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Kathryn Has A Sunny Composition

the_perfect_not_ep7_004I’ve spent quite a lot of time the past day or so trying to work out how to approach this post.  I just couldn’t seem to come up with a simple hook to get going.  So, let’s start just go through the facts from the beginning.

The ever vigilant Kareen_T spotted Kathryn making an oh-so brief cameo in a video recently posted on YouTube.  The 5 minute long clip is of a clearly very talent musician playing the piano in a shop called Accident & Artifact in San Francisco, California.  The pianist’s name is Srawat “Sunny” Promyotin, CEO of Black Media.

The piece Sunny is playing is the 7th in a series of improvised pieces with the collective name of The Perfect Note.  After Sunny completes his performance the camera pans around to find our favourite lady sat near by.  She smiles that wonderful smile of hers, waves to the camera, and claps.  What’s all that about?  It is very curious.

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Kathryn Asked The Question Then

It finally happened!  Only taking 3 months from the earlier post announcing the various celebs that would be appearing at some point during the season.

Yesterday (13 Jan 2010) Kathryn made her brief (hey! I only typed it, you’re thinking it 😉 ) appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Screencaps and a Maximum Morris edit (all Kathryn, all the time!) video can be found in the Gallery.  The quality isn’t great, I’m looking for better.  Readers of a nervous disposition should be aware that the video and the screencaps contain the answer to the question.

Thanks go to norvalDNA for posting the original video on YouTube here.

who_wants_to_be_millionaire_002 who_wants_to_be_millionaire_012 who_wants_to_be_millionaire_019

Kathryn Asks The Questions Now

Lilly will have to step aside as Kathryn gets her chance to ask the difficult questions.

Kathryn will one of the celebrities asking the Celebrity Question on the upcoming new season of the US version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  The new season starts on 9th November 2009.

Three to four Celebrity Questions will be featured each week on Millionaire and will be ‘mid-level’ in monetary value. Other celebrities who will be featured this season include Kathryn Morris (Cold Case), Rob Morrow (Numb3rs), Tim Gunn (Project Runway), Kathy Griffin, Regis Philbin (LIVE! with Regis and Kelly), Jo Frost (Supernanny), Mario Lopez (Extra), Larry King, Elizabeth Vargas (ABC News), Al Roker (Today Show), Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice), Emily Procter (CSI Miami), Joy Behar (The View and The Joy Behar Show), Pauley Perrette (NCIS) and Gilles Marini (Brothers & Sisters), among others.

Read the full press release here at Reuters.  It’s reproduced in full after the jump.
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Xena Part 2 – The Convert

Xena_S04E18_155Previously on KM UK:  Crusader.

Najara’s back.  Makes a change from her front, which made up much of the focus of the earlier episode 😉

Again I have to display my ignorance of the Xenaverse.  I believe that the Najara character had such an impact that they decided to bring her back.  What I do know is that that means more Kathryn :-)

Najara’s back and this time it’s slightly less personal.

More screencaps and a video clip can be found in the Gallery.

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Xena Part 1 – Crusader

Xena_S04E08_110The Gallery

You’re reading this?  Why?  The image above wasn’t enough to make you go straight to the Gallery?  The image is a link to the Gallery (as is that).  I even put an extra link right under the image to make it very clear and to save you scrolling down through the text to find it!

Still reading?  Really?  So I have to write some more text?  Damn!

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