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Inherit The Wind Has Evolved

itw_blu-ray_cover_1299x1657A new Blu-ray edition of the movie Inherit The Wind is set for release in the 18th of January 2022 by the Kino Lorber Classics label.

The film has been available as a DVD for a while, but I believe this is the first time it has been produced in HD.  According to the specifications this new release has a new commentary track by a pair of entertainment journalists and some trailers.

Be aware that there are at least two other film versions of what was originally a stage play  The most prominent version, which has even has a 4K Blu-ray option available, was filmed in 1960 and starred Spencer Tracey and Gene Kelly.  Another from the late 1980s featured Kirk Douglas.

The Inherit The Wind that we are interested in is the 1999 production starring Jack Lemmon, George C. Scott, and of course a certain Kathryn Morris.

No point in me repeating a lot of stuff about the film in this post when you can read all about it in a post 8 years ago HERE on KM UK.

A link to the Blu-ray on the Amazon UK website is HERE.  What is not clear from the page is if there are any issues with region coding.  I would hope they have left it as a universal disc.

For those on the other side of the pond, the Amazon US link is HERE.


…And Kathryn Morris

poster_002.jpgA new poster for the upcoming film Hayseed has been published.

Kathryn gets the ‘and’ credit.

This is often given to a star name that has a small role.  Many a Hollywood contract has hinged on who gets the ‘with’ and ‘and’ against their names in the credits, and where it features on the poster. I’m sure that’s not the case here though.

Hayseed is said to be in post-production, with filming recently completed.

Advertising Week New York 2021

adweek_001.jpgThis is turning into a busy week… for Kathryn.

After her appearance on breakfast/daytime television and the posting of an article she’d written about her experiences as a mother to twin boys with autism, Kathryn turned up at Advertising Week in New York.

On Wednesday (20th Oct) at The Creative Showcase Stage, Kathryn sat down with Tom Ajello, senior partner at the Lippencott creative consultancy.  They discussed the founding of her The Savants initiative and the journey she has gone through since the diagnosis of her children.

I must admit to being a little puzzled by this one.  Not sure how this fits together.  Maybe Advertising Week is about more than just those 4 minute-long interruptions in our favourite TV shows and distracting images on websites.

If it helps get Kathryn’s message out and that in turn helps others then it can only be a good thing.

Hopefully we can bring you more on the event in the not too distant future.


poster_001.jpgNew news!  Actual new news!

It has been reported by the website Deadline that Kathryn has joined the cast of a indie movie called Hayseed.

Kathryn’s appearance on the IMDb page for the project confirms this.

The film is described thus:

“A retired police officer-turned-private investigator is tasked with discovering the truth behind the beloved reverend is found death that was quickly ruled an accident by local authorities.”

Kathryn is listed as playing Joyce Metts, who according to Justin Kroll’s report is the mother of a daughter about to leave for college.  She is a waitress and former beauty queen.

I know that many actors work as restaurant wait staff between jobs and we’ve seen Kathryn play a waitress in Murder She Wrote.  I’d take exception with ‘former’.  How dare they! :-)

Hayseed is listed as being in pre-production, but I understand that production is due to start this month, having previously been set for Spring 2021, and may have already begun.  We know that Hollywood is a strange beast when it comes to timings and the current world-wide situation can’t have helped.

The film is the work of writer/director Travis Burgess.  This will be Travis’ first feature, having mostly done short films previously.  The script has already won accolades at various film festivals over the past couple of years.  The film’s very modest budget was raised via crowd funding and investors.

Bill Sage (Orange Is The New Black) stars as the police officer/PI.  Amy Hargreaves (Homeland) and Caitlin Carver (Dear White People) are amongst the cast. The daughter is played by Marta Piekarz.

As I hope you would expect of KM UK, we will be paying very close attention to Hayseed and bringing you as much information about it as possible.

Cool As Ice – New Blu-ray

cool_as_ice_blu-ray_001From what I can gather, this movie is about a man called Ray who is so blue with cold that he’s turned into ice.  Or something like that.  The reality is not much less preposterous frankly.

Back the early 1990s, rapper Vanilla Ice (a ridiculously weak pseudonym for someone trying to project toughness) became a major celebrity.  It was a simpler time.  His hit song ‘Ice Ice Baby’, continues to haunt the airwaves to this day.  As is the way for the entertainment industry, it couldn’t let a potential cash-cow like this go un-milked so it made a movie especially for it.  Fortunately, such aberrations seem to be rarer these days.  They just get reality TV series on obscure channels instead.

For those unaware of this little slice of Kathryn’s early career, Cool As Ice was her second credited role.  She’s only in a couple of brief scenes as a friend of the female lead (Kristin Minter, ER).  It’s hardly Kathryn’s big break, a couple of blink-and-you’ll-almost-miss-her moments, but every actor has to start somewhere.

The plot is standard boy-meets-girl type stuff.  She’s the good girl.  He’s the bad boy who rolls into town.  Swoon.

Last week a new Blu-ray version of Cool As Ice was released in the US by publisher Kino Lorber.  I believe that is a new 1080p (full HD) transfer so should be better than any previous version.  The disc also includes an audio commentary by two film experts and some trailers.  There doesn’t appear to be any versions of the disc for other parts of the world, so be aware if you were to import it to your part of the globe it may not play on your equipment.  I don’t have details of the region coding.

Cool As Ice on Blu-ray and other formats can be found on the US Amazon site HERE.

Amazingly, this film has gone largely unmentioned here on KM UK, though there have been some decent sized screencaps in the Gallery since this site’s inception.

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