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Reverie Episode 1 Promo Photos!


Yes!  Now I’m in a reverie 😉

NBC have released a set of promotional photographs from the first episode of the sci-fi-ish drama Reverie.

Most of them understandably are focusing on the lead actress Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest) as Mara Kint, a hostage negotiator brought in to a hi-tech VR company to help rescue users.  However, three of them the images give us our first proper glimpse of our Kathryn in her role as Monica Shaw of the Department Of Defence.  And that’s what we’ll focus on here on KM UK.

All three images show Kathryn sat at a restaurant table with Dennis Haysbert’s Charlie Ventana.  Charlie is working for the Reverie tech company.  It is he who contacted Mara for help.  It seems that Charlie is also involved in dealing with the DoD’s interest in the technology.

May 30th seems so far away now!

The three new photos are now in the KM UK Gallery.

promo_001 promo_002

Yet Another Reverie Promo Video: Sneak Peek

trailer_003NBC are really churning out these promo videos.

Today we have an extended video that they’ve called a ‘sneak peek’ of the new drama series Reverie.

It is over 2 minutes long, as opposed to the 30 seconds of the previous two.  We get little more of the set up, an extended voice over by Dennis Haysbert, and Jessica Lu and Sendhil Ramamurthy featuring in extra scenes. They are giving a great sense of the plot.

And yet, and it pains me to say it, still no sign of Kathryn. Arrrgggh!

This latest video joins the others in the KM UK the Gallery.

Another Reverie Promo Video

trailer_003Another day, another NBC promo video for the upcoming TV show Reverie.

This makes number three, or two if you go by the more official count.

Again, this is 30 seconds of footage from the programme.  Some bits are the same as number 2 (aka 1) but there is new stuff as well.  A small copy is in the Gallery.

Still no sign of our Kathryn though :-(

Roll on the May 30th.

Reverie Promo Video

poster_004With just over a month to go until the première of the sci-fi-ish drama Reverie it seems that the NBC network have started the process of promoting the show.  In a small way at least.

Over night (UK time) a short trailer was broadcast.  KM UK has managed to obtain a copy of the 30 second video.  You can find it in the gallery.

trailer_002Although some elements are, not surprisingly, the same as the trailer first seen 11 months ago (yes, it is that long!) this new promo is largely made up of new clips.

Sadly it does not contain even the slightest glimpse of Kathryn.  They are clearly keeping the best stuff to themselves for now :-)

Reverie, starring Person Of Interest‘s Sarah Shahi as a former hostage negotiator tasked with talking people in to leaving a fully immersive VR simulator, is due to début on the 30th of May in America.

Reverie Actual Première Date!

poster_003Finally!  A première!

The show based around virtual reality gets an actual release date!

NBC have put all the delays and speculation to an end and announced the date and time the first episode of the sci-fi-ish drama series Reverie will be shown.  They made a graphic and everything (see above)!

Make a note in your diaries of Wednesday, the 30th of May, at 10pm on the NBC network.

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