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Revival House Extension #4


4 down and 1 left to go.

In the last few days the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Kathryn’s production company, Revival House, another time extension to file a “Statement Of Use”.  Basically, once awarded a trademark you have 6 months to show you are using it.  If you are unable to do that in the time you can apply for an extension of 6 months.  A maximum of 5 extensions are allowed, giving the owner a total of three years, before the mark is considered abandoned.

The recently reported addition to IMDb of the Alice Sweet Alice remake which is due star Kathryn and be produced by her under the Revival House name does suggest that things are still moving along on that front.  As of now there is a year still to go on the Revival House trademark and plenty can happen in that time.  If not then a new company name could easily be created.

See you in October for number 5!

The Trademarkia website has all the details.

The Coin Gets Newport Slot

newport_beach_film_festival_756x123Two years ago the Newport Beach Film Festival saw the première of the short film Sunday’s Mother.

In the upcoming 2014 edition of the California-based event the short film The Coin is being screened, though it is far from its first showing.  Another one due this very weekend in France, more on that later.

newport_beach_film_festival_141x168Fabien Martorell’s film about the young son (Jack Ryan Shepherd) of a very stressed mother (Kathryn) meeting a homeless man (Christopher Lloyd) at a grocery store, will be shown with 6 other shorts in a programme called ‘Short Connections’.  The one and a half hour screening is happening at The Triangle, Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, on the Saturday the 26th April starting at 3:45pm.

The other films on the bill include projects from England, Finland and Germany as well as America.  Floating Sunflowers starring Anna Chlumsky (Veep) will be getting one of its first airings as part of this collection of short films.  Animation The Hungry Corpse voiced by Stephen Mangan (Episodes) and Bill Nighy (Love Actually) is representing for those of us that still put a “u” in colour :-)

The NBFF is celebrating its 15th year and is running a promotional campaign called “15 Years Under the Influence” to highlight the event.  As you can see from the colourful banner image above the festival starts on April 24th (a Thursday) and runs for 8 days.  More details on the Newport Beach Film Festival can be found on the official website HERE.

Sometime For The Centime, Franc-ly

poster_001Back in the latter part of January we brought you news of the short film The Coin‘s first foray abroad.

The petit movie had been chosen as an official selection at the “Fenêtre Sur Courts” Festival International du Film de Court Métrage d’Avignon.  That’s the Avignon International Short Film Festival.  Avignon in France.

fenetre_sur_courts_poster_001The festival organisers have recently released an initial (subject to change) schedule of proceedings so we can make an early attempt to narrow down which of the three days The Coin will be screened on.

The festival runs from April 4th to the 6th, with events running from 9am on the Friday to 7:30pm on the Sunday.  Our little-movie-that-could starring Christopher Lloyd (Piranha 3DD), Kathryn and young Jack Ryan Shepherd, gets it airing in the prime-time slot on the Saturday afternoon.

As part of ‘Competition 4′ starting at 2pm The Coin will be screened with six other short films.  They are mostly French films, with one Spanish entry.  Because our friend the writer/director/producer Fabien Martorell is French his film is listed as being ‘French/USA’  :-)

Fingers crossed for another award.

You can read more details on the festival at the Fenêtre Sur Courts website (it’s in French of course).

Apologies to all (especially the French amongst you) for any attempted puns  :-)

The C.O.I.N. At The C.I.F.F. – Update

poster_001This one won’t shouldn’t show up my limited foreign language skills, unlike the last one :-)

In a late night (for those of us this side of ‘the pond’) Tweet the writer/director/producer of the intriguing short film The Coin let it be known that his film will be screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) in March.  That’s Cleveland, Ohio in the USA.

cleveland_international_film_festival_logo_260x93Speaking of ‘ponds’ (it will become painfully clear in a moment) this, the 38th running of the CIFF, will open with a gala screening (i.e. expensive cinema ticket + after party) of British film Not Another Happy Ending.  The romcom stars leggy, red-headed ex-Doctor Who assistant Karen Gillan.  Still not with me on the ‘pond’ thing?  Karen played Amy Pond in Doctor Who.

The Coin, which stars Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) and Kathryn, is scheduled to be shown three times over the course of the 12-day long festival, all in the early days.  Starting on the second day (2:15pm, Thursday, 20th March) as part of the ‘Shorts Program 4′, a 90 minute screening with 5 other films.  That is then repeated on the Friday a little later in the day (5:10pm).

On the Saturday (22nd March) The Coin is shown again, this time alongside 6 other films as part of the ‘Hollywood Shorts Program’ at the Hanna Theatre at 2:30pm.

Check the CIFF website for all the ‘when, where, why and how?’ details.  If you are able to attend the event let us know how it goes.

Congrats to all involved in The Coin on being selected again and thanks to Fabien for letting us know.

Update:  A second showing of the ‘Hollywood Shorts Program’ has been added on the Sunday (23rd) morning at 9:20am.

Alice Sweet Alice Remake On IMDb

concept_art_001Unbelievably it has been almost exactly 10 months since news first broke that Kathryn was lined up to star in a remake of classic horror movie Alice Sweet Alice (aka Communion and Holy Terror).

These things take time.  Until relatively recently most people outside the industry would not know what was going on until everything was finalised.  Nowadays we find out so much more information, so much more quickly.  Finally we are beginning to see some signs of progress.  Mere hints they may be, but they are not insignificant.

In the past few days IMDb, the great (flawed) oracle of all things film and television, has gained a page devoted to the remake.  Anyone can submit changes to pages, which need to go through an approval process, but I believe it takes more than that to create a new page like this.

Writer/director Dante Tomaselli is listed in both those roles, though he will actual share the writing credit with Michael Gingold, and as being responsible for the music.  Dante has created music for all his films and recently released a CD of horror film-like music called Scream In The Dark.  Prior to the release of another future frightening feature film called The Doll he plans to make a concept album of music for it.  Dante’s most recent project, Torture Chamber, was recently launched on DVD.

No cast or other crew members are listed on the IMDb page as of yet.  One other key piece of information that is there is Kathryn’s Revival House is attached as the production company.  Well, sort of.  It says “Revival House Productions” and links it to two other projects, neither of which had anything to do with Kathryn and pre-date the setting up of the company by some years.  Just another IMDb glitch which will no doubt be fixed at some point.

IMDb’s page for the Alice Sweet Alice remake is HERE.

KM UK will be keeping a close watch for developments.

Coincidently this past week saw the original 1976 Alice Sweet Alice re-released on DVD in the UK.  Alfred Sole (Dante’s cousin) directed and co-wrote the film.  Linda Miller was the mother, the role Kathryn is tipped to take in the remake, Paula Sheppard is Alice, and Brooke Shields (in her first role) is the victim.  Alfred is now the production designer on the TV show Castle.

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