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Paycheck Première 2003

003For various reasons it has been a quiet December on KM UK.

To make up for it we’re going to take a trip to an Xmas past.  It’s an Xmas present to enjoy for the Xmas (in the near) future.  See what I did there? :-)

Fourteen, yes 14!, years ago today (18th December 2003) the action/sci-fi-ish movie Paycheck got the red carpet treatment at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  The general release started a week later on the 25th.

Strikes me as an odd time to bring out a movie.  In the UK that would never happen.  The big day is a national holiday so places like cinemas are not open, Boxing Day maybe.  I know that in the US Thanksgiving is more significant like that.

It had not occurred to me before but the wonderful red colour of Kathryn’s dress is a little bit Xmas-y.  Wonder if it was deliberate.  As there is not much more to it than the colour hopefully winter in Hollywood was not cold that evening :-)

Last updated in 2010 I’ve added 12 more photos to the Paycheck première gallery here.  That’s one large image (the one above) and 11 medium sized ones.

032 035 037

Kathryn @ Minority Report DVD Launch – Feb 2003

minority_report_dvd_012Oh, oh!  I think the KM UK time machine (the KARDIS? not be konfused with a kardashian!) must be broken. It’s started moved in space as well as time, and seems to have turned into a teleport device like The Fly!  Something has gone horribly, albeit beautifully, wrong! Abort! Abort!

We entered 27 Feb 2003 - Minority Report DVD Launch into the control panel and we’ve ended up in… Spain of all places.  And we don’t have a ‘Cruise’ in front of us.  We’ve got a ‘Cruz’.  That’s an even shorter ‘Cruise’ (there was no way we were getting through this without a height joke).  Joking aside, it’s Mónica Cruz, younger sister of Penélope who, I understand, was in a relationship with Tom at this time.  In keeping with the plot of Minority Report seeing the two ladies together like that I have a vision of a future crime or two being committed.  I can’t be in the minority with that (see what I did there?) 😮

Kathryn starred in Minority Report as Lara Clarke, the estranged wife of Tom’s John Anderton character.  The loss of their son is a key element of the story and Kathryn plays an important role in the later stages.  The very successful Steven Spielberg-directed sci-fi movie, based on a short story by Philip K Dick, also stars Max von Sydow, Samantha Morton and Colin Farrell.

One last thing: who is that dummy on the right? :-)

13 photos of Kathryn and Mónica in Madrid to promote the VHS and DVD launch of Minority Report in Spain are now the KM UK Gallery.

We will no doubt be returning to both 2003 and Minority Report in the future.

minority_report_dvd_001 minority_report_dvd_006 minority_report_dvd_009

Annual HD Update – 2003

013As an additional part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD posts I’ll be upgrading some of the past Public Appearance photos to full size, having had to previously shrink some for technical reasons. I’ll most likely post these in batches based on the year, possibly splitting the busier years up.

Let’s start with 2003 and the première of the movie Paycheck. 8 of the images have now been upgraded. The image descriptions will show which have been changed.  Kathryn looks great in her red dress and ever present smile.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible, and full of surprises, full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn as Rita.

003 005 007

Paycheck Premiere – Gallery Update

December 2003.  Was it really as long a go as that?

Yep.  The premiere of the movie Paycheck was on 18 December 2003.  There have been images from the event in the Gallery since the start, but 6 newly found HQ images have just been added.  Kathryn looks amazing and very happy in her dark red dress.  Find the new photos here.

003 005 007

Don’t forget to check out the incredible full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn as Rita Dunne as well.