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The Perfect Guy – Not Just Blue Sky Thinking

poster_005I fear I may have missed the boat by a couple of weeks again.

It has come to my attention that the relationship-gone-wrong thriller The Perfect Guy is being broadcast in the UK on the Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller channel.  Normally I focus on Freeview, but thems the breaks.

For reasons unknown ‘Sky Cinema’ replaced ‘Sky Movies’ as the general name for the satellite network’s film channels.  Personally I thought movies covers the world of films far better.  ‘Cinema’ implies you are attempting to replicate the cinema experience.  Which they won’t do.  Hardly a forward thinking approach in this multi-screen, multi-platform digital age.

I digress.

Earlier today (15th September 2016) the Crime & Thriller channels showed The Perfect Guy.  It will be on again next Tuesday (20th Sept) at the rather tame time of 1:30pm.  Perhaps the scheduler doesn’t understand the irony embedded in the title  :-)

The film will never go down as a classic of the genre but you can’t say it wasn’t a success.  The lead actress (Sanaa Lathan) won a couple of award for her work.  In it’s opening weekend in America it made more than double the production budget.  A little bit more is required for a film to be considered a real financial winner.  However, by the end of November 2015 it had reached more than 4 times those initial costs, and that’s before the international markets and DVD sales are factored in.  That is why there have been several other, very similar films made already.  The studio behind The Perfect Guy, Screen Gems (a division of Sony Pictures), just last week released When The Bough Breaks.  It also stars Morris Chestnut, this time with a very Sanaa Lathan-looking Regina Hall.  The poster’s not a world away either.

I digress, again

Kathryn has a small role in The Perfect Guy as a close friend of Sanaa’s Leah.  Her motherhood get Leah’s biological clock striking the hour gong loudly.  Later they meet for drinks a couple of times. I’ve covered it several times on this site, notably in our review (including HD images) of the film HERE focusing on Kathryn.  The red dress is worth the price of admission alone 😀

Catch Kathryn in The Perfect Guy on the Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller.  Set your Sky+.

Sunday Fest For The Coin In The Northeast

northeast_film_festival_logo_330x330You have had the original news article.

You have seen the update regarding the screening time.

Which means that this post must the final reminder a day or two before the event.

Yes, this coming Sunday (11th September) Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin, a mainstay of this website since July of 2012, is getting another airing.

The Northeast Film Festival in New Jersey USA opens its doors just a couple of hours after this post was first published.  It starts today (9th September) at 10am local time with a some documentaries and ends on Sunday night with an awards gala event.

The Coin is up for an award (Christopher Lloyd in the ‘Best Actor In A Short’ category) so the film could be taking away some more silver to add to it’s substantial collection.

If you’re in the area of New Jersey and have some free time this weekend the festival might well be worth a visit.  Full details of screens and venues are on the event’s website HERE.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – August 2016

August is getting a double Thoms up in KM UK’s latest look at the continuing careers of the wider Cold Case cast.

Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC) is very much the sleeping giant of this regular feature.  We don’t get to talk about him much as we’d like to in these monthly round-ups.  So, when we do we try to give him top billing.  Thom has been cast in a short film called Casting in the role of ‘Casting Director’.  At 20 minutes it is quite long for a short.  A medium?  The description of the plot is short though: “A young, innocent girl is lured into a dark world.”  With that title and Thom’s character name I think we can assume it is related to the business called show.  You may not want to hide behind the couch for this one as it might be part of the set.  Notably amongst the cast is the Irish pop star Samantha Mumba (The Time Machine).  She’s done a bit of acting before but with her character down as ‘Samantha Mumba’ her Thespian skills may not be required.  The release date is also short: 2017.

July’s update was lacking a key bit of new regarding our other featured star of the month:  Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC).  Tracie’s web series Send Me, which is about people going back in time to witness slavery first hand, has been nominated for an Emmy award.  The organisation has started to recognise works released like this.  The nod is for Tracie herself in the ‘Outstanding Actress In Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series’ category.  Congratulations to her and the rest of the team involved.

Previously we’ve mentioned The Watcher (nee Raven’s Watch), a thriller starring Tracie, and it receiving a festival release in October.  As well as that it will be broadcast by the Lifetime network in the US in the same month, and Netflix in November.  The cast includes Erin Cahill (the 1919 Francis Stone in Cold Case episode ‘Torn’), Obba Babatundé (Dr. Octavius Leroy in CC‘s ‘Shuffle, Ball Change’), John Billingsley (George Marks in CC‘s ‘The Woods’ and ‘Mind Hunters’), and Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

I’m sure this segment has been called ‘brain dead’, especially with all the mentions of theh TV show BrainDead in recent months.  Danny Pino in a lead role was the initial excuse for that but the Sunday before last (21st August) saw Tracie in a guest starring role as a private investigator digging up dirt for a senator.  BrainDead is not expected to get a second season so make the most of the final three still to come.

Let’s end with a quick short.  In August 2015’s CCCC-up I mentioned a short film starring Tracie called Injection.  Well, the film was screened at the Oregon Short Film Festival yesterday (30th Aug).  It may have been the première, it is not clear.  What is clear is that the film is up for three awards, though Tracie is not up for Best Actress or Support Actress.  The movie is about a woman receiving a mysterious package and her quest to discover what the contents is.  Julie McNiven (Mad Men) stars with Jim Beaver (Supernatural), and David Blue (SGU Stargate Universe), amongst others.

The Coin @ Northeast Film Festival

northeast_film_festival_logo_330x330The Northeast Film Festival in New Jersey USA has released their schedule for the 2016 running of the event.

So we can now confirm what the writer/director Fabien Martorell had already mentioned:  his short film The Coin will be screened on Sunday, the 11th of September

The Teaneck Cinemas in Teaneck township of Bergen County will be hosting a group of eleven short films (two described as being as little as 1 minute long) from 2pm.

The Christopher Lloyd (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Kathryn starring film is listed as being the last of the set in a slot that could be as much as 2 hours long in to.  Tickets are available via the official event website HERE from $12.

As is often the case at these festivals there is a closing gala with a collection of awards covering such areas as acting, directing and screenplay for features and shorts.  Sadly The Coin‘s only nod is for Christopher in the ‘Best Actor In A Short’ category.  He competes with fellow nominees Lance Henrikson (his slightly less zany alter ego?) and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost).  The ‘Best Actress In A Short’ is missing Kathryn but does include luminaries Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Lost‘s Sonya Walger.  Henry and Sonya are both up for a short called Visible.

Happy 3rd Birthday Boys


Happy Birthday to Jameson & Rocco

Three years, two boys, one day.  Best wishes from everyone at KM UK.

There’s been a small spate of Cold Case-related birthdays recently.

We managed to let Jeremy Ratchford’s get passed us without remark at the beginning of the month.  Apologies.  And, just a couple of days ago it was the turn of Tracie Thoms to have an anniversary.  KM UK added its own congrats to the Twitter throng.

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