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Cold Case S01E15 – Disco Inferno Promo Update

promo_001I don’t think I’d be speaking out of turn too say that ‘Disco Inferno’ is a firm fan favourite amongst Cold Case episodes.  Feel free to let me know either way with a comment below.

At episode 15 of season one the show was into its stride.  The format is bedded in, no doubt with changes implemented after viewer feedback from the early part of the season.  The flashbacks have developed in length and complexity.  Danny Pino is settled in as the new partner Scotty Valens.

It is one of the few episodes where we get to see Lilly enjoying herself.  ADA Kite takes her dancing and we get some lovely shots of that as well as Lilly’s sighting of ‘the ghost of victims past’.

This promo image upgrade post, part of the KM UK run through season one 15 years since first airing, involves two pictures.  The first (above) is a significant increase in image size.  The 2nd (below) is all new, and equally big.  Find them both in the Gallery.  I know, they are not of the disco scene :-(  Check out the screencaps in the gallery to re-live those memories.


Be My Valentine


To Kathryn,
with great affection

Happy Valentine’s Day

These days we seem be ever more narrowing our focus on the ‘app’ rather than looking at the wider picture of ‘happy’.  Why don’t we try being Kinder to each other instead of the digital alternatives?

Anyway, after a number of years doing this I’m beginning to suspect that these entreaties are not having the desired effect.  Perhaps persistence becomes endearing, eventually?

Will you be my Valentine this year, Kathryn?  It doesn’t to be today, if you’re busy, tomorrow’s OK too :-)

I’ve gone back Zoé’s amazing banner image this year.  It just works so well and will always be one my favourite images.  It shows what the Fan Art section of KM UK Gallery is for.  Thanks again to Zoé.

Resurrection Of A Cheerleader

doac_27A great (and I use the word advisedly) tradition of the media industry is remaking older tv shows/films/etc. and I’ve found out that the Lifetime Network in the US has been at it.  The new TV movie was first aired at the weekend.

To be fair to them they’ve not ‘done a Spider-man’ and made a three versions in less than 20 years.  Lifetime went back to 1994 for Death Of A Cheerleader, also known as A Friend To Die For.  Based on a true story, the drama dealt with the murder of a high-school girl by one of her classmates.  Kathryn had a small role as a Goth teenager, bullied for being different by our victim the popular girl as played by Tori Spelling.  It was one of Kathryn’s early on screen performances.

Often in these remakes they like to try and draw in fans of the original by casting someone from it in the new one.  As the actor will have aged it often means a child in the first becomes a parent, possibly of the same character.  From what I can see they haven’t done that, but they have cast Kellie Martin, the original teen killer, as a police detective in the remake.  I guess they can go with the idea of her having to catch her teenage self.  Sadly they didn’t go for Kathryn as well.  She could have been a cool art teacher with a dark streak, or an English teacher keen on Gothic horrors.  Oh well.

2019’s DOAC will have a number of updates brought about by a quarter of a century of of changes.  I’m sure mobilephones and social media play their parts, along with some adjustments to take into account the way we view certain behaviours etc.

But rather than me make pronouncements on a TV movie I haven’t seen why not read a review of the new version of Death Of A Cheerlader by Mads Lennon (now that’s a name!) over at the Hidden Remote website HERE.

As a comparison why not check out Trevor Wells’ article about the original 1994, conveniently posted very recently, on the Geeks Media site HERE.

They both mention Kathryn and her character so get props from us.

KM UK briefly covered Death Of A Cheerleader way back in 2011 HERE.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – January 2019

tracie_thoms_001_430x180The early new year period is always likely to be a bit quiet on the show business news front, but we’ll find a way to push through.  It’s January 2019 and this is the latest of KM UK’s round-up of news about the Cold Case cast and their on-going careers.

Let’s start the year as we will almost certain continue it: by discussing Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) first of all.  Looks like we have some evidence of a new project Tracie is lined up to be involved in.  It is a film (I think) called 10-13 (the police code for shots fired) and is in pre-production with writer/director David Zayas.  David will be known to many of you for his acting work in things like Dexter (he was cop Angel Batista in the show).  Amazingly, I’ve found an interview from 2012 where David talks about undertaking the daunting task of translating 10-13 to the screen having written it as play for his own theatre company.  It shows how long these things can take.  Confusingly, that interview primarily talks about a film he was called 13, an American remake of a 2005 Georgian movie called 13 Tzameti (which is Georgian for 13).  Tracie is listed as playing ‘Captain Romero’, alongside Richard Kind (Spin City) and Mekhi Phifer (ER).  Despite more than 7 years having passed since this project was first mooted, it is still early days.  One for us to keep an eye as the year progresses.

It’s the first post of a new year and we’re already having to hark back to previous years.  Last January we talked about the drama series Gone, which starred Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC) as an FBI agent, getting a release in Germany.  In these days of global simultaneous releases and instant access to whole seasons Gone has… gone… a different route.  Despite being something of a pan-global production release dates were sparse.  Australia got the ball rolling in November 2017.  A première for it’s home country has finally been made known.  Feb 27th on the WGN America network is the date.  9pm is the time.  There are 12 episodes of the NBCUniversal produced series.  Leven Rambin (The Hunger Games) and Chris Noth (The Good Wife) co-star.  Speaking of global releases I’ve just noticed that Mayans M.C., the sort of prequel to hit series Sons Of Anarchy, starts on BBC2 in the UK on Saturday (2nd Feb) night with 2 episodes back-to-back.


banner_177_800x376_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

From all your fans at KM UK

Every so often one of those special birthdays comes around.  One that is seen as more significant than others.  Today is one of those days.  It’s Kathryn’s birthday!  What did you think I was going to say?  I would never!

Having been in Reverie, we hope that Kathryn is in a reverie today of all days.

As has become tradition here on KM UK we like to mark such a special occasion with some fan-created artwork.  Uber-fan Diane (who recently celebrated her own birthday) has kindly supplied us with the image above.  She drew from promotional images of Kathryn’s appearance in the TV show Reverie to give us the banner seen above.

This new picture joins the many hundreds of wallpapers, banners, avatars etc. that can be found KM UK fan art gallery. All contributions, on any or no topic, are welcome.  Contact me if you’d like to see your works of art included.

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