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It’s That Date, KM UK Is 8!

CC_100th_430x200Happy Birthday to KM UK!

Amazingly KM UK (this very site) has been running for longer than Cold Case did.  As usual I’ve wheeled out the picture above showing the CC squad celebrating their 100th episode, a mere 2/3 of the way through the 7-season long run.

The past year has been relatively quiet on the Kathryn-front but the coming 12 months sees a movie and a new TV series on the way.  And that is just what we know about at this stage.  Lots to look forward to.

I won’t bore you with loads of figures but amazingly this little site of mine continues to receive over 1 million hits per year.

Thank you to all our visitors.

Reverie Trailer

artwork_002We have video.  Moving pictures made up of a series of still frames played in rapid sequence to give the illusion of movement!

trailer_001A promotional trailer for Reverie has escaped into the wild.  The two minute long piece gives, as expected, a pretty good over view of the set up, plot, and style of the show.

In another good news/bad news situation Kathryn does not appear, at all.

Find the video in the KM UK Gallery.

Reverie To Be ‘Mid-Season’ (boo!)

artwork_001As NBC can give and NBC can, not so much take away, but move to one side.

On Friday we got the official statement that the new NBC network VR-based drama series Reverie had been selected from the many to become a series.

Last night that statement gained a ‘but’.

The primetime schedules were released showing where each existing and new programme would fit into the 8pm – 11pm lives of the American television viewers in September.

Notable by its absence was the Mickey Fisher (Extant) created, Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest) starring, Reverie.  This meant the show would be held over to be a ‘mid-season’ release instead.

Mid-season is purposefully vague.  If things go well for the planned line-up then Reverie will likely not see the light of day until the new year.  However, if something happens, such as a new show absolutely tanking in the ratings (that’s a bad thing) then Reverie could be brought in off the subs bench to fill in.  It would suggest a relatively short series order initially too.

So, not great news but a little disappointing after the great news that Reverie had been selected to become a series.

Network promotional ‘Upfront’ events have been happening today (15th May) in New York.  At the time of publishing Reverie has not really featured but Sarah and co-star Dennis Haysbert (24) are present.  Kathryn does not appear to be.

Some official Reverie artwork (one item of which can be seen above) has been added to the KM UK Gallery.

Reverie Gets Picked Up

on_set_001The ‘further developments’ I ended my last post on Reverie have come to pass.

In the past few days it became clear that many of the NBC pilots were falling by the way-side, leaving Reverie a very likely winner.

Now it has been confirmed that the NBC network is putting the finishing touches to it’s fall/autumn season and has chosen to ‘pick up’ Reverie ‘to series’.

Congratulations to all involved.

Let’s hope this sees Kathryn return to the small screen.  We’ve missed her so much.

The show starring Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest) will go into production over the summer for broadcast towards the end of the year.

The show centres, not surprisingly, around Sarah’s Mara Kint, a behaviourist and ex-cop who is asked to help save people ‘trapped’ in a virtual reality system.  There’s a tragic back-story for Mara as well, of course.

Kathryn plays Monica Shaw of the defence department who is interested in making use, no doubt nefarious, of the troublesome VR.  Dennis Haysbert (24), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Lucky Man), and Jessica Lu (Awkward.) co-star.

A lot can happen between now and September, but let’s go into the weekend enjoying this good news.  Let’s face it, we could do with some.

‘You Get Me’ To Be Gettable In June

you_get_me_poster_002Awesomeness Films, the production company behind the thriller teen drama You Get Me, has announced a movie deal with the subscription streaming service Netflix.

Not to blow our own trumpet too much but back in February here on KM UK we noted that the Bella Thorne-starrer was headed in that direction.

The only logical conclusion to draw from that piece of information was that it was likely to be released exclusively on the online only network.  Why else would Netflix put its name to it?

Now the deal has been confirmed we can finally put an actual date on when the film will be available to all subscribers:  16th June 2017.

What we still don’t know at this point is the part Kathryn plays in this Fatal Attraction-style drama based amongst high-school students.  Or, for that matter the other adult character played by recent NCIS addition Jennifer Esposito.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon as the mid-June release date approaches.

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