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No Cold Case Season 8

It seems that this site is one of the top ones people are reaching when searching for information about Cold Case Season 8.  A large percentage of the recent traffic has shown that the autumn/fall schedules, with its mix of returning favourites and new shows, has got viewers wondering why new Cold Case episodes are not being broadcast.  So, I just wanted to add help clarify the situation with this quick post for those searching for information.

Sadly, there will not be a Cold Case season 8.

Viewers in the UK are still out of luck as there is no sign of Sky, or any other channel, showing Cold Case series 7, let alone series 8.

No Cold Case S7 On Sky 1

Cold_Case_S06E17_lilly_107I know a lot of people reach this site whilst looking for information about whether UK satellite TV station Sky 1 will be showing Cold Case Season 7.  Hopefully this will be of some use to them.

It’s been a quite a few months since I last looked into if/when Sky 1 would be showing Cold Case series 7 so I posed the question to Sky’s Viewer Relations department again.  Previously the response has been along the non-committal lines of “Sky 1 has no plans at present to show it”.

Now, however, the answer has changed to “Sky 1… will not be airing series 7 of Cold Case” citing the reason of “other programming commitments.” Which I guess means that the show has been dropped in favour of other new shows.

Cold Case has been a regular (sometimes several times a day) on Sky 1 and its sister channel Sky 2 for the past few years.  The broadcaster’s free-to-air channel, Sky 3, has also regularly carried older series of Cold Case, with series 6 coming to an end in the next week or so.

If Sky 1 doesn’t broadcast S7 then it is unlikely that Sky 3 will.  Searches of Sky schedules across all channels show no episodes of Cold Case airing in the coming month once Sky 3 have completed S6.

If you have any further information on CC S7 being shown in the UK on any channels please let us know.

Cold Case Season 6 On Sky3 – Update

still_002This one nearly got passed me.

UK viewers without a Sky satellite subscription will get to see Cold Case season 6 on the Sky3 channel.  This was first shown on the satellite/cable channel Sky1 last year (2009).  Thursday at 9pm sees the première of Glory Days, episode one of the penultimate season of the crime drama, on Sky3.  It looks like that will be a regular slot for the series.

Sky3 is available on the free-to-air Freeview digital TV system here in the UK.

I know that many of you reaching this site are searching for information on when Sky will show Cold Case season 7.  I am looking into this again and will of course publish any news I find.

Update: I’ve just found out that Sky3 actually already premièred the first three episodes of season 6 over this past weekend, starting last Friday. An unusual three day run of Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm is being used and it looks like a regular thing.  True Calling (ep2) and Wednesday’s Women (ep3) were broadcast on Saturday and Sunday respectively. This means that this coming weekend will see the broadcast of the next three: Roller Girl, Shore Leave and The Dealer.  This is running alongside the once-a-week Thursday evening showing.

CC Season 7 On Sky 1 – Still No Good News

Cold_Case_S06E17_lilly_107I’ve been trying chase up some new news on whether Sky 1 will ever be showing season/series 7 of Cold Case.  I know there are a lot of visitors to this site looking for updates.

Well I’ve got some news.  It’s not bad news.  But it’s not good news either.  In fact, thinking about it, it’s barely news at all.  Not sure why I’m posting this really  :-)

The official line is that there are no current plans to broadcast S7 and they cannot confirm whether they will be committing to it or not either.

If you are a Sky subscriber you might want to fill in the Enquiry Form to let them know you want to see Lilly and the gang strut their stuff on the mean streets of Philly Los Angeles again.

CC Season 7 On Sky 1 – It’s Still Not Good News

Cold_Case_S06E17_lilly_107The latest information I have is that there is no information.  No decision has been made as to whether Sky will acquire series 7 of Cold Case for broadcast in the UK.

If you have an opinion on this maybe Sky’s Acquistions Team would like to know.

“Thanks” to Angela @ Sky for the update.

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