of course.

Surely that’s enough one day?  (It is, and don’t call me Shirley.)  But, no.  Much like the KM UK Award winning dress we see here, our cup runneth over  😉

We also have a small extra video of Kathryn on said carpet.  We can see that she is being interviewed by E!, though this isn’t a video of the interview.  The cameraman we see in shot is a little more gentlemanly/professional and doesn’t appear to pause part way down like the last guy 😮

creative_emmys_039 creative_arts_emmys_2009_024 arrivals_02

Annual HD Update – 2009 (Part 2)

creative_emmys_002I don’t think I need to say much about this set of updates 😉  I think covered it last time.  12 updates, 8 of them huge, to images from the Creative Emmy’s arrivals album, part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD.

Oh yes, there are also many updates in the Monte Carlo Television Festival Cocktail Party (2 of 3) and Environmental Media Awards (all 34) albums, one of Kathryn’s few fashion mis-steps :-(


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