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Days As Good As This Are In The Minority

still_001It is not often that examples of Kathryn’s work get aired on the main TV networks here in the UK.  When they do we try and make a bit of fuss about them here on KM UK.  Two on one day is almost unheard of, even if one them is just about the smallest guest starring role possible.

This Saturday (11th May 2013) those in the UK can get a double dose of Kathryn booking-ending the day. For this reason we are calling Saturday British Kathryn Morris Day.  Of course on KM UK every day is a KM Day.

Very late on Friday, at 12:50am when it is technically Saturday, Channel 4 are showing the the romdramedy (that’s romantic comedy drama) As Good As It Gets.  The 1997 movie starring Helen Hunt (Mad About You) and Jack Nicholson (Batman) is one of Kathryn’s earlier film roles and very, very brief.  She’s on screen for less than 10 seconds and has no dialogue.  You do get a real sense of the character “Psychiatric Patient” in that time though.  She’s a little jumpy.  The other 8330 seconds are worth watching too.

To complete the day the BBC dusts off Minority Report for the first time in 13 months.  Here Kathryn has a more substantial role, not that that is too difficult in comparison :-),  as the wife of Tom Cruise’s main character in this Steven Spielberg directed sci-fi action film from 2002.  John (Tom) and Lara (Kathryn) are estranged, a situation caused by the death of their son some years before.  Tom works as a police office for a special squad that prevent major crimes (primarily murders) happening with advanced warning from a set of triplets that can see the future.  When John is implicated in a murder he goes on the run to clear his name.

So that’s 00:50 on Channel 4 and 23:50 on BBC1 this Saturday.  If you can, enjoy British Kathryn Morris Day UK.

As Good As It Gets

km_agaig_5She’s in there somewhere, honest.

Here’s another in the all too long list of things in the Gallery but I’ve never written about.

This has to be one of the shortest cameos ever.  Kathryn’s appearance in the 1997 Jack Nicholson / Helen Hunt odd-ball romcom As Good As It Gets lasts for less than 8 seconds.  It’s taken you longer to read this far.

Credited as just “Psychiatric Patient” (along with another woman) Kathryn still manages to squeeze a lot of acting into that brief window of time despite the lack of words, emoting more than any of those around her.  That is clearly a troubled young woman waiting to see the psychiatrist.

A tiny collection of screencaps and a video clip are in the Gallery.

The article title is a double entendre by the way 😉

Gallery Opening

What could be better than looking at photos of the beautiful Kathryn Morris?  The answer is “almost nothing” of course, which is why I’ve put together a Gallery of Kathryn-related pictures I have collected over the years.  Screencaps, event photos, promo shots and photoshoots.  You can find a permanent link to it in the right-hand sidebar.  The collection is far from complete and I hope to add new material as I find it.

A big thanks to everyone that has provided images, all credit goes to them.

You will need to register to access the gallery.  Apologies that the process isn’t quite as user friendly as it could be. I’m still learning about all this.

To register follow the link to the Gallery, click the Register link, fill in your details and click submit. An email will be sent to the address you gave (so make sure it is valid!) containing a web link. Clicking the link in the email will bring you back to the Gallery page. This will validate your login (without any visual confirmation, unfortunately). You can then proceed to login in with the details you submitted.

Here a few thumbnail examples:

arrivals_05 Cold_Case_S05E17_lilly_096 Resurrecting_The_Champ_2007_Sundance_Portrait_Session_004