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KM In You Get Me On IMDb & Netflix Pickup

imdb_logo_100x100It’s a little thing but it makes a big difference.

Nearly a year ago, almost in passing, it was announced that Kathryn was due to have a role in the upcoming teen-thriller You Get Me.  It’s a vehicle for young stars Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!), Halston Sage (Bad Neighbours), and Nash Grier (The Deleted).  The plot sounds a bit Fatal Attraction, set in high school.

Kathryn’s name was dropped into reports of the cast expanding alongside the recent NCIS addition Jennifer Esposito.  Subsequent reports didn’t mention Kathryn and it felt increasingly likely that her part had suffered at the hands of the editing process, never to see the light of day.

Now we have the small but important piece of evidence that we may yet see what ever character Kathryn is playing in this movie (at the time of writing we don’t yet have a character name or any description of the role).  Kathryn has been added to the listed cast of You Get Me on the Internet Movie Database website (IMDb).  It may not seem much but it carries some weight.  The film’s page is HERE.

The other piece of news evident from the information on the IMDb page is that You Get Me is now a Netflix movie, suggesting the film will be released exclusively on the streaming platform.  Still no signs of a release date though.

Be My Valentine, Or Not


To Kathryn, with a healthy detachment

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Kathryn @ Tyler Ellis 5th Anniversary & New Collection Launch

Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_008YAY!  SHE’S BACK!

Well… she was two weeks ago.  Who know’s where Kathryn’s been since then?

It is a very long time ago that I was last able to headline a post with “Kathryn @” and then post pictures from a just happened event.  That’s because it was a long time ago.  Almost exactly two whole years.

But let’s not dwell on lack of past and focus on the… err… past.  It’s just soooo good to see her again.

On the 31st of January Kathryn attended a launch party for the Tyler Ellis fashion brand’s latest range of handbags, the Petra Flannery Collection, and combined 5th anniversary celebration.

As you can see Kathryn, looking lovely of course, went in an interestingly patterned red and black dress with a leather jacket she clearly stole from a child as it is so small :-)  And we know Kathryn is petite.  As you can tell I  know nothing about fashion but I can do my research.  I believe the bag Kathryn is holding in several of the photos is, appropriately enough, a Aimee large clutch bag from Tyler Ellis’s Infinity Bar collection.  Not the cheap plastic bag I carry things around in.  Those Cold Case royalty cheques don’t spend themselves :-)

You can view Tyler Ellis’s website to look at nice things you can’t afford HERE.

But enough of me waffling.  There are now 20 new images in the Gallery.  Enjoy.

Thanks so much to Becca for going to the trouble of letting me know what I’d manage to miss so that I could pass it on to you all.

Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_016 Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_019 Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_020

Colony On UK DVD Tomorrow

colony_season_1_dvd_artwork_003After the false start a couple of weeks ago it is looking at season one of the USA network sci-fi-ish drama series Colony might actually be hitting the shelves tomorrow (6th February 2017) here in the UK.

Any further delays and we may have to sending people to the factory.  No green-zone for them!  :-)

The Amazon UK page for the disc is definitely showing the release date as tomorow and allowing pre-orders at time of writing.  Be quick and choose the fastest/most expensive shipping option and you could have on the day.

Season two of Colony has reached the fourth episode in America and, very much as predicted, there has been no mention of Kathryn’s character Charlotte.  Press releases and promo images for upcoming episodes have given us no suggestion that that will change.  Charlotte’s husband (Adrian Pasdar) is shacked up with the woman (the lead character’s sister-in-law) she introduced him to in season one.  We have been getting more insight into the labour camps though.

It should be noted that in a flashback to the initial invasion, the construction of the wall around the Los Angeles ‘block’ the Bowman family (Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies plus kids) live in was shown.  It was a very quick process of dropping large pre-assembled segments into place.  I would imagine that the realities of sealing an even longer border with such an erection may be a little more difficult and time consuming.  But it is fiction after all.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – January 2017

Wow!  It’s the end of January already.  1/12th of the year has gone.  Somehow it simultaneously feels like it’s passed so quickly and yet taken so very long.  Has it been long enough to get some new news about the on going careers of the wider Cold Cast cast.  Welcome to the first CCCC-up of 2017.

Let’s start the year with some great news.

We don’t often get to headline with Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera on CC) but it wasn’t long ago (November in fact) that we last did so.  Then it was do with a guest starring role in the TV series Chicago P.D.  This time it is because of the movie Small Town Crime.  Previously we mentioned STC last May as Jeremy found himself cast amongst such luminaries as John Hawkes (Deadwood) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures).  Early in the new year STC was one of the first films announced to première at the 2017 SXSW (South By Southwest) film festival which takes place in Austin, Texas in March.  SXSW is a big event that gets a lot of media attention.  STC is thriller involving the murder of a young woman and an alcholic ex-cop (Hawkes).

Jeremy’s movie premiering in a few months has pushed Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) in to second place in our run-down this month.  That doesn’t mean she has been anything other than incredibly busy as always though.  No sir.  But where to start?  First up there was promotion for the release of the CD soundtrack of stage musical Falsettos that Tracie has been a part of.  The 2 disc set of over 30 songs is not an audio recording of one of the regular performances.  They were studio recordings done especially for the CDs.  It is available from all good (and probably some not so good) retailers (including outside the US) now.  As well as that one of the stage performances was filmed for broadcast at a later date on the American PBS network.

Speaking of stage shows, Tracie did two nights (11th and 14th) of her one woman show in the 54 Below club.  I’m sure the crowd loved it.  Speaking of love, Tracie also let it be known that production has begun on the second season of the Netflix romdramedy (I just made that up:  romance, drama, comedy) Love.  The show stars Community alum Gillian Jacobs and Comedy Bang! Bang! star and writer Paul Rust, who also created and wrote Love along with Judd Apatow (so many comedies) and Leslie Arfin (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).  Love season one was released last February and is available on Netflix.  The new run lands in early March, just as the SXSW festival starts in fact.

Barely pausing for breath after returning to Los Angeles, and before we saw Love back in her life, Tracie was working on a short film called Top Ramen by Rebecca Hertz.  It appears that Tracie plays the mother of two girls.  Beyond that we don’t know much.

A film we do know more about is C.R.E.A.M: The American Dream.  Tracie will have to spend some time in Florida to make this drama centred around the gangs of the criminal underworld in Miami.  The story is said to be based on a housing project specifically built for low-income African-Americans which suffered a drug wars problem in the late 1990s.  To answer the question I had as well, it stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me.  The film written by Juan William Jackson and David Haynes is still in the pre-production stages so we’re a way of seeing any release date.

A new promo video for the new CBS legal drama Doubt removes some of the… er… doubt I had about seeing John Finn (John Stillman in CC) in an earlier video.  I’m even more convinced it is him but there is still a question mark.  John has been listed in the show’s cast for a long time but there have been many changes and delays since then and he has not been mentioned in the official press release which has an extensive set of credits for the guest cast.  The new series starring Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy), Elliott Gould (Ocean’s Eleven), Dulé Hill (Psych), Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black), and Dreama Walker (The Good Wife), is due to première on the 15th of February (a Wednesday).

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