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Rolling Stone Gathers No Dross


I get the feeling that subject line has had a few airings over the years :-)

Rolling Stone magazine, which has been around for over 50 years now, has an posted an article highlighting 10 TV shows to watch in May on American screens.  Which is appropriate as we’ve just started the month.

Writer Charles Bramesco has certainly picked a varied collection.  We’ve got documentaries, TV movies, period dramas, and Scandi-thrillers, amongst others.

Reverie is, of course, one of those chosen and the only from one of the major, mainstream networks.  You’ve got to wait for a while though because, as we know, Reverie doesn’t start until the 30th of May.

Here is  Charles’ take on the show:

Network programming is about to get weird. In this high-concept sci-fi project, procedural vet Sarah Shahi is Mara Kint, an elite hostage negotiator specializing in psychological analysis of deviant behavior. Her specific set of skills make her the ideal operative for an unusual mission: a new virtual-reality dimension known as Reverie allows users to live out their wildest fantasies. Some have decided that they prefer their digital lives, of course, unaware that their comatose bodies are deteriorating as they game on. It’s on Kint to talk them back to real life, and who knows, maybe she’ll even sort out her own personal traumas along the way. Blindspot fandom, your time is now.

Read the full article on the Rolling Stone website HERE.

Another Reverie Promo Video

trailer_003Another day, another NBC promo video for the upcoming TV show Reverie.

This makes number three, or two if you go by the more official count.

Again, this is 30 seconds of footage from the programme.  Some bits are the same as number 2 (aka 1) but there is new stuff as well.  A small copy is in the Gallery.

Still no sign of our Kathryn though :-(

Roll on the May 30th.

Reverie Promo Video

poster_004With just over a month to go until the première of the sci-fi-ish drama Reverie it seems that the NBC network have started the process of promoting the show.  In a small way at least.

Over night (UK time) a short trailer was broadcast.  KM UK has managed to obtain a copy of the 30 second video.  You can find it in the gallery.

trailer_002Although some elements are, not surprisingly, the same as the trailer first seen 11 months ago (yes, it is that long!) this new promo is largely made up of new clips.

Sadly it does not contain even the slightest glimpse of Kathryn.  They are clearly keeping the best stuff to themselves for now :-)

Reverie, starring Person Of Interest‘s Sarah Shahi as a former hostage negotiator tasked with talking people in to leaving a fully immersive VR simulator, is due to début on the 30th of May in America.

Reverie Actual Première Date!

poster_003Finally!  A première!

The show based around virtual reality gets an actual release date!

NBC have put all the delays and speculation to an end and announced the date and time the first episode of the sci-fi-ish drama series Reverie will be shown.  They made a graphic and everything (see above)!

Make a note in your diaries of Wednesday, the 30th of May, at 10pm on the NBC network.

Reverie To Be VR Experience – April Fool

artwork_002It was very disappointing to discover that the new NBC sci-fi-ish drama series Reverie that was due to mark Kathryn’s return to the small screen had been delayed again.

First it was picked up to series for the 2018/19 season nearly a year ago now.  Then it wasn’t on the autumn/fall schedules and was announced as a 10-epside mid-season show.  Just as we reached the expected broadcast start it appeared to have been pushed later again, probably until late June.

Well, KM UK has discovered that that date is unlikely to happen either.  In fact the TV show will not now air at all.  I know, that’s terrible!  It is not all bad news though.

With the very rapid advancements in technology such as the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets we understand that Reverie is instead going to be turned into a fully immersive VR experience.  Remember that Steven Spielberg’s company Amblin is behind Reverie and the success of his new movie Ready Player One has shown that this is the way forward for digital entertainment.  This will be the first time ever that a TV-style drama is to be made available in this format.  New and highly advanced headsets will have to be used.  Sony is working on bringing these devices to the public by the summer.

During each episode of Reverie you will at times be watching 3D videos of the cast (Sarah Shahi, Jessica Lu, Dennis Haysbert, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Kathryn) as a mere observer of the unfolding story line.  Though you will be able to move around the scene to view it from what ever position and angle you like.  In other sections you will be an active participant, acting alongside real-time rendered avatars of the actors.  Actually standing right next to virtual Kathryn as she plays Monica Shaw of the DoD sounds almost too good to be true right?

Near photo-realistic computer graphics are becoming common place but the interweaving of filmed elements into an interactive 3D world has required two specially developed technologies.  The first, ‘Flair Loops’, is an advanced filming technique for capturing the actors performances from all angles so you can observe them from any view point.  With those are ‘Polar Foils’ which are metallic stick-on sensors that you place on key areas of your head to monitor your emotional state so the characters can react to you correctly.  If you get scared they can try and calm you down.  Fall asleep and they will try and rouse you.

As the show is about people losing themselves in a realistic VR world there are understandably some concerns that this could turn into a dangerous case of life imitating art.  However, the NBC TV network is said to be putting things in place to prevent people spending too much time in the system.  If the player is believed to be too immersed a substance called ‘Isoflora PL’ will be released into their nose.  This has the effect of immediately making them fully aware of their physical surroundings, taking them out of the VR world.

Hopefully we’ll finally get to see Reverie in its new virtual form before the end of the year.

Update:  As I’m sure most of you spotted very quickly this is my annual April Fool joke post.

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